PICS: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Spotted in Mcallen, Texas – March7, 2014

Justin Bieber- Selena Gomez Texas

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reunited in Texas on Friday (March7).
The on/off couple were spotted in McAllen in Hidalgo County, Texas ahead of Selena’s concert there on Saturday night, her first since her rehab stint earlier this year.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 4.48.55 PM

While the duo tried to maintain a low profile, they were spotted by eagle eyed fans who posted pictures to Twitter, as they grabbed breakfast together at Don Pepe’s before hitting up a Starbucks later in the afternoon.


More eyewitness tells TMZ:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back at it again — the couple has been canoodling all morning in Texas … hitting up a Starbucks together and a local breakfast joint.

Selena Instagrammed the Starbucks photo– and sources inside the Starbucks says Selena was there with Bieber in the last hour.

Bieber and Selena were also spotted leaving a place called Royal Perfume. Sources inside the store tell us, Bieber bought 2 colognes (Obsession by CK and Pour Homme by Givenchy).

Selena’s performing Saturday night in Hidalgo, TX — 15 minutes from the McAllen, TX Don Pepe’s she just hit up with Justin for breakfast. It’s unclear if Justin bee-lined from Miami to Hidalgo just to see Selena, but it definitely appears that way.

Selena Gomez Starbucks bieber

Selena at starbucks, same black jacket

Earlier in the week, Justin called Selena Gomez the “most elegant princess in the world” after she attended an Oscars party looking amazing.

Are they back together? or just friends?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • amyheart

    there friends im glad

    • rj

      Shes obsessed with him. She doesn’t think that in her head.

      • kd bieber

        i couldn’t agree with you more. wish you i could Have made that know a long time ago!

      • Jdb

        Rj she not obsessed justin the 1 went to go see her don’t hate Selena and Justin are great together

      • Mary biebs

        All of u saying she uses him for fame r just fake bitches do you think justin is tht dumb nt 2 know tht sel z using him and if u think a person cn pretend 4 3 solid yrs ur just dumber especially u rj

      • Tahani

        They have a history together. It’s not like Selena is going to say okay justin. Since Taylor is my best friend. I’m breaking it off with you. And I’m staying with her.

    • Emily

      They’re definitely just friends, I’ll be mad if they get back together

      • belieberrrr

        ill be mad too because they’re just gonna break up again and hurt eachother more, and justin will have breakdown after breakdown

      • tabitha.morales

        Slut…. cougar….

    • Jesi bieber

      I think he actually went there 2 get some birthday sex hit it harder bieber she wont leave u#HATERS BACK OFF if u think thats not the reason he is in texas

    • Asdfghjkl

      Awwwwww Jelena ;’)

  • rj

    I hate this bitch. She never goes away idk why shes taking advantage of him. She just needs to move on.Justin how r u ever going to move forward in life if u keep going backwards. There r so many girls out there that would appreciate u and stay by ur side no matter what. Selena can’t that she has her own obssesion and alcohol problems to deal with. U r young and have so many options. How many times does she have to break ur heart for u to realize that. Its not healthy just sayin.

    • batoolbeliebes

      preach, omg i love u

      • rj

        Thanks at least some ppl get that she is not no damn perfect princess as she tries to make herself out to be.

    • belieberrrr

      thank god u exist!!! and have no problema in saying these things!!!! exactly how i feel

      • rj

        Thank u
        Selenas fans don’t want to believe it but they don’t know her personally.u don’t know what she does behind closed doors.

  • KC

    They can be friends if they want to. Just because they were spotted together does not neccessarily mean they are back together. Besides IT”S NO ONE’S BUSINESS. Some of you calling her names need to GROW UP

    • Aulani

      They do Have history together. There friends. And gone through a lot together

  • Smilesometimes

    I know tmz lies a lot but didn’t they say she laughed at him for his Instagram pic of him calling her a princess, but he’s happy I’m happy

    • Aulani

      That’s because TMZ are perverted and sick twisted minds

  • Lauranda

    Back on again that bitch.

    • Aulani

      They do have history together and there friends

      • Lauranda

        Oh yeah well guess what I don’t care.

  • Person

    I am done with their on/off bullshizzle! If they’re friends I am fine with it but isn’t that the whole reason they didn’t talk because they “were over each other” As I said before friends are okay but they are ex boyfriend/girlfriend wouldn’t one of the start having feelings for each other again then the whole relationship thing start ALL OVER AGAIN?

  • Lauranda

    That sneaky bitch I can’t stand her ass.

    • Aulani

      I love commenting on jelena. There my favorite topic. There just so aww.

      • Lauranda

        Not this again I didn’t come here for this mess so cut it out.

    • rj

      Ikr reply if u r tried of seeing selena gomez name every time u search Justin Bieber. And every thing he does ppl have to say “well I wonder what selena gomez thinks” , I’m tired of that. Who gives a f what she thinks.

  • Jessi

    Pretty sure this is another selena trick since she laughed at Justin’s compliment bit as long as he’s happy whatever

  • lise

    I agree Justin needs to move on she is just using him and this time she will put him in jail cause she has that effect on him where is the people that said they will keep them apart justin was doing so well now he is going to fall again and then i will stop being a believer! finish someone needs to stop this! for good!

  • stringbiebs

    None of those pictures prove to be Selena except for the one at Starbucks and that doesn’t prove that she is with Justin. I believe they are just friends if it is her because they aren’t all up on each other.

  • lambor500S

    I hope they are Ok something is not right.
    Justin and Selena take care of each other.
    Much Love to the both of you!

  • BriannaHines

    The pictures are blurry & SELENA GOMEZ is wearing two different OUTFITS a huffier in every pic except one I DONT BELIEVE RUMORS,I agree with Mrs.bieber, & I luv Justin bieber

  • BriannaHines

    Oops I mean hoddie in every pic except one

  • BriannaHines

    I agree with beliebers who see Selena was using Justin

    • Belieber

      Yep. me too

  • Mattie Rowe

    If you think this is fake, it’s not. I live in Harlingen. 30 minutes from McAllen. And I have multiple friends who were there and saw them. They ate at Don Beto’s. And she had chilaques and he had huevos rancheros. It’s all over my newscasters website and twitter. You can follow me on twitter and I’ll follow back to DM and talk back and answer any questions y’all have. Trust me it’s real. Lol. @mattierowe95

  • Angel!

    Justin needs to stay away from her he’s just going to get more heartbreak
    and isn’t selena seeing someone?

  • Belieber

    Oh my freakin’ gosh! are u serious? they’re back togather? no! -_-

  • jdbs

    people should stop assuming things about them being back together you dont know that even tho i love them both i just dont like them together idk its annoying going on and off again

    • Aulani

      No one ever knows what’s going on between them. There friends. They have a history together

  • hannah bieber

    Well …. I have nothing to say.first she laughs at him then she hangs out with him ??? Lol im like so confused right now but whatever if they want to be together let them .

    • Boy Belieber

      “Lost in confusion, like an illusion” :D

  • belieber


  • Elisa Arifin

    “Jelena is getting back together” <3

    • Aulani

      No I don’t think so. They Probably won’t comment on anything. They probably want to keep things private.

  • m l

    you people should stop believing all the rumors that pop up day after day. if she laughed about his compliment of her being a princess why is she with him now looking like good friends or more. it makes no sense. people like tmz know whatever they say will be believed by a lot of people. that’s why they do it. its to get more credits and more people paying attention to them. don’t pay any attention to them. wait till some definitive information comes along showing the truth.

  • rb

    Well, it looks like he has his hands are around his friend walking across the street. I wonder how come he didn’t have his hands around his other friends of late? Maybe there are two types of friends 1=girlfriend that I would put my arms around! 2=gal pal friends that I don’t put my arms around!

  • Boy Belieber

    HE’S HAPPY!! :D

  • julie

    She’s way dumb to even consider. She could have so much more. shes hooked and he’ll continue to disapoint.

  • #1Belieber

    I seriously can’t believe he came to a small unknown town, it’s my city :) <3

  • Liliana

    Iam gald that Justin and Selena are friend. I love you so much Justin, you are a special man for me. Your belieber for life.

  • Nene

    True love neva dies

  • Lisa

    Haters deal with it justin rily loves selena if h didnt why wd h flew all e way from miami to texas

  • Mary biebs


    • nandra

      Wow,, Iam also surprise of this news, I love Jelena. And I love to see Justin happy, but Iam a bit scared If they get back together again and not in long time they will broke up.
      I cant see Justin breakdown anymore, he already get that on/off again.. His relationship with selena make a huge Influence for him .