Justin Bieber Won 2014 Juno Awards, Booed by Audience (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber Juno Awards

Justin Bieber has won the Juno Fan Choice award four times in a row at this weekend’s televised segment of the Juno Awards in CANADA.

After the Junos, Justin took to Twitter to remind his beliebers he would be there as long as fans love him.


Justin Bieber didn’t attend the Juno Awards on Sunday but got booed by the crowd inside Winnipeg’s MTS Centre when his name was read as winner of the Fan Choice award.

Watch Video below:

Canadian music artist Serena Ryder defended Justin against the negative reception to his fan choice award when she came onstage to accept her Juno for songwriter of the year.

Ryder said:

I really think that Justin Bieber is an amazing musician, and he deserved every bit of that award because he’s been working his ass off his entire life, and we need to support how awesome he is.

Tagan & Sara - Juno Awards 2014

Tegan & Sara at Juno Awards 2014

Backstage, Juno winners Tegan and Sara also defended Justin and called the chorus of boos “not very Canadian.”

Tegan told reporters:

Justin’s been famous since he was a little kid. He’s made some mistakes, but God knows Sara and I have made actually way worse mistakes when we were teenagers and we weren’t famous.

  • Kalani

    That’s horrible :'(

    • Talani

      Justin is amazing guy.

  • Tigger

    He’s been booed at for the last year every time he has won something. :( Like when he won the Milestone Award.
    And Justin should go to an award show! We haven’t seen him at one in so long!

    • Belieber

      Maybe ever since he got booed at the billboard awards, he doesn’t want to go to them because he gets booed by a thousand people right in front of him & he probaby doesen’t want to hear it. But that is just what I think.

  • Diana beliber forever

    That’s terrible that he gets booed for the second time man don’t worry Justin just enjoy making your music and enjoy your award just think positive I love you justin don’t worry about the negative things

  • ivan

    If it were not for his millions of fans, he would have closed his accounts in the internet and said good bye. Being the top pop star is not worth it if you have to go through what he has to put up with every day. He might one day have enough and quit; he almost did last year when he told Scooter that he did not know if he wanted this anymore. there are mean nasty people out there that are just bullies.

  • Rebecca Bieber

    I love Justin he’s the best Idol i could ever had <3 Belieber Forever…. You all haters grow up and get a life Justin will always better then you …. And us BELIEBERS WON BEST FANBASE OMG …. Beliebers we got #ThatPower ;)

  • Rebecca Bieber

    Justin doesn’t deserved to be booed :( Just leave our boy alone…. Us beliebers love you Justin <3 Forever Jelieberssssssss #Family <3

  • Hannah bieber

    Wow and that was coming from his own hometown.. Wow poor justin. But I’m glad he won and those ladies were very supportive <3 I can't believe u canada !!!!

    • Birk

      @Hannah.. No the 2014 Juno Awards was not held in Stratford, Ontario which is Justin’s home town. It was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. But it was held in Justin’s home country of Canada. Justin won the Fan Choice Award 4 years in a row because of Canadian Beliebers! Thank you to all of us who voted for Justin for the 4th year in a row!

  • belall

    I don’t think that it’s that bad, he got booed but he won it four times so he is the winner and the people who booed r jealous.
    that mean that we and Justin r the best and the winner and people r jealous.

  • Belieber

    I’m glad that he won! but all the boo’s just makes me sad. He does not deserve it. And I’m glad that the woman speaked up & defended him by saying that he worked his ass of and deserves this. Because that’s true.

  • Hannah bieber

    I loved how he said WE <3

  • here for selena

    All I wanted was to be loved. Selena hates me. I hate myself.

    • Karla Bieber

      that’s too bad

  • here for selena

    I’m not beautiful.

    • Karla Bieber

      sucks to be you

  • here for selena

    I’m worthless.

    • Karla Bieber

      Poor baby

  • here for selena

    I can’t do anything.

    • Karla Bieber

      Then get a hobby

  • here for selena

    I’m ugly.

    • Karla Bieber

      Get a plastic surgery

  • here for selena

    Selena brought me down.

    • Karla Bieber


  • here for selena

    @ BIZZLE ………….

  • lambor500S

    Congrats on winning Fan Choice Award from the Juno Award Show. Well deserve. Also, because you do have the best and most caring fans that loves Justin Bieber.
    Much love as always!

  • lambor500S

    Justin, you do not ever having to worry about your 50 million fans leaving you. Any artist with that many followers will be around for a long time to come. Regardless of ignorant people with their stupid comments just blow it off and keep doing you. Unless you decide to retire early. Much love!

  • nicki

    I’m proud of him. And they are disrespectful.

  • Tabitha.Morales

    Cheers 4 my baby :)
    love u

  • janessa b

    congrats justin on wining d award those people were mean nd jealous dat u hv us as fans…we will always b der 4 u

  • Stefanie

    Everyone should support him not booed at him! I mean how would u feel if you’re in justin’ place and you just get booed for no reason? That is totally not fair. Instead of booing, go try to be successful as him.

  • ragini

    Yipeee cheers for our man girls n guys… haters r just confused set of admirers n let them babble in their nonsense voices cauz v know justin loves us n we love him


    Polish Beliebers congrat you !

  • Gracioux3xx

    by his own country. wow.

  • Nicole

    Deserved it, dumb punk!!!

    • Birk

      He deserved winning the Fan Choice Award, because his fan base is unequaled and no one will ever win a popularity contest against him. This is nothing more than typical Canadian jealousy of yet another Canadian who left to seek fame and fortune outside the country. This is nothing new, for Canadians have been doing this for a long time.

  • canadian bastards

    Who cares what they think. There Canadian bastardsthe good canadian is jb so shut up.( Im so pissed off man! )

    • Vicki

      It is not the Canadian Public that is booing him, It is the music industry suits that are jealous that he has been so successful in a very short period of time. All of the artists respect and admire him :)



  • Birk

    There is a lot of resentment towards Justin from some Canadians, a lot of that has to do with the culture of Canadians that don’t like it when acts leave Canada and achieve international success. Plus there is a ridiculous assumption that Canadians shouldn’t bring attention to themselves. This was embarrassing to all Canadians and I agree with Serena Ryder, that it was definitely not something that real Canadians would do!