Miami Police Released More Revealing PICS of Justin Bieber after Arrest – Closed-up Tattoos

Justin Bieber Photos following his Jan 23 arrest on Miami Beach

Miami Beach police have released revealing pictures of Justin Bieber shortly after he was arrested on January 23.

Justin Bieber Shows Tattoo Photos following his Jan 23 arrest on Miami Beach 7

The close-up pictures released Tuesday (March4) reveal the multitude of tattoos all over his body, including a sleeve tattoo on his left arm, tattoos on his back which include a bible quote and praying hands on his left leg, tattoo of Jesus and more.

Justin has pleaded NOT GUILTY o driving under the influence, resisting arrest and invalid-license charges.

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A Florida judge ruled Tuesday (March4) that two of five video clips depicting Justin at a Miami Beach Police station in January showing his genitalia during a urine test MUST BE EDITED to protect his privacy. DETAIL HERE.

Source: CBS Miami


    When did he get that quote tattoo

    • ;dfjoiajsd@@SDFLJLKF.COM

      are you stupid or stupid…..”bieber girl”?


        Is your mom stupid?????????? Stfu

    • Oara

      It’s a scripture..

  • Jujubee1996

    Why in G’s name release these pics, poor Jay my baby has no privacy whatsoever :-(……I love you Jay please be alright and keep the music coming….

  • Jujubee1996

    F*#%cking cops, when my boyfriend got arrested they didn’t release pics of his tats this is pure because he’s Justin Bieber, poor Juju…..stop the hate and leave him alone!!!!

  • Aulani

    Those snakes are idiots to think Justin will just say okay release any videos I have nothing to hide.

  • Aulani

    Justin’s tats are pretty hot.

  • Love not hate

    Awww he’s so skinny love you baby.

  • Loka

    I hope this wil definately b a turning point every thing happens 4 a reason

  • hannah bieber

    dam how many pictures and videos did they take ??? he wasn’t even in jail for that long . seriously they didn’t do that to other celebrities but they do it to him . give the poor guy a break already. hes human too

  • nicki

    They did not have to do that. He was in jail for one day. Can’t he just have some privacy. Another thing when did he get that quote on his back⁉ I never knew.

  • Taylor

    They actually missed like 2 tattoos

  • Ana

    His nails are nasty. I’m more cleaner then him

    • Oara

      Remember he is a boy lol

  • ivan

    That is the only time his nails appeared discolored at the tips in any pictures; it must have happened on that day perhaps due to finger printing? The TV gossip shows yesterday used the pics particularly of his nails to ridicule him which shows how phony these hosts are who have had him on their shows for ratings. This is abuse.

  • lambor500S

    They can show all the pictures they
    want it will not change or hurt anything he is involved in or his projects, tours, etc; And it sure as hell want change how beliebers care about Justin.
    Stay strong and take care
    Much love!

  • joyce

    Let them do whatever they want, we beliebers will never be discouraged. Though, it’s sad to see how they treated him in there, like a criminal. Why so much hatred? Biebs just know that you have your beliebers behind u and they are going to be till the end. And know that what does not kill you only makes u stronger. Be strong and just go through this storm and I know you will come out stronger and all these vultures will bow their heads in shame. God be with u and protect you always.

  • ivan

    TMZ is now showing more proof the cops lied that he was drag racing. He was not. They know their case is weak so they are trying to make him look bad by releasing these useless pics and videos.


    i don’t know just now that he has a lot of tattos