Angry Stratford Father to Justin Bieber: ‘You Disgust Me!’ Facebook Rants


Justin Bieber went back to this hometown, Stratford, Ontario CANADA, earlier this week where he was reportedly confronted by a an angry family friend at a local Walmart who was furious over Justin’s alleged “bad” behavior.

A Stratford resident, Mike Malcho posted a lengthy message on his Facebook page on April 1 detailing what happened at the Walmart (it has since been made private but a screenshot is below).


Malcho said he was happy he told Justin exactly what he thought of him for his actions and how his entourage allowed him to behave in that manner.

The father of three claimed that Justin was “walking through the store like own the place,” and was shining flashlights into young girls’ faces, throwing things and opening food and chucking it away.

Wow.. Beliebers, do you think he’s lying?

Earlier today, April 4, Malcho posted a new note on his Facebook page effectively stating he received no money for the story or wasn’t paid by any publication.


Happy Belieber = Happy Father.
Meanwhile, another photo emerged on Twitter showing Justin in the Walmart store posing with a happy kid. His dad was more than happy that his son Anthony took pic with Justin.


Walmart Defends Justin.
Walmart have denied Malco’s claims that Justin was out of control and rude to locals in the Stratford store.

E! News reported Walmart said Justin was, “A lovely guest, polite, signed autographs and even shopped,” during his visit.

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