Justin Bieber Accused of Stealing Paramore’s RIOT Artwork


Justin Bieber announced a new single today called “We Were Born For This.” The artwork has made many Paramore fans raise the question of the artwork being a little too similar to Paramore’s single RIOT!, which also has a song on it called “Born For This.”


AlterThePress have pointed out on Twitter that Justin Bieber’s single artwork for “We Were Born for This” kind of looks like Paramore’s artwork for Riot.

Paramore’s fans also claimed that the name of Justin’s new song “We Were Born For This” was also similar to the band’s “Born For This.” Jacob Tender from Under The Gun said that Justin Bieber, without a doubt, lifted the artwork from a Paramore fan-made edit done in 2011 for “Born For This.”


It’s unclear if the artwork was paid for by JB’s camp, but it wouldn’t necessarily be a surprise. Look at the original artwork from Tumblr user “I’m Not A Disaster” (above).

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