April Fools’ Day – Music Artist PAZ Replaced 5,000 Justin Bieber CDs in Store With His Own New Mixtape


Los Angeles-based electronic dance music artist PAZ went to great lengths to pull off what he believes is one hell of an April Fools’ prank.

According to several posts on his Facebook page, PAZ had 5,000 CDs of his new “From The Bottom Of My Heart To The Top Of Your Lungs” mixtape packaged to look exactly Justin Bieber’s “Believe.” The goal was to have every Justin Bieber CD at every store in the city replaced with his own by the time that consumers woke up to do their thing, and no one would ever be the wiser, when they stopped into their local record shops and tried to pick up Justin’s album.

Via Facebook.com/Paz:

Over the past month, we’ve smuggled more than 5,000 of our CD’s into hundreds of big box stores all over the Los Angeles area, replacing every Bieber CD we find with our own artfully designed impostors.

To make sure they stay on shelves, each handcrafted album has been meticulously disguised to look exactly like Justin Bieber’s record “Believe.” But inside, you’ll find a CD face adorned with cats and pizzas, crowned with a doge in a taco.

Imprinted on the disc is our new album, From The Bottom Of My Heart To The Top Of Your Lungs, an electronic record featuring collaborations and remixes with Dillon Francis, Porter Robinson, Kill The Noise, Syn Cole, Bassnectar and Gramatik.

The ersatz records are shrink-wrapped, bar-coded, and can be scanned and purchased at the register.

Why did we do it?

Because retail stores could be the most powerful outlets for the spread of independent art, but instead they’ve saturated themselves with commercially filtered noise.

So we turned stores like Best Buy and Walmart into artistic canvases by droplifting our art directly into the hands of consumers. If retailers make it impossible for unsigned artists to get into big box stores, we’ll just force our way in.

How will you know which CD’s our ours? Study the photo above of our CD in a store display. We intentionally left two subtle differences in the cover design so you could tell them apart.

Of course this has never happened. PAZ never switched the CDs and this was all just an elaborate setup to get people talking and writing about his new mixtape. Whatever the case may be, well done on an incredibly complicated and layered prank.



  • Turkey2turkey

    Wow I would be mad if I got home ready to listen to jb and see tht comment if u agree

  • Belieber

    Wow I agree I would be mad a f >.<

  • Turkey2turkey

    Lol >.< tht face though

  • soso

    For me it will be nightmare °_°

  • Lizzy Bieber

    I would cry so hard if it wasn’t his album. I would just die

  • Hannah bieber

    Wow that’s not even funny.thats just a rip off and a waste of money. I already have the album but I would’ve been mad as hell if I came home with the wrong one.i would’ve sued the store lol jk but yea that’s mets up and a dog covered with a tortilla with pizza?? Lol wtf


    Sorry but i find this funny XD
    I wouldnt be mad if i bought it and got my money back.
    LOL!!! Still funny :)

  • nicki

    Wow! It was kinda funny, but I will be mad and get my money back.

  • Belieber

    I thought it was pretty good prank. But i’d be mad and return it lol

  • Ivy Bieber

    Wtf lml wow i would been super mad when i got home to find out it wasn’t the Justin cd and I’d get my money back

  • LulzyTheBizzler

    Lol , im gonna go check out his music now :P

  • kelly

    this guy is freaking retarded