Miami Police Released More Revealing PICS of Justin Bieber after Arrest – Closed-up Tattoos

Justin Bieber Photos following his Jan 23 arrest on Miami Beach

Miami Beach police have released revealing pictures of Justin Bieber shortly after he was arrested on January 23.

Justin Bieber Shows Tattoo Photos following his Jan 23 arrest on Miami Beach 7

The close-up pictures released Tuesday (March4) reveal the multitude of tattoos all over his body, including a sleeve tattoo on his left arm, tattoos on his back which include a bible quote and praying hands on his left leg, tattoo of Jesus and more.

Justin has pleaded NOT GUILTY o driving under the influence, resisting arrest and invalid-license charges.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 5.23.57 PM

A Florida judge ruled Tuesday (March4) that two of five video clips depicting Justin at a Miami Beach Police station in January showing his genitalia during a urine test MUST BE EDITED to protect his privacy. DETAIL HERE.

Source: CBS Miami

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