TMZ Releases Justin Bieber’s Deposition Video: “Don’t Ask Me about Selena Gomez Again” 4x

Justin Bieber giving deposition as part of a lawsuit filed against him by a Miami Beach paparazzo (March6).

Justin Bieber giving deposition as part of a lawsuit filed against him by a Miami Beach paparazzo (March6).

TMZ has posted clips of Justin giving a deposition last week as part of the lawsuit filed by a paparazzo named Binion who says Justin’s bodyguard Hugo attacked him last June 2013 in Miami.

The videotaped deposition was nearly 5 hours long and TMZ posted several clips from the legal proceedings on Monday. In the deposition clips, TMZ labelled Justin as “arrogant,” “contentious” and “disrespectful”.

Here’s the first clip:

When questioning turned to ex-love Selena Gomez, Justin simply got annoyed and angry. At one point asking, “Journalism?, this isn’t journalism!”

When Binion’s lawyer Mark DiCowden continued to bring up Selena Gomez, Justin seemed frustrated and eventually said “Don’t ask me about her again” four times. He eventually left the room for a break.

Selena Gomez is clearly a hot button and mean so much for Justin, because when the paparazzi’s lawyer asks about her, everyone goes nuclear. Justin eventually rips his mic off and he and his lawyer storm out. WATCH VIDEO BELOW:

In another clip, Justin compared his interrogation to being grilled by Katie Couric or 60 Minutes.

In the final clip released, Justin was asked about his long-time mentor Usher who was key to launching Justin’s career. Justin said he was actually discovered on YouTube.


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • east european belieber

    Bad actor ! Who think he is ! OMG , i wish smbd take all of his money and then lets see how he will react and speak up! he doesnt even know how many continents are, and he earns 60 mil $ in just half year! BRATTTTTT ! God please throw a brick and be precisley

    • Tahani

      He’s not a brat

      • Tahani

        He’s not a brat. He’s amazing guy. Anyone would get annoyed if they were there for 5 hours. And ask the god damn same question.

    • mya

      you can’t see he is acting taha am i the only one that went on twitter and he said i was acting dang lol

    • wapapet

      you guys are dumb we didn’t see the whole part of this they didn’t even let us see the beginning of this, and of course they will only let them see the part which he is really p1ssed off and annoyed , you guys grow up , sheesh f the media !

    • makaylah

      Its hurts me to know how justin fans are not there for him..U guys got to understand tht he’s not 16 anymore hes 20 ..He is a adult…He”s also a trouble adult too…All u justin fan ask ur self this question..How would i act if i was in his shoes?I kinda beleive tht the money change him but he’s still goin up to ….AND IF YALL NOT BIEBER FAN WHY YALL ON THIS SITE,,,SMH YALL IS PETTY ASF..SUPPORT JUSTIN THROUGH HIS UPS AND DOWNS..HE DEPENDS ON US.. :D

      • Naomi

        I used to be a Justin’s fan. Spent so much money on his music, concert, and his movie.

        Now I feel so stupid for what I did. And I am glad I am no longer crazy about him anymore. As a matter of fact, I kind of hate him for what he is right now.

        For those of you who still support him. My advice is, snap out of it.

        Ask yourself this:
        1) Does he “really” care for his fans? or he creates this “image of caring” for himself because he’s afraid to lose support? I think he only cares for himself.

        2) He doesn’t care for his fans, nor anyone else on the street. If he did, he would do DUI. If he really cares for his fans, he would act as a role model for his fans, not acting as a douchebag and still hoping for support or understanding from his fans. Why would the “beliebers” ever still think he cares for the fans when he shows he’s a selfish person who doesn’t even care for the most basic thing (safety of others when he DUI).
        Ask yourself this, would you “beliebers” still think find excuses for him if your/ your loved ones get hit by a reckless driver?
        If so… then I pray for you to feel the same way when/if you or your loved ones ever get in an accident due to some douchebag.

        3) Why would people still support him (buy his music/movies/concert..etc) make him ricer when he doesn’t care for others other than his own?

        4) When your loved one (boyfriend/hustband) is changed to someone so bad and there’s nothing you can do to change him, you breakup with him. It’s tough, because you’re loyal to your boyfriend/husband. But it’s still smart to do so.

        The funny thing is, Justin Bieber’s not even the boyfriend of any of the Beliebers’. Why bother waste your loyalty on him? or waste your money to make him richer and be a bigger douche?

        I liked him before, but not anymore..


      Polish Beliebers’ll be always support Justin Bieber !

      Justin ! Come back to Poland !

    • bieber4eva

      i. God is not a bad person like you
      2. The reason he’s saying all that, because he’s tired of all the bullshit, so he wants to act like a brat
      3. You have no heart, so u won’t understand
      4. Get off of jb balls and show so respect
      6.I glad he’s acting that way, because I would to
      7.Get off this fansite u arrognant person

      • Nicole

        Shut up, I don’t care how long it is, you don’t treat a human being like the way justin is treating everyone in that room. He is entitled, arrogant, and selfish. He doesn’t cRe about the fans anymore, if he did, he wouldn’t act this way. Fans are only a way to make money to him, that’s all.

  • Whaaaaat

    What a pathetic attitude, this has completely changed my mindset on how I perceive Justin now.. I guess the fame has really got to him and think he can act the way he can…

    • Tahani

      How would you feel if they keep asking you about your ex. I to would do the same thing.

    • Ana

      I agree with you.

  • DBElive


    That is seriously rude of him… he can’t get away with it and act like that.. stupid of him..

    no longer a fan just wow

    • Tahani

      Who cares. I’m a huge Fans of his

    • mya

      damn your supposed to be a fan you couldn’t tell he was joking haa wow

      • Ughh

        He wasn’t even joking.. He has changed !!

    • Ana

      He is a brat. No longer a fan

    • bieber4eva

      i wish u were in his behavior then u’ll know why he is acting the way he is. nobody is stoping u from leaving him, but nobody needs to know. there are fans out there like me, who will always love jb. we have common sense in knowing how to forgive ppl. and jb is only human. i respect jb, and i’m glad he act like that. but’s he’s not arrognant, disrespectful,etc. I’m not blind, but i know how to look through somebody. jb is being attack and u ppl are retarted thinking that its funny. jb your my #1 fan, and 50 million fans have your back


      hes standing up for himself !!

    • AJ

      WHAT?! You’re not gonna fan because he didn’t want to talk about his personal life at a deposition?! Those questions that he was being asked was unprofessional and irrelevant. If you’re gonna leave him for one little thing then so be it. You were never a fan in the first place.

    • LovingBieber

      How can you not be a fan anymore? That means you never really were a belieber… every person makes mistakes and stuff, but your friends dont say ‘youre not my friend anymore’ when you say something stupid, do they? Beliebers are always here for Justin !

      • There was a reason for those questions, it is to show how easy it is to set him off and show that he is a danger.

  • Believe !!

    I just cant believe.. that Justin would do this i mean he used to be kind but now he does things like

    drugs, strippers, arrested, police investigations, attitude problem… the fame has got to his head !!!!!

    STOP IT and retire or something before you do something you will regret !

    • Sad :(

      Sad that I agree.. never thought I would stop being a fan but I never expected this.

      • skeptical

        same with me. I thought I would always be a fan, but I’m not going to defend such a bad attitude. It’s sad how he changed. :(

    • mya

      lol he was acting shit even i know it he laughed in the middle of it and it is on twitter duh! tmz be making up shit to get there money duh !

      • Ughh

        Its on twitter ??

        What are you 10 or something. Just because its on twitter it doesn’t make it fact.

        Just wow 0_o

  • WOW

    every1 else here is right. i guess the justin we knew is looooong gone now, no wonder beliebers get laughed at for supporting him now :(

    Its all over for us :((

  • no no no no :(

    seen this on the daily mail website. He thinks he can act the way he wants because of $$$$ but seriously.. this was a new low even for him. Why does he do this ??

    belieber no more !

    • Tahani

      Like you people have been in a deposition and get grilled by proscuters on stupid things.

      • Ana

        I have once. And I’ll never act like I’m better then anyone.

      • Heath

        I have. Over a much more minor issue. It pays to be respectful and well mannered during it. The more you act like a tool, the more likely the lawyers and others will make things difficult for you.

  • Maddi Bieber

    You know what… All you fake beliebers are so pathetic. I thought we were supposed to support Justin, not bring him down, and you know what? I’m actually proud of him. He finally stuck up for himself, so since he did that you lay that shit on him? Far out. Give him a break, if you were asked about things that aren’t even related to the ‘crime’ he didn’t even do, you would be frustrated too, and I bet you would do the same ! SO JUST BACK OFF!! and you know what else? HES HUMAN!

    • It’s over !!!

      Fake ???

      Maybe we have all just grown tired of this “new” Justin…

      He is supposed to be a ROLE MODEL this is all over the news and everything.. Young kids will think they can act like this and get away with it.

      I can’t support him no more.. I put up with drugs.. Assault charges.. Strippers.. Arrested… He is no longer a person I can Support anymore.. He can go to prison for all I care.. It’s over !!!!

      • Believe 4 U

        U go girl !

        After watching the vid I see where u are cmin from with how he changed etc etc

        Maybe it is time for us to move on.. he clearly doesn’t respect his fans, he only does it for the publicity… He has the money now he can be all nasty towards people.. He shouldn’t act this way.. Comment at the end of the vid justnWOW that is not Justin anymore…the drugs must of changed him.

      • mya

        no shut up every body makes mistakes kids are gonna make them when they grow up kids really weren’t looking up to him more like12 years olds

      • hannah bieber

        ummm who said he was suppost be a rolemodel ?????

      • Tahani

        Don’t you think he was annoyed and irritated with the Proscuters. Especially asking about Selena. I’m sure Justin was getting annoyed with them. Selena had nothing to do with it. For all we know they could ask Justin about his mom. But no. There Full of shit.

    • Lauranda

      How in the world we bringing him down he a celebrity bringing us down and the way he wants to be with “Selena” which she is a dumb beep that went to rehab for nothing and still with the same beep..

      • Tahani

        He’s a good guy.

    • Judy

      Thank you finally someone is supporting Justin instead of bringing him down. You are a real belieber while the other people are just FAKE ones.

      • Ana

        You??? How old are you? I’m being a deposition before. And never acted like I’m better then the law. And yes I was asked dum questions. And is never acted like this.

    • Tahani

      How would you people feel sitting there for 4 hours. And they grilled you on stupid things.


      amen ! finally someone understands

  • Belieber

    Ok, I just gotta say this to all of the people thinking he was being rude and he was out of place. Maybe he was, but remember this was a SIX HOUR LONG thing. If you watch the whole thing he was being harassed by the guy, imagine if you were in his place. I’m pretty sure you’d be ticked off too. He was sticking up for himself, something beliebers have been wanting him to do. However when he does it’s “Fame has changed him”. Is he supposed to sit there and take the blows? I agree with Maddi Bieber. Sorry, just had to get this off my chest.

    • Believe 4 U

      Still can’t act that way in a professional environment…

      He dodged the question about ordering his guard to assault someone 0_o why do that if it isn’t true.. time to move on from him..

      • mya

        it was acting bro all over twitter

    • Fangirl Tia

      But there was no need to curse at the court reporter who was just doing her job. She wasn’t a lawyer, she was hired by the courthouse to record his responses and she politely asked him to speak up so she could hear him. To say “theres no difference between yes and no” is beyond rude and just being an asshole. No excuse for that.

    • BestofJDBieber

      I do not like how JB has changed neither but I agree with you about this 5 hour long deposition. That “lawyer” was harassing him to no end! I would not want to have been in JB’s place neither. Imagine having to have to be and take the abuse by that crumb “lawyer” asking anything and everything to piss JB off! I never heard nothing pertaining to the case at all! Everything was asked to aggravate JB to the max and for 5 hours! Wow!

      • Tahani

        Oops I meant for five hours.

  • Life


  • Smilesometimes

    Seeing all these video hurt, I almost cried, I never knew how disrecspectful he could become, but to be honest I’m not leaving his side and hate me all you want but I refuse too

    • Sad :(

      I’m already gone after this.. This was the final blow for me I can’t stand by him anymore after this.

    • mya

      it was acting

    • hannah bieber

      im still here no matter what <3

  • Sad :(

    Look at the top pic… He looks so different. He is angry and violent now what happened to him and why does he assult people and get arrested.. It used to be about MUSIC now it’s all about money and drugs :(

    • mya

      he was acting in this shut up it’s not all true tmz be lieing

      • Ughh

        TMZ got the footage, they didn’t make it. Is was nothing to do with them, they just provide the video.

      • Heath

        You don’t ‘act’ like that during legal proceedings, it does NOT help your case. Stupid little girl.

    • hannah bieber

      ok first all the cops lied about the drag racing thing stfu

  • mccord

    yep that sizurp is gettin to his brain sadly

    • mya

      dumb ass he was acting

  • belieber always..

    All you writing nasty stuff chillout!, you’re no true fan of his if your saying you’re no longer a fan because of these clips.
    I’m sure any of you aren’t going act any different being asked v. personal questions!
    none of you know what’s going on behind close doors just what the media shows.
    so quick to judge.

  • Sam

    this is seriously the rudest thing ive ever seen…..i get he was there for so long but OMG!!! they just doin their jobs, he doesnt have to be takin his anger out on them….they just tryin to get the whole truth for the case, jeez. hes changed…

  • H

    Walk a mile in his shoes, not as a fan supporting him but as HIM. Where every step you take that crosses someone’s path they are waiting to make money off of you. In the street, stores, restaurants, private bathrooms, everywhere ….anyone at some point would lose their dang mind. We are human. End of story.

    • mya

      yeah too bad he was acting

  • Emily

    Lol-are you guys kidding?. He was acting that way because-first of all: he was being sued, second: he was being asked personal questions that had NOTHING to do with the case over and over and over again-they do that to get a reaction. And TMZ edited a 4 1/2 hour grilling into snippets to get the worst impression. I know he could have handled himself better, but come on!.

    • Emily

      And I know a lot of people actually liked that he did that-including me.That was f…ing hilarious. He FINALLY showed them-(the reprasentative for the paparazzi)the same respect he gets=NONE. Go watch Lil Waynes deposition, and youll know what I mean.

      • mya

        he was acting but ok

    • Not kidding !!

      We are no kidding.

      Personal questions are asked because, in truth they could be part of the case. To build a solid background of the witness, backstory should be found out about and confirmed by either “yes” or “no”

      Since most people have no clue what is the point. The person asking the questions was in his right. Justin made this interview long because he refused to answer questions in a timely fashion and was taking breaks before he lashed out. Watch the full 5 hour video on live leak.

      He brought it on himself, for once I’m glad people are finally understanding that Justin bieber as people once knew his is long gone, prepare for drugs etc because the music is dead.

      • Emily

        Like asking if it was Usher who descovered him? -what could that answer in this case?, or asking if he MEANT yes, by answering yeah…they do that to tick you off, you know…I know lawyers always do that to get an anvantage, but after nearly 5 hours…

      • mya

        he was acting dip shit all over twitter

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    What the fudge is wrong with u guys.If ur not a true belieber than dont bother going on this website!
    And he was there for 6 HOURS of course hes gonna get tired of all those stupid things they said.
    And why bring selena into it?
    And they harrased him so shut up u stupid idiots.I LOVE U JUSTIN!!XD

  • Belieber and not proud :(

    How can you even defend him now, even he hardcore fans are leaving.. most of these comments are from people who can’t take it anymore and I’m one of then..

    This is break point, he was offensive, aggressive, he admitted to taking Xanax without a prescription !

    • mya

      byee he was acting dip shit

      • Ughh

        No he wasnt, this is a recorded and professional deposition,you can’t act this out and be done with it.

        It makes me sick you are defending him after this.. Just wow !!!

  • H

    Omg I just finished watching the other clips- Emily said it best. What a joke. That wasn’t a deposition that was a friggin interview. Usher. Selena, and scooter had nothing at all to do with his bodyguard taking a camera card or attacking anyone. His lawyer was even confused on the questioning …. Really?!?

  • Ashley

    All of you calling us fake Beliebers are truly idiots. IT is CLEAR as day he was out of order. He was being rude. Point blank. Yes, the deposition was long, that does not give him the right to act that way. You can not justify his behaviour. He was being an ASS. The lawyer’s questions were irrelevant, shoot he sounded like a journalist so I get what Justin was saying.

    Why the hell is Selena being brought up? What does that have to do with the investigation and charges? What does his feelings about the paparazzi discussed with Scooter and Selena have to do with this investigation? More than likely if these feelings were discussed, he would be ranting about how much he hates them getting in his personal space. So the question is, was the lawyer trying to paste together an argument to say that because of these feelings he discussed he would of ordered his guards to remove the paparazzi? Common sense can tell you that this whole “assault” would not of escalated to that as quickly as they are making it seem. His guard more than likely asked the paparazzi to move nicely, and then took physical measures to remove them.

    In fact, come to think of it this entire case is bullshit. Why? Paparazzi do not understand the concept MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. So what else can they expect to happen to them.

    And I am not saying all of this to justify his behaviour. In fact I am not justifying it. Yes, I agree the lawyer interrogating him was annoying. That still does not give him the right to act like a douche. Yes, he’s acting like a douche for all of you beliebers out there who believe Justin is so perfect and can do know wrong. In fact at some points Justin was being quite difficult. This would not of been nearly as long if he worked with them. Yes, they kept asking things over again, which he already answered, that still does not give him the right to be rude. He should apologize because he was WRONG.

  • Judy

    Wow you guys out there who are not supporting him and bringing him down are pathetic. You call your self a belieber? You guys are fake beliebers if you are bringing him down and not supporting him. Ya i am disappointed but at the end of the day i am always gonna be here for Justin. You guys are giving up now when he needs us to support him the most? What happened to Once a Belieber always a Belieber? Ya he has done mistakes heck we all do yet your making a big deal about what he has done or what is fake and you believe it. If Justin said he was sorry he really is. All he did was take the wrong turn and you all are judging him? I honestly this that’s pathetic. Support him don’t judge him if you are a real Belieber.

    • It’s all over

      Maybe we are just sick of the crap he pulls these days.. if you continue to be a fan no matter what that makes you blind.

      Justin is disrespectful, rude, arrogant etc the list goes on.

      I’m done with him after this, deleted the music off iTunes and everything.. things change and this is the final outburst I want to hear from Justin, who I once supported when it was about the music not the drugs and acting like a complete sh*t in a professional environment.

      • .. :(

        It’s all true :(((((( everything u said and i can’t not believe it anymore…

  • Hannah bieber

    Wow I cant believe u guys. Lol wow im just going to go cry my eyes out in a corner.our fanbase is tearing apart I can’t even … omg wow :(

  • Heath

    He can’t recall ever coming to Australia??? He was in Australia 4 months ago. Have the drugs really damaged his brain that much that he can’t remember travelling to other countries?

    • It’s all over

      He done that to appear “smart” and provoke the person who was asking questions, all partly his little “I’m rich I can do what I want” routine.

      The drugs etc all add to this MONSTER Justin has become..

      His twitter is done by his PR employees who make Justin look good in front of people.. TMZ has done us all a service here.. The truth is out.

      • .. :(

        I’m deleting the music !!! trying to forget all about him now anyone know a respectable singer to start listening to ????

  • Biebs

    Well its literally us against the world but its right anithing for Justin

    • .. :(

      Srryyyy but I’m a diehard beliber but even I have to say I might not support him after this..l really opened my eyes to who he really is.

      • Ughh

        Finally, enough of his disgusting behaviour and delete the music.. He doesn’t even care he has the $$$ so why even bother.

  • mya

    this is probably acting dip shits or tmz fucked around with this i don’t feel like this is him he smiled in almost every single one lol i can tell when someone is being serious and he wasn’t so get over it you know tmz did something every body wants to make him look bad i say if you didn’t see it on twitter or E news! or the news ! then it is fake tmz can post anything that they want and they get money lol sucks that is why i’ll never be famous !

  • Damon

    Bieber is being sued by a paparazzo, who of his own volition followed and invaded his privacy. Now, he wants millions. So yes, Bieber is angry and he has a right to be. Who protects his rights to privacy from every Tom, Dick and Brad looking for a quick buck?

    Don’t ask me to feel sorry for paparazzi. They are absolute filth. Just ask Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry and many other celebs whose children’s lives have been endangered by paps in their efforts to get their money shot. On the same day as the deposition, jail video of Bieber urinating for a drug test regarding his alleged DUI was released for no other reason than the general amusement of the world, just because he’s famous.

    No-one asked for his co-arrestee and less famous friend’s urine test footage and he also took one. And people wonder why Justin is so angry? His celebrity is now a burden and the anger you see is him reaching breaking point, cos he sure as hell wasn’t like this in 2008/9. And before anyone comments that he shouldn’t be in the business without knowing what it entails, who knows at 12? Because that’s the age he was when Braun found him. Far too young to know what no privacy really means.

  • ivan

    depositions which are questions by opposing lawyers can be nasty. TMZ is succeeding in doing what they wanted-destroy his career in the eyes of some of his fans by using the worse of a 5 hour deposition in a 6 minute clipping of the worse moments. He was frustrated and sick of being picked on by the media, paps, and even some fans. He knew he was in Australia but refused to say it because he was angry at the questions.

  • Hannah bieber

    Lol who knew he would be so sassy haha dont mess with my babe like that.u guys could leave but im staying no matter what.he changed my life and I will always support him.I dont care if I’m the last god damm belieber in the world.once a belieber always a belieber <3 F*** all u fake belieber

    • Belieber

      Thank you. someone on here who is still supporting him. ~Once a belieber always a belieber~.

      • Fangirl Tia

        You’re retarded. “Once a belieber always a belieber?” If he killed someone would you say that? Dumbass.

  • nicki

    That doesn’t mean that he said don’t talk about her again 4x that he is in love with her. I hope they stay friends. Luv u Justin.

  • Jazmyne aka belieber

    I’m not a jelena fan but why would u ask him about him and selena?