VIDEO: Justin Bieber at Toronto Night Club – March 15

Justin Bieber Toronto- Club

Justin Bieber spotted at downtown Toronto nightclub last night (March15). More pics below – with fans.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.24.47 PM

Watch video below:

A fan asking if she can take a photo with him.
Fan: “Can we take a picture?”
Justin: “When I get back, when I get out.”

  • me

    first :)

  • me

    im glad he’s having fun

  • Hannah bieber

    Aww I’m glad he’s having fun

  • jen

    Was he at the Casino Niagara the other night? My friend says he was.

    • Birk

      We need proof! You know how people make up stuff about Justin all the time.

  • nicki

    Awesome. Have fun and Be safe. Luv you. ♥♥♥♥

  • Belieber

    Im glad hes having fun

  • BriannaHines

    How can he be at studio & Club? I think there’s so many things Justin can do at his age instead of a club

  • Mrs.Bieber

    was I the only person that heard “I will fight you”

    • jdb

      I heard that lol

  • BriannaHines


  • BriannaHines

    Mrs.Bieber WHAT?

  • BriannaHines



    Canada should be proud that Justin Bieber’s its citizen .

  • Patricia

    I hate to say it but that was a bit snobby – How long does it take to sign a few things and take pictures? I remember in 2010 when I met him he would take pictures with large crowds…

  • Bizzle

    I love u all

    • ELISA

      i love u too

  • Birk

    Justin, I worry about you as a Belieber, that every time you go out in public, that there might be someone who will try to start trouble because you are Justin Bieber. We have seen this happen many times in the past. Stay out of nightclubs until your legal issues are over please, for your sake and your fans.

  • Mrs.BIEBER#1

    I heard some one say “I will fight you” too :)
    Hope you had a great time :)
    I love you♡♥♡♥

  • Belieber

    The way she say ” I will fight yhu” omg that’s funny lmao xD

  • BriannaHines

    I heard that too lol

  • Leanna

    I’m glad justin is having fun clubbing

  • here for selena

    @ bizzle # believe. Proud of u. Oh no call the doctor bieber fever!!!!!! Haha lol # smile. ILY JUSTIN AND SELENA TOO. Please understand that I care about you both……. I’m worried about selena ;( please both selena and you stay on the right path I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. No one is perfect but you and selena are to me . Please understand how I feel. ILY both with all my heart and I mean it.-here for selena ps. I’m scared that you will fall. I think I need to turn on never say never to calm me down I was crying today for you and selena ;( please don’t change I need you guys.

  • Lokani

    Justin is a hottie.

  • BriannaHines


  • Shandana sinon

    Oke justin am happy for you