Drake Bell Says No Drama Between Him And Justin Bieber – Interview


Drake Bell wants to make something clear — Justin Bieber “tried” to crash his album release party.

During an interview with Fox 11 News, Drake spoke out about what happened at his event at Mixology at The Grove. And he tells the news anchor when asked what’s going on between him and Justin.

I don’t think there is anything going on between us.

I think I’ve joined with most celebrities and have said a couple of opinions on there [Twitter]. I don’t think the Beliebers have liked it very much.

He also mentioned that Justin never actually crashed the album release party, but Bell said he tried, though added that the event was 21 and over.

Justin Bieber Van at drake bell party

I was changing my clothes [at the time], I didn’t know he was there. That pic [that Bieber posted on Instagram] is actually as Justin was leaving.

There’s no war. There’s no real beef or anything like that.

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