The Fabulous Life of Justin Bieber Full Episode (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber- Fabulous Life

He’s the richest and most famous kid on the planet. With over a hundred million dollars to his name and no curfews holding him back, Justin Bieber is pop music’s real-life Richie Rich.

VH1 – The Fabulous Life of Justin Bieber.

Watch video below:

  • freeeee

    syr!a <3 syr!a <3

    • Giovanni

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  • Belieber

    I watched it last night! I loved it :))

  • Talani

    Wow, he does still in deep. He’s super hot.

  • Talani

    Oh my goodness. He just smoking hot.

  • justin’s 5’7”

    Justin’s short. At most he’s 5’7” & that’s with shoes on. 5’9” as the recording says, is not a possibility.

  • Mrs.BIEBER#1

    I didnt watch all of it cause it was too long but i didnt like it.Just because he has alot of money and AUSOME cars doesnt mean he has a fantastic life.his life is harder than mine and im not rich.my point is you dont have to be rich to have a fantastic.BUT I REALLY LOVED HIS BATMAN CAR.AUSOME!!!

  • nicki

    Wow. Time is going fast. I luv the video too. Luv you Brizzle. ♥

  • hannah bieber

    I watched this Wednesday night lol hes so lucky to have all that stuff. who knew he would spend that much money on clothes shoes lol but just bcuzz hes rich doesn’t mean he has a fabulous life bcuzz his life isn’t easy



  • ivan

    The video might help to convince haters that he’s not as bad as they thought. It does show he gives much money back. It was not accurate in some things that were said. It also implied he still travels with Twist. I think it was generally very interesting.

    • Max

      Give it up that not everyone will like his music. Quit forcing people to having to like him. Everyone has different tastes in music. If this is what you call music fine, but doesn’t mean everyone else does. Who cares if people like him or not? and this video isn’t going to change anything.

      • tj

        nobody is forced to like him….if i hate somethin i IGNORE it….not hate it….just dont spread hate


    justin deserves those staff that he have, because every cent of it, came from his hard work….
    love ya justin forever

  • Joseline

    I really got to admit but I acually have the best case of the bieber fever I cry just by looking at a video of him even though he is miles away from me. I seriously LOVE him. I will NEVER leave him I will ALWAYS support him. It feels like a dream to support a person that you love so much and be able to meet him

  • Mrs. Bieber

    I love him

  • Xavier bieber

    I saw the show soo many times and love it :)

  • Xavier bizzle bieber

    I love it

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    They made him sound like he has the best life in the world and that he was a bit selfish in a way.but never mind you guys wont get what im trying to say.Im not saying anything bad about JB if u think cuz i LOVE HIM

  • Jazmyn Beadle

    I watched it all… He is so smoking hot like oh my!! he is amazing. #Belieber4ever

  • ragini

    well i havent watched d video yet but yes i agree money doesnt make ur life fabulous its d person u r within n justin is a fabulous person….though i v not met or seen him yet but now that i’ve known him for years i feel i meet him everyday i lov u justin(by a die hard indian belieber)