Miami Police Released Justin Bieber’s Peeing Video for Urine Test

Justin Bieber Urine Test

Miami Beach Police Department just released the video of Justin giving a urine sample for a drug test after his arrest on driving under the influence (DUI) and other charges.

Justin Bieber Urine Test 2

The video was released by prosecutors Thursday (March6), with sensitive portions BLACKED-OUT as ordered by a judge.

The clips released Thursday (March6) shows Justin standing behind a low partition to provide the sample. A black box is imposed over his lower half to conceal any glimpse of his Jerry. The clips show him being handed a cup by a police officer and later handing it back.

The video is part of 9 disks of Miami Beach Police Department video sought Florida under public records laws by The Associate Press and other news organizations.

Miami-Dade County Judge William Altfield agreed earlier this week with Justin’s attorneys that some segments should be BLACKED-OUT to protect his privacy.

Justin has pleaded not guilty, and another status hearing is set for next week.

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