Taco Bell President Says Canada Will Get Breakfast ‘When You Take Justin Bieber Back’

Taco-bell Justin Bieber

Taco Bell’s president, Mr. Brian Niccol, took to Reddit’s popular AMA (Ask Me Anything) section to users in the launch of the chain’s biggest addition in company history: a breakfast menu.

The highlight of the interview? A response to a question regarding the Canadian release date (if any) of the Taco Bell breakfast menu:

Brian Niccol Reddit

There you have it. So according to the Mr. Niccol, if you’re Canadian, and looking forward to the Taco Bell breakfast menu, you’ll need to take Justin Bieber back!!

  • Belieber

    That don’t make sence. ”If you take Justin Bieber back?” he is in Canada so idk ’bout that part. I just don’t get it. Are they that stupid? this whole purpose of this is jus stupid.

  • Belieber for life


  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i dont get it he is doing good.. he is not doing anything wrong

    • Lizzy Bieber

      Yeah i don’t get too.

  • Maddi Bieber

    He only said that to get attention, to make drama, for MONEY! I bet he’s just a low life dog that has nothing better to do! Yea he might be the president of Taco Bell but I guess he just wants attention, you know, to sell more food! He is pathetic

  • alexunder 94

    bordss asked if taco bell is only in america? and then he also asked if taco bell comes to canada too.
    The Predsident said if canada takes Justin Bieber back you know because of his behavior he would sell breakfast in canada too. get it :D

    • Jessica Who is a belieber with perfect grammar



    If I may make a suggestion please….when simply sharing stories like this that are clearly negative, you are essentially spreading “hate” which in my opinion doesn’t need a life. I’m guessing whoever is managing this site is a ‘fan’ of Justin’s and if that’s the case, by giving life to stories like this, is only harmful to him and clearly what the CEO of Taco Bell (astonishing in itself) is saying is mean and hurtful. Let’s spread LOVE not hate. Thanks 

    • no no no no :(

      That would be called censorship. Now THAT is pathetic.

  • Hannah bieber

    Wow first of all that makes no sense and that is just rude -.-

  • m l

    he can stick his breakfast where the sun doesn’t shine. what a cheap shot. I will never go to any of his restaurants. I am sick of all this bad boy stuff. most of it is straight b s.

  • Talani

    Seriously what a idiot. Justin is a good guy . Fool

  • nicki

    That doesn’t make any sense.

  • Belieber

    Dissent make sence at all that’s stupid

  • lambor500S

    I would not be surprise if one of the media outlets convince him to do this. Just because of Justin trials are coming up soon. So, lets still make some stupid quotes and comments. And out of all people some silly, ignorant CEO and you wonder how someone like this got a CEO position.
    Plenty of butt kissing.

  • ivan

    If we stop eating there and let them know why, they might get the message. This guy is a dumb p—k. Another bully jumping on the Bieber bashing bandwagon.


    Y dos every body hate justinbieber I love him I’m here for justinbieber I will seaport him in till I get old I love you justinbieber

  • Pedra


    • Erica

      But… What are you doing on a justin bieber fan site if you don’t like him? Shows how pathetic and low your life is, good day :).

  • julie

    hahahahahahahahha only beliebers wouldnt get it? “lika i dont get it…justin can like park anywhere he wants…he’s like..justin”
    when he stops acting like a douche for a good amount of time people wont harrass him as much. its that simple.

  • Noor

    whattttttttttttttttt????????????? i don’t get it….


    Its just a joke!
    Sheesh some ppl r so dumb these days :/
    Hes not saying anything really bad about him.take a joke beliebers!!!

  • ivan

    You guys hating on Bieber are as dumb as as can be. Stop believing every stupid things gossip sites say about him. And this guy did diss him according to Eonline which disses him too. This is a Justin Bieber fansite not TMZ.

  • ivan

    The arrogance of guys like him is why a lot of foreigners don’t like us including Canadians. Does he not understand that if Bieber’s fans stay away from Tacky Bell, the company would lose thousands of dollars a week? Spending money is what keeps them going.

  • Alwaysabelieber

    Smh, that dude is childish. They act like Justin is a bad person when actually he’s really not.

  • Erica

    People are completely disgusting honestly where’s the respect? The young man has done nothing to disrespect this pathetic man.

  • LovedByJustin

    Toco bell sucks anyway and it’s full of carbs what makes u think there breakfast would be any good

  • Cassie

    I didnt really get that…maybe he means forgive justin and accept him again..idk

    • Gary

      I think you got it right!

  • Cassie

    And why all the hate?? Why r non-beliebers on this site…grow up u guys and go somewhere else r u bored or just simply sick in the head??? Stop bullying and get a life..dissing justin on this site isnt going to get u a job at TMZ u freaks