President Obama Kisses Justin Bieber on the Lips to Save Obamacare on ‘SNL’ (VIDEO Parody)

President Barack Obama Kissing Justin Bieber

In the final hours before the deadline to sign up for healthcare program healthcare.gov, Obama’s aides forced him to be photographed in Pharrell’s hat and alongside Kim Kardashian and Harry Styles. And “a cat dressed as Elsa from Frozen.” And BatKid. And the Pope.

As a last ditch effort, they even brought back Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber to do the most viral thing ever.

Watch below via SNL:

  • Mrs. Bieber /Jaela Bieber

    Wow not funny only some parts was.


    Yay first:)
    This is some sick shit man :!
    FAKE photo :/


    Aaaww i thought i was first :(

  • Belieber

    seriously? no

  • Ana

    This was awesome. Hahahahaha

  • miyariggs

    Justin u are so so hot


    this is fake pjoto//

  • nicki

    Not funny! And a FAKE photo.

  • Stefanie


  • Belieber

    This is not Justin and fake photo.

  • Hannah bieber

    Wow that’s not even funny -.-

  • belieber

    this is fake photo
    don’t believe it

  • blieber 4 ever/ taylor

    ggggggrrrrrrrr don’t even joke like that lady u can not make a good impersonation of Justin bieber U SUCK B DONT JOKE LIKE THAT EVER U REALLY SUCKED ALOOOOOT :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  • Ariella

    OMB!!That was sooooooooooooooooooooooo weird!!That actress kiss the actor and I was like…girl you’re nuts and the real Justin wouldn’t do that.What is wrong with those people?!!

  • Lizzy Bieber

    That wasn’t funny at all. The actress didn’t even have the right tatooes

  • LoL

    i thought it was funny

  • anna

    I thought it was kind of interesting!

  • Diana beliber forever

    Is that a girl? I think to is maybey there dating in real life and there just acting

  • ASIF


  • Anonymous

    This Is Fake Photo

  • Love Bieber ❤

    This Is A Fake Photo

  • Birk

    What does Obamacare have to do with Justin Bieber who is Canadian? This skit made no sense whatsoever, and was insulting to both the President and Justin.