Russell Simons Wants Justin Bieber to Meditate and Do Yoga, Find out why! (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber - Russel Simons

Media mogul, Rush Communications CEO and co-founder the hip hop music label Def Jam Russell Simmons talks to TIME Magazine’s Belinda Luscombe about why he wants to convert Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian to meditation.

Find out why in the video below:

10 thoughts on “Russell Simons Wants Justin Bieber to Meditate and Do Yoga, Find out why! (VIDEO)

  1. Biebs gal foreva

    He is a douche with a big ├ęgo i thought he would when his stupid movie failed at the box office but 1D made 18 million and he only made 4 mil the pple who made u hv the power break u TIRED OF DEFENDING THIS SHIT

  2. Hannah Bieber

    Meditating can be boring but at least it
    Will help justin with all the stress he has and calm him down a little bit and hater one cares about your opinion

  3. Cassie

    @biebsgalforeva stop being rude and y dont u make a million in a night???? These r the type of people we dont want to hear about go do something better instead of dissing justin its helpless and ur embarassing urself honestly…some people…justin is getting there we just need to support him thats all!! #believe! Justin taught us to


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