Miami Police Released Justin Bieber’s Peeing Video for Urine Test

Justin Bieber Urine Test

Miami Beach Police Department just released the video of Justin giving a urine sample for a drug test after his arrest on driving under the influence (DUI) and other charges.

Justin Bieber Urine Test 2

The video was released by prosecutors Thursday (March6), with sensitive portions BLACKED-OUT as ordered by a judge.

The clips released Thursday (March6) shows Justin standing behind a low partition to provide the sample. A black box is imposed over his lower half to conceal any glimpse of his Jerry. The clips show him being handed a cup by a police officer and later handing it back.

The video is part of 9 disks of Miami Beach Police Department video sought Florida under public records laws by The Associate Press and other news organizations.

Miami-Dade County Judge William Altfield agreed earlier this week with Justin’s attorneys that some segments should be BLACKED-OUT to protect his privacy.

Justin has pleaded not guilty, and another status hearing is set for next week.

  • Belieber

    Im glad they blocked off the area for his privacy, but I still don’t get why they even had to release these video’s in the first place. They don’t do it with other people.

    • Aulani

      What are they going to watch him wash his hands or Take a shower. Justin deserves privacy. Perverted idiots.

      • X

        These are being released as public evidence, because Justin pleaded not guilty. Learn how shit works, moron.

  • Jujubee1996

    Why why why in G’s name has this vid been released……jeez poor Jay this has nothing to do with justice this is just plain sick that the cops released this vid…..

    • X

      Public Evidence

  • biebergirl

    He needs some god damn privacy

  • hannah bieber

    Wow I still can’t believe they released the video.like really privacy is privacy no one is suppost to know about it but yourself. But hey they got part of Justin lol

    • Aulani

      They have Sick and twisted minds.

    • Belieber


  • Aulani

    That’s because the media and tabloids are perverted and morons

  • belieber

    WHY WOULD THEY SHOW THIS we may be die hard beliebers but we do NOT need to get that personal

    • Aulani

      Don’t you think that the tabloids and the media are Sick and are perverted fools that they probably get off watching him use the bathroom

  • belieber


  • tori

    this was uncalled for. honestly im kinda pissed off.

  • m l

    Justin hasn’t been convicted of anything yet but it seems American justice thinks its alright to humiliate him. they should be ashamed. I hope he can sue them for a lot but they most likely have their asses covered for that.

    • X

      It’s an
      On going trial where justin pleaded not guilty. This is public evidence being submitted. Learn something sometime.

  • Sarah

    THEY ADDED A BLACK BOX TO PROTECT HIS PRIVACY?!?! Releasing this video is invading his privacy! It has no point there’s nothing to do with the legal system the video is showing, and they expect him to act completely normal…

  • johnelle

    Fk police…they have no respect for justin its fucked up because they havent did any of this revealing privacy of other celebs pissing in a cups like we should all call 911 and say leave justin alone like seriously its pathetic how much the feds an people in general hate justin…

    We should call miami police and Literally be like f

  • Belieber1220

    It’s like the police men are president.They Get WHATEVER they want.They walk all over that judge and it is sad.But,Haters now you know Jerry is real.

  • BriannaHines

    I don’t know what media and tabloids is trying to prove by the idea of Justin peeing in a cup I think its nasty & invasive

  • jdb

    hey this is disrespectful but anyone notice that he took a long ass pee !

  • BelieberDude96


    There is absolutely no reason this needs to be shown to the public. Nobody wants to see someone pee into a cup; it neither adds not subtracts any to his case.



  • Aulani

    The tabloids and the media get off watching him using the bathroom. Sick Sons of bitches.


    Miami cops’re perverted scoundrels !

  • Nana

    This is a unhumanly doing -,- If they are the police (Who are in the side of justice) then why are they breaking this IMPORTANT law? Law of having a privacy
    Like Wow….I am amazed of these idiots -,-

  • ivone

    A new low for Miami Police Department!!
    Wow!! The bathroom? Really,,,,,!!!!????

  • cate b

    Why in God’s name do you justinbieberzone publish such a shameful video?It is a shame on you,Justin would hate that and so do I. I will never watch it, and I don’t think any beliebers will. Only haters, if they are sick. If you don’t stop publishing news like this, I will quit the site and suggest others do the same. Utterly dissatisfied and outraged by this behaviour of yours.

  • nicki

    Good thing they blocked his privacy but why would they release this video anyway.

  • lambor500S

    There should have been some type of gag order or some type of lawsuit for this. I don’t care if they
    do have a black box covering up his private parts.
    This is so f***kin wrong!

  • Sarah

    If I had enough mony I would’ve got justinbieber out of jail

  • Sarah

    I mean if I was a cop I would stop a car and if it was jb I would let him go the cops r always been picking on jb always every body should love him I do I wish he would come see me but that’s never going to happen any ways or reply back with us ever I got 100 posters of him and I got 17 dolls of him I love you jb hop you will come see me like all of the others but that wont happen but hopefully it dose I love you jb im your #1fan

  • Sarah

    :) :) :) :): ) :) :)

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