Hanson: ‘Justin Bieber Needs Brothers who Act Like a Brother’


On Wednesday, speaking to The Morning Show’s Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies to promote their oncoming Aussie tour, the 90s band Hanson; Taylor, Issac, & Zac offered up some tips for Justin on how to survive fame.

When asked what they thought was going wrong with Justin, the trio said:

For us it was always about the music, being singers and musicians first.

I think he’s under a lot of pressure and you need people around you to tell you, “You know what? You shouldn’t do that”.

Someone was always there to tell me not to buy a monkey. Isaac was usually telling me to wear clothes in public and not to wear a gas mask.

He needs brothers or someone who will act like a brother.

There are a lot of sycophants, that’s the problem, that a lot of artists, especially solo artists they find themselves in a situation where everybody is paid to be around them.

If they don’t have a good relationship with parents or friends that keeps the relationship real, then it’s easy to lose yourself.

It’s always good to have people around you who are not on your payroll.

VIDEO: Hanson had a lot of advice to offer Justin when they appeared on The Morning Show on Wednesday.

  • Hannah bieber

    I agree with them. He needs someone to guide him and tell him not to do things but instead he’s with those no good friends who use him for his money. Where’s pattie ??!!!

    • belieber!

      No, actually people are guiding him. these people are,scooter, usher, his father, Jeremy, his mother pattie and even selena! he does have good friends

      • wassup

        He doesn’t talk to scooter and usher that often not are they around him, his father isn’t even acting like a father with all the things he does with justin, and his friends aren’t that great of an influence but justin still has the right to say no. He’s not pressured into anything

  • rb

    Who in the H*LL are the Hanson. Need to be reveliant for their tour; then mention Justin. They need to go back into their closet and think about where their music has taken them.

    • Lailani

      Um wasn’t the Monkey given to him as a gift. So what if he makes poor mistakes.

    • Rue B

      stop being stubborn, and actually be open minded to see that they have good advice! and its relevant by the way

    • jbiebs2

      Hansen were the best boy band in the 90’s with every young girl in love with them. You need to realise Justin Bieber isn’t the only boy to ever be famous. They are not trying to put him down, if you open your mind a bit, they are actually giving some solid advice.



  • Belieber

    Why are people still mentioning his mistakes? that’s all in the past now. Live in the moment, gosh, get over yourselves. And Justin does have agood friend like Ryan butler -n- why they blaming his mom? like wow.

    • belieber!


  • ivan

    Everyone wants to give him advice as if he’s 10 years old and ALWAYS making mistakes. Furthermore, they only know what they read in TMZ. He did not buy the monkey if was a gift to him by a friend; they got that wrong.

    • Lailani

      Why the hell would they give him advice. He’s a hard worker.

  • Lailani

    He spends most of his time in the studio. And Clearly they don’t know him personally

  • Lailani

    Everyone always has something to say. Yet they don’t know him personally or what he goes through

  • Lailani

    Justin always in the studio. He practically lives in the studio demented idiots.

  • Birk

    Some of the best advice I have heard in a long time when it comes to what is going on with Justin’s inner circle.. Not a single person in his so called “crew” is not using Justin in one way or another.. Who do you think pays for the travel expenses or hotel rooms or meals, etc? It’s Justin Bieber that’s who! Not only that but they are using his name in order to get attention for themselves.

  • Niha

    yes,i totally agree.but these crazy ppl are alwayz agnst Justin and point out his negatives…they don’t just bother to luk at his brighter side…

  • nicki

    Well, they don’t know what he go through or they don’t know him personally. They are saying that because what they see. But don’t judge a person by their action. Luv you Justin. ♥

  • Catrin

    I agree with Hannah bieber where’s patties seems like she’s only around when good things happen to him or can be famous for being famous he may be growing up in front of us but why doesn’t she make a stand against all of the negative crap he takes if I were her I’d be first in line to defend him but no not her she thinks his hard times will make him a man when really it will drive them apart someone has to stop the people that only live off Justin’s hard work and giving heart he does it for the love he has for his fans but even some beliebers have given up on him which is not a true fan I’ll always be in his corner

  • Catrin

    Being a famous mom I mean