Jeremy Bieber & Miley Cyrus Hookup Rumor – Fake Stories


A new rumor is linking Miley Cyrus to Justin’s dad – Jeremy Bieber.

The report is being spread by Sugarscape, a British webloid that claims that Miley Cyrus “had a bit of a thing with Bieber in a hotel room recently.”

A so-called “inside source” tells Sugarscape:

Justin and Jeremy rented a suite at a hotel in LA a couple of weeks ago and had a bunch of people over. Miley was there partying hard, and she and Jeremy ended up in one of the bedrooms together for over an hour.

Justin would be all for it. He’s been helping his dad get girls for years.

This story, of course, is 100 percent bogus.

A source tells GossipCop the rumor is “absurd” and “laughable.”

There is no brewing romance between Jeremy Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

There was no hotel hookup between them, either.

It seems like the tabloid press, having been proven wrong with fake stories about Miley getting together with Justin, is now floating even more ridiculous rumors about Jeremy.

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