Justin Bieber’s Attorney Roy Black: ‘Blame it on Paparazzi & Celebrity Culture’


Justin Bieber’s defense attorney Roy Black says if you want to blame anyone for what Justin Bieber is, blame us and our culture of celebrity worship.

He told reporters this month as video of Justin’s deposition in the case of an alleged assault by one of his bodyguards, via BaltimoreSun:

We love it when people start becoming successful. But once they actually are highly successful, we do almost everything we can to destroy their lives. And Justin Bieber’s case is just one of many. He has absolutely no privacy. He is harassed by photographers or paparazzi — whatever you want to call them — at every turn.

Mr. Black previously defended Rush Limbaugh, Kelsey Grammer, ‘Girls G0ne WiId’ creator Joe Francis, Kennedy family member William Kennedy Smith, “Dancing With the Stars” champion Helio Castroneves and more celebs.

  • Sarah Bieber

    Paparazzi only focus on the celebs that are big and relevant. And who makes these celebs relevant? The fans. Don’t blame it all on the paparazzi. You all hate the paps but you all depend on them to get every bit of news.

    • Eleni

      That’s because there vicious snakes. They should literally be shot in the head.

    • Talani

      I feel sorry for Justin. He’s to cute

  • dchopsey

    I have to disagree with this attorney. When you choose to have a career as a performer, you put yourself in the spotlight. Fans expect to learn all they can about their “idols”. The press or paparazzi expect to obtain pics any way they can get them. I know that does not seem fair but they also have to make a living. If you want the success of a career in the spotlight, you have to be willing to pay the price that comes along with the success. This attorney blames us for what Justin is; if not for the FANS, Justin would still be in Stratford working at a nowhere job. Sorry, Justin, but you cannot have everything. Do you want the success & notability; or do you want the capability of walking down the street and no one cares who you are. The majority of celebs handle their careers fine but some feel they can do anything that they want without any consequences. That is why there are laws. I will support Justin, I stand by him, but this attorney stepped over the line blaming society for the things that Justin is doing. THAT IS WRONG.

    • Emily

      He ” chouse” that when he was 12 years old-when he first got into this buisness. How could a naive kid see this coming?.

      • Talani

        They have to be the most dumbest people. They should be shot in the head. Or stung by bees.


      It is also our fault… But what we can do now is to stand by him :)

      • Tabitha.Morales

        let’s make it happen>) <3

    • Ana


  • Hannah bieber

    I disagree with the attorney buzz justin makes his own choice not everybody else. I think it’s his friends who make him like that. But his attorney and lawyers keep making excuses for him and defend him and that makes justin act.he thinks as long as they keep him out of trouble then he could do whatever he wants.and that’s not how it works

    • Belieber

      I agree with you

  • ivan

    The problem is not paps in general; they have the legal right to take pics of public figures. The problem is that a lot of them are pushy and rude. They insult you if refuse to speak to them. ABC reported on this showing them making nasty remarks to celebrities and their children. Also, they have pursued celebrities like Justin in cars causing them to speed to get away from them. What if it’s a persons in a car trying to kidnap the celebrity for money? What if it’s a killer with a gun?

    • Oh like celebs aren’t rude and disrespectful to paps either, this goes both ways. His actions are inexcusable, he could if had his own personal driver or took a cab, he is a disgrace.

  • m l

    there is a place for the paps but there should be limits as to what they can do. I think they should be limited on how close they can be to people like Justin. any further and they should have to get permission to approach. it would be their job to record that permission as proof. some sort of limits should be in place and if the celebrity records the paps using insults to get a rise out of them, then prosecution

    • He has body guards, he could have taken a cab and gone straight home. It is important to keep our press free to report as they please.

  • nicki

    I agree with Ivan. Luv u Justin. ♥

  • ivan

    Another thing is that Hugo, Jutin’s bodyguard, is too rough dealing with photographers and this is the main reason Justin has legal troubles. He should just let them take their pics from a distance because not letting them means more bad publicity. Train him or release him. He is told merely to tell the photographer to stop but he goes overboard.

  • marina

    all the idiots that are making justins life a misrable place must ppick on someone else leave justin alone he is a icon you dont distroy a icons dream let him live

  • Tabitha.Morales

    & talk about TMZ alot of bullcrap jb ………….. I wish TMZ was never invented b/c of this they’re the one who caused this mess…

    • No he caused it, his bad actions caused it. He made stupid decisions and there are consequences for it.

  • Cassie

    I hate tmz..i hate the paps..i hate the rumors..though at the end of the day; us fans know what our icons r doing and at the paps put food on the table for their families..sad,irritating, but its a fact…i still hate tmz though lol funny i go on their site hourly lol

  • Tahani

    They have to be the dumbest people. Vicious snakes should be stung by bees. Or eaten alive by alligators.

  • Talani

    TMZ are ignorant bitches. They can’t even say anything that’s true. The Stalkrazzi well they should be sued all the time. Arrogant bitches.

    • You don’t know anything do you, they report based on what they see. You just don’t like that they are right