Angry Stratford Father to Justin Bieber: ‘You Disgust Me!’ Facebook Rants


Justin Bieber went back to this hometown, Stratford, Ontario CANADA, earlier this week where he was reportedly confronted by a an angry family friend at a local Walmart who was furious over Justin’s alleged “bad” behavior.

A Stratford resident, Mike Malcho posted a lengthy message on his Facebook page on April 1 detailing what happened at the Walmart (it has since been made private but a screenshot is below).


Malcho said he was happy he told Justin exactly what he thought of him for his actions and how his entourage allowed him to behave in that manner.

The father of three claimed that Justin was “walking through the store like own the place,” and was shining flashlights into young girls’ faces, throwing things and opening food and chucking it away.

Wow.. Beliebers, do you think he’s lying?

Earlier today, April 4, Malcho posted a new note on his Facebook page effectively stating he received no money for the story or wasn’t paid by any publication.


Happy Belieber = Happy Father.
Meanwhile, another photo emerged on Twitter showing Justin in the Walmart store posing with a happy kid. His dad was more than happy that his son Anthony took pic with Justin.


Walmart Defends Justin.
Walmart have denied Malco’s claims that Justin was out of control and rude to locals in the Stratford store.

E! News reported Walmart said Justin was, “A lovely guest, polite, signed autographs and even shopped,” during his visit.

  • here for selena

    Wow that was so cruel!!!!! That dad just wow!!!!!!!

    • Ocean

      Thank YOU, Dad. *two thumbs up*

      • Lailani

        Uh hello lies and more BS. Full of shit.

  • here for selena

    Guess Canada doesn’t love justin!!!!! ;(

  • ivan

    That guy is full of crap; the store said Justin behaved and was nice to people there even posing with fans-there are at least two pictures at the place. Wamart’s rep said he posed no problem in the store. His guy is just bitter and exaggerating for some reason like the father of a child that claimed his bodyguard threw him down the stairs because Justin would not come out to meet his daughter a few months ago-he lied.

  • Hannah bieber

    Wow that dad is full of crap. He doesn’t even know what he did at the store. The store loved him and loved having him . He needs to stfu .Justin isn’t a bad guy

  • kidrauhlll

    Lol. Honestly I’m not going to let this story get to me . I have one question HOW THE STUPID ASS DAD KNOW WHAT JUSTIN DID IF HE WASNT EVEN THERE?. In my opinion the dad is just trying to get attention and get known and be on the news . Smh. I know justin made mistakes in the past but he is a good person at heart he is not ignorant . #BelieberForever COMMENT IF U AGREE :)

  • ivan

    Even if he was there, that would mean he was following him around all over that big store and spying on him-really? That would mean he was stalking him. He is just exaggerating. There are people so sensitive that they complain about anything.

    • unknown

      You sure make alot of assumptions when you were never there to begin with.

  • Belieber

    That person.. idk. Like, who the f*ck would just open the damn food and shine lights in kids faces? And with what E! news says– i believe them over this dude.

    • rb

      Never happened!!

      • Belieber

        I know

  • nicki


  • rb

    According to the DailyMail, Mike Malcho accused Justin of being a prick at a local Wal-Mart. Justin’s bus was driven to the store with a police escort. Why didn’t the store manager have Justin arrested? Read Ivan’s comments!!

    • rb

      May I add: TMZ, HL, Iinquisitr… didn’t even cover the story.

  • Birk

    If Walmart says it didn’t happen, then I believe them. Of course there was store mall security informed in advance that Justin was arriving so that they could make appropriate security measures. From what I heard Justin had fun while in Walmart and took time to pose for pictures with fans. I don’t know what this guy’s problem is with Justin, or why he would make up stories!

  • bieberfever#1

    wow …. i don’t know what to believe

  • Ana

    All you think this is fake? Read the tweet. It says.” I WISH… I would have made a video of JUSTIN BIEBER PLAYING FLOOR HOOKEY AT WALMART” and y’all still think he’s lying. Y’all fo realZ. Am done. Bye bye bieber no longer a fan

  • Noor

    OMG stop with the unbelieveble stories allready . if the store said that it wasn’t true then its not and that dad only wants attention.

  • Girl

    The way he wrote that a part of it has to be true. If i had money i would do what ever i wanted to! There can be a chance that someone paid to Waltart to lie but i don’t really know! His friends propably say that is ok to do this and ok to do that and yes yes yes and then he gets the idea that he can do anything! I’m still here for him i love him!! If i was a part of his family i would send him somewhere far alone like to china or something! Then he could think with his own brain and think by himself what he has to do to be an even better Person with no one around thinking FOR him. I’m not giving up on him never

  • i love bieber

    I don’t know what to say…l really love him but these negative news are making me really sad.
    I hope these stuff is not true and Justin gets his things and priorities straight and once again becomes the apple of everyone’s eye.I wish I could just talk to him and just try to defend him….reform him maybe. does anyone else feels like this?

  • i love bieber

    I love bieber but these negative news are really making me very sad I wish I could protect defend him and make him realize what a wonderful person he is…does anyone else also feel like this

    • Shantelle Perez

      Yes I do. :)

  • here for selena

    Guys don’t leave justin!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He loves u a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shantelle Perez

      Yes he does. I’m sure we are all trying to help him out :).

  • Drake Bell

    Did he try out one of the women’s dresses in the store?? =/

  • patti

    Kudos to you Dad! Justin really needs an ass whoopin for sure!!!!

  • ZEBA

    Wow seriously? He is a “normal Human being” for God’s sake who just chose to go to walmart and this is how people blow him up?! He must be regretting going there by now..I am very disappointed by what all lies people can blabber…Yes I dont believe what that so called “dad” said bc see the picture of him with that boy I dont think anything went wrong there Justin seems casual n happy along with that boy…well -My opinion LUV U JUSTIN! JUST FOLLOW THE RIGHT PATH N I AM ALWAYZ HERE TO SUPPORT U THRU THICK AND THIN N TO HELP U TO B A GOOD MAN..In fact v All Tru Beliebers are with u FREVR ♥♡ =*

  • butthurt beliebers

    Just because Walmart said that, you all think that the dad was lying? Justin has the money and he and his management are capable of simply paying them to say that. Of course they wouldn’t want Justin’s reputation to be ruined because if it were to be ruined, his fanbase will strongly decrease. Bieber and his management will always find excuses and ways to get him out of trouble and make him look like the good guy. This is so disappointing. I know he can change but from the way he is acting, it doesn’t seem like he actually wants to change.

  • Sheesh…

    Geniuses, Walmart sells about a million Bieber products and his albums…of course they’re going to say he was a perfect gentleman. It’s in their best interest. The kid’s a hot mess, and all of you nut jobs who profess love for this ridiculous person that you’ve never met need to get lives.

  • nandra

    Wow .. another incredible make up story ..

    Justin wouldnt do things like what that person said .. and about justin with the bus driver , I told you all celebrity will do the same.. he did this because his aware of his fans or crowded people if he walked freely to wallmart …. security things is necessary

  • Chris

    How could a man of that age type like that? He has no grammar, horrendous spelling and no sentence structure. Either he never made it past the 4th grade or this guy is as bullshit as everyone now knows. Obviously that man has growing up to do of his own. He isn’t that wise either, if he didn’t post it for money, just tell it like it is with one or two sentences, no huge explanation needed. An old man caught red handed at lying, now that is immature as well.