Khloe Kardashian Buying Justin Bieber’s $7.2M Calabasas Mansion, Report Says

Justin Bieber Khloe Kardashian Calabasas

Khloe Kardashian has purchased Justin Bieber’s somewhat infamous house in Calabasas, reports The Daily News.

The reality TV star reportedly has agreed to purchase Justin’s mansion after cops raided it (Jan14) looking for evidence of JB’s egging-case.

Justin’s Calabasas neighbor Suzie Schwartz told The Daily News on Thursday:

I’m very happy. It’s been a little hush-hush, but we’ve known for a little while.

I’ll take a Kardashian over a Bieber any day of the week. I’m sure she’s harmless. And I hope it’s great for her. I’m sure it will be great for us.

According to TMZ, the reality TV star bought Justin’s house for $7.2 million. She filed for divorce from her hubby Lamar Odom in December and then listed her Tarzana house for about $5.5 million.

  • hannah bieber

    Well have fun in Justins house

  • Aulani

    Yeah I bet all lies and more rumors.

  • Aulani

    Rumors and more rumors. Just full of BS.

  • Aulani

    What Is Khloe going to buy his car and his two other houses.

  • Aulani

    Justin is a good guy. He’s super amazing.

  • Laura

    So she buying that house not Simon Coward.

  • rb

    He made 1.2 Mil off the sale.

    • miranda

      I guess he bought lots of expensive furniture/ television screens etc when he moved in and sells them now with the house.

  • believer foever bitches

    thats bull shit why would khloe kardashian buy justin biebers house thats a fucking lie its just another way to make up a story thats not even true

  • rb

    Justin is 10 x wealthier than Khloe Kardashian, he probably gave her the furniture.

  • nicki

    Well. Good luck for her.

  • youngstyler

    it’s not th problm of someone if she pay it.et mème si elle achète sa n’engage q’elle.