Rude Bieber Fan: “I don’t wanna talk to you!” – VIDEO


A few days ago two girls were talking to Justin through his car window, but one of them wasn’t so nice.

First, she calls Justin the wrong name, and then, while he was talking to them, she says, “No one’s talking to you. I don’t want to talk to you.”


Umm… then why was she all up in his car window?

Watch video below:

  • Drake Bell

    Of course no one wants to talk to him.
    Respect to that girl for burning Justin xD

    • Samantha

      Yeah that was messed. ^ And to Drake up there, stfu no one likes you!

      • Alexis

        I agree

    • Lizzy Bieber

      U r just jealous no one loves you like they do Justin.

      • mrs.biebs

        i agree with ya…

    • Madison

      Screw you, Drake Bell!!!!!! You are the one acting like a total bitch!!!!

    • Boy belieber

      Drake what the hell dude, get a life cause obviously yours aren’t interesting enough cause you all up in Justin’s life, what the hell. Grow up

      • selena mahone

        drake what the hell dude get a life cause obviously interesting enough cause you all up in Justin’s life, what the hell. Grow

    • mrs.biebs

      excuse me see ur self n please just stop ur bloody mouth or i’m really gonna kick ur ass..

      • kaley

        shut up ill kick your ass I love Justin bieber

    • Ocean

      I love you, “Drake” ;D

    • bieber lover

      Go f urself u bloode drake. Just jealousy overflowing!!!!

    • JB’s future wifey

      Why are u even on this sight hating? Don’t you have better things to do?

      • selena mahone

        im his new girlfriend!

    • Drake bell

      Justin is so sexy i would love to talk to him. I want him so bad but i pretend like i don’t like him so he doesn’t see through me.

    • Chrissy Bieber

      U stay saying that yiu dont hate him but u keep talkingshit. Keep it uo drake karma is gonna bite u rute in the ass. I cant believe i used to b ur fan. Ur not tge old drake

    • jackie

      what r u even doing on this website


      ok!! and no one wants to talk to you either!!


        I’m sorry that message is for Drake Bell

    • Miri belieber

      OHH SHUT UP drake bell you are so so so so so stupid -.- ……… Justin so amazing and we love him<333 I´m sorry Justin :( They are stupid fans o_o..

    • dina

      Oh really! -_- all true beliebers want to talk to him And we dosen’t care about fake fans like this girl in video and like you. #BELIEBER’SPOWER :) :*

    • Jazmyne

      Why are u even on this website if u just so called HATE Justin Bieber?? This is a website for people who love Justin and clearly u don’t!!! so, all im trying to say is just back the fuk off of Justin plz and thank you

    • recoveringbiebs

      get the FUCK out of her bitch, haters can hate and wat!!
      see this is wat I don’t get haters “WASTE” there time coming on here to hate on Justin well anyway thanks again BITCH for commenting

      • abby

        i love you OR NOT BUT YOU GOT HIM REAL GOOD

    • abby

      i love you OR NOT

  • Belieber

    That person was so rude! poor justin :(

  • Drake Bell

    I’d rather have no one like me, then to have his fans like you who adore him for p!ssing in mop buckets.

    • Belieber

      shut up drake

    • Madison

      You can think all you want about Justin, but he is just a person like everybody else. So stop saying mean stuff about him!What has he ever done to you?!?!?!

      • DRAKE WHOO?

        looooolll.. umm, get over it. that was ages ago!

      • selena mahone

        I have a new girlfriend her name is Ashley nichole Greenberg!

    • Nhi Belieber

      you need to respect belibers. Don’t tlk like that

    • thareen bieber

      shut…ur ass off drake…if u dnt like him thn y do u simply waist your time on this fan web page….!! this JBZ is for the fans nt 4r the idiotice ppl like you….!!

  • Biebs

    That’s why she can’t be called a believed she is so mean Justin seemed so happy to say hi to her

    • Drake Bell

      No he seemed like he was high on something and didn’t notice being dissed by a fan xD

      • Lizzy Bieber

        Ur rude. Stop being mean to a person who means so much to others. Drake Bell.

      • Tabitha.Morales

        true dat

  • Tigger

    She didn’t get his name mixed up, Kyle Massey was in the car as well and she wanted to talk to him. Why does everyone always have to want to talk to Justin?

  • Drake Bell

    Justin is not a person. He’s something lower than that. A person has common sense, and doesn’t bounce balls or open foods in a Walmart store.

    • here for selena

      @ drake bell PLEASE leave justin alone. I don’t like it. Thanks.

      • Lailani

        Pls drake is no one. He’s full of shit.

    • Belieber

      Then what is Justin then? an alien? You’re pathetic. He is a human.

      • Tabitha.Morales

        yea just like the rest of us

    • Madison

      So just because he is rich, he can’t go into WalMart? I think that is pretty damn stupid

  • here for selena

    @ drake bell WHY do you hate justin so much? Cause he’s human and makes mistakes? Justin is just so talented!!! I don’t understand why u hate him so much? Btw you judge justin for the mistakes you can’t just judge a person without knowing who they really are on the inside. And who’s the young man that was your costar for drake and Josh didn’t he used to be a jokster? To answer your question I happen to be a belieber as well as a big selena Gomez fan. We love justin because he inspires us to go for our dreams and be persistent and never give up on ANYTHING that we do in life justin is an amazing singer to me as well as selena Gomez I get that you don’t like justin I don’t know if you like selena too but it really upsets me when anyone says anything rude about justin or selena Gomez because you might not see the good in justin or selena but, I do It really bothers me to be honest to see so much hate on selena or justin whatsoever. So please stop you don’t have to like justin but please respect the feeling that US BELIEBERS have towards him the media lie sometimes justin is only young how would u like it if someone else said what u did to your face? Justin is learning from the mistakes he made and trying to figure out who he is it doesn’t really help if people are constantly bringing justin down. Your cyberbullying right now btw. Don’t mess with selena or justin unless you want to deal with a bunch of beliebers and selenator. Please stop the hate words hut a lot words are more powerful than you think. I’m sorry if I offended u in any type of way but it’s the truth.

  • nicki

    So rude. If she didn’t want to talk to him, why are she all up in his face.

  • Hannah bieber

    That was so rude -.- i would’ve punched her in the face and drake stfu no ones talking to u and no one cares about your opinion and fans ?? Ummm wat fans ??? Just get out of here

  • Diana beliber forever

    That Pearson was really rude god just leave him alone if you hate him you don’t heave to show or off just be quiet just ignore the bad people and be happy and strong I live you Justin stay positive and ignore the bad people :)

  • Diana beliber forever

    I love you Justin so so so much and stay cool

  • Mrs. Bieber

    Justin handled that way better than i woulh. She is so rude and if you are that person shut up and if you be rude to him 1 MORE TIME I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND BEAT YOU UP IN A ALLEY!! Justin did not do any thing to you!!

  • Mrs. Bieber

    Shut up Drake Bell You are jealous because Justin is way better thsn you so i don’t apreauaste that comment

  • Taylor

    She was talking to Kyle Massey and Justin said hi. Still rude, but yeah.

  • Kate

    She could have been saying that to anyone?

  • Belieber

    To Drake Bell…go back to the episode where u and the nut case Amanda Byrnes where on acting like high incest country people in overalls …it’s your natural habitat and where you belong. Keep your opinions to yourself. Your not any better

  • HilarySwag

    Seriously Drake what is wrong with you?! For years you have hated on Justin and talked about him like he’s crap without even realizing that it just makes you sound extremely jealous. Everyone here has worth, even you so why do you spend your time putting people down just to feel better about yourself?

  • nikki

    lol you dumb ass losers think the real drake bell posted here

  • #1beliber4ever

    IDK who this Drake guy is but oviosly he’s just hatting on Justin because he’s jelly that he has no one who loves him as much as we love Justin#belibers4evs

  • Sarah Bieber

    LOL wht the actual heck? Why be all up in his window uf you dont want to talk to him

  • Love Bieber ❤

    She’s Stupid And Apparently She’s Not A Justin Fan Ugh Just Stupid

  • minal & mitali

    ya she is not a justin fan that’s why she is saying like this…


    Its not fair! Videos from Instagram dont work on my phone:( and i cant find it yt.WHY IS EVERY ONE SO MEAN TO ME!!!!!!!
    Even though i havnt seen the video ama say its rude.

  • Dorika


  • kiarra Pessima

    There r beliebers DYING just get noticed by Justin and here this rude ass so called belieber saying u don’t want 2 talk 2 him……………well bitch if u don’t want 2 talk 2 him fuck u in HIS car window lik ugot day would give his life up for just a tiny little conversation with him…….and u got that chance….but the other people behind u didn’t….so when h your finish being a 2 FACED BITCH TAKE THE VIDEO DOWN AND STAY AWAY FROM JUSTIN CUZ WE DON’T NEED HIM THINKING ALL BELIEBERS ARE LIKE YOU CUZ WERE NOT

  • Tabitha.Morales


  • aleena

    what is drake doing in here!this website is 4 beliebers BUT if drake is turning to Justin then most welcome!;)

  • Belieber

    Drake bell stfu no one likes yhu so get the fuk out this website yhu just hatin because everybody loves justin and nobody loves yhu

  • megan

    People, she obviously wasn’t talking to justin but to some random dude named Kyle who probably was talking to her.

    It doesn’t sound like she was talking to justin, and justin was obviously directing his ‘hi’ to someone else. He doesn’t look at her.

    • tania


    • tania


  • stringbiebs

    That’s not the real Drake Bell haha not like it would be important if it was.