Know who you really are, not what people tell you! – Justin Bieber

You know who you are

New Justin’s response regarding the Juno Awards.

@justinbieber: Know who you really are, not what people tell you you are. ♛

  • Najat

    First Love u Justin Morocco

    • Talani

      I love Justin

  • yomarys.

    El papito de el siglo solo puedo decir eso que. Esta como el quiere. Solo o no. Lo demaa se los dejo de opinion ,las mujeres estan locas por el simplemente eso

  • Belieber

    He is right, and that picture is hot ;)

    • Talani

      Justin is just super talented and so hot

      • Belieber


  • Hannah bieber

    That statement is so true <3 he truly is a good role model

    • here for selena

      @ Hannah Bieber call selena ugly she said she was gonna committed suicide SHE DOESN’T WANT us to call her another perfect word. She’s poor this is the truth she just told all her selenators. Selena hates when we call her beautiful.

      • kc

        no one gives a sh-t about homez

  • Shantelle Perez

    True, true (y)

  • m l

    Justin bieber being booed at the juno’s is a disgraceful exibition of boorish behavior. Justin is recognized as a member of the “A” club among musicians who know he is a very talented individual. he has gotten himself into some legal problems but one is innocent till proven guilty. I for one am fed up hearing about bieber’s so called “bad” boy reputation.

  • here for selena

    @ Hannah Bieber try to save selena!!!!!!

  • anna

    You are a good person Justin. Stay true to yourself and all will work out.

  • nicki

    That is really true. I am happy for him that he won the Juno Awards. And the picture is hot. Luv you. ♥

  • minal gupta

    Justin is really right.I am agree with these lines

  • Tabitha.Morales

    i belieb in you…………. My shawty

  • Pramita

    this is so awesome :*

  • cezzle

    Just please visit Liberia

  • here for selena

    @Hannah bieber sorry if I took selena joke too seriously. I didn’t realize it was April fools day and selena pulled a fast one on us selenators all clear now not mad anymore!!!!!! It maybe was a joke I know Selena wouldn’t have said that to her selenators cause she loves us haha.

  • Birk

    Those are words of wisdom that everyone should take to heart and believe in themselves. Don’t let anyone ever try to convince you otherwise! Justin is who he is and his fans know exactly who that person is, that’s why we love him. It’s idiots who have convinced themselves otherwise that are the real problem.