Folding Tongue – Justin Bieber & Fans outside Miami Studio – April 11

Justin Bieber and Fans Miami April 9

Justin leaving Hit Factory recording studio in Miami at 9am, where he had been since evening. He was kind enough to take selfies pictures with some fans who had waited in hopes of meeting him.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 8.07.32 PM

  • Hannah bieber

    Haha justin looks so cute. Their so lucky

  • nicki

    Awwww! Silly! Have Fun! Luv you. ♥

    • Lailani

      Justin is to adorable

  • belieber!

    luuucccccckkkkkky fans…..

  • thareen………!!

    awwww he looks dam cute…!! bt seriously!!

  • CAT♥BIEBERxoxo

    I cant do that with my tongue :(
    Every time i water squirts out :-\

    • mrs.bieber

      Oh um thats nice but serisouly ur funny he does look really sexy right there

  • CAT♥BIEBERxoxo

    Soz i meant every time i try water squirts out :)

  • Belieber

    He’s cute

  • Birk

    I am always happy to see Justin pose for pictures with his boy Beliebers. Justin has lots of male fans too who are fans of his music.

  • elisa

    don’t think that way justin bieber way older me that for sure