Justin Bieber’s DUI Trial Date Is Set For May 5th in Miami

Justin Bieber Smiling Mug Shot

Justin is scheduled to appear in a Florida court on MAY 5 to face charges stemming from his January 23 DUI arrest in Miami.

Justin has pleaded NOT GUILTY and no plea deal has been made on his behalf.

The originally scheduled trial date was postponed after his attorneys fought against the release of jail surveillance videos that showed Justin giving a urine sample for a drug test.

While breath tests showed his blood-alcohol level was below the 0.02 limit for underage drivers, other tests detected marijuana and Xanax in his system at the time of his arrest.

18 thoughts on “Justin Bieber’s DUI Trial Date Is Set For May 5th in Miami

  1. Erica

    I feel bad for Justin. He is like I am. A child from a background or history where the parents either divorced or that only had one parent. That shapes someone for the rest of their youth and sometimes life. It’s the reason he’s being bratty and immature because there’s something that bothers him about his parents relationship. I feel the same way sometimes because my parents divorced and didn’t stay together. That always bothers a kid. Then of course it doesn’t help that there’s no one in his life that says no or puts their foot down. He even admitted in his last movie no one says no. I believe he will become a great person whether he stays famous or not. I just hope he overcomes this bad time in his life and learns from it. If he doesn’t learn from it that would be sad. And to all the haters #1 you’re just jealous and #2 hurting someone else with harsh words is a sign of your own feelings of worthlessness

  2. Birk

    There are so many holes in this case, you could drive a truck through it. From a cop with a sketchy service record, to questionable evidence, and so on, I don’t see how this D.A. thinks that they have a case.

  3. ivan

    Now the lawyer in deposition wants to depose him again on Selena Gomez; they also want her. This is a problem because he could get violent if they irritate him with his questions on her. So if they force her and him, he might decide to settle which is also bad because other paps may decide to sue also to get millions out of him. All this because his bodyguard went too far to protect him.

  4. Marion

    This kid is the result of what we do to him. How can you stay insane when you are idolized by 50 million people and at the same time hated by the rest of the world and harrassed nonstop by paparazzis and people in general ?

  5. Monta

    Justin Beiber is such a stupid little prick, why would any of you little girls look up to this arrogant little turd. A DUI is very serious, and he could have killed someone, and you all defend him saying he’s a good person? He’s horrible. What kind of “role model” goes around drinking, smoking pot, peeing in buckets and being disrespectful to others?


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