Justin Bieber Accused of Stealing Paramore’s RIOT Artwork


Justin Bieber announced a new single today called “We Were Born For This.” The artwork has made many Paramore fans raise the question of the artwork being a little too similar to Paramore’s single RIOT!, which also has a song on it called “Born For This.”


AlterThePress have pointed out on Twitter that Justin Bieber’s single artwork for “We Were Born for This” kind of looks like Paramore’s artwork for Riot.

Paramore’s fans also claimed that the name of Justin’s new song “We Were Born For This” was also similar to the band’s “Born For This.” Jacob Tender from Under The Gun said that Justin Bieber, without a doubt, lifted the artwork from a Paramore fan-made edit done in 2011 for “Born For This.”


It’s unclear if the artwork was paid for by JB’s camp, but it wouldn’t necessarily be a surprise. Look at the original artwork from Tumblr user “I’m Not A Disaster” (above).

  • Belieber

    But it’s different. With paramore’s artwork it says ‘riot’ all over it… but with Justin’s it just says ”We were born for this”. I don’t think he was copying. Idk.

    • sirbizzle

      how could i copy them the song is mine

      • lover

        You r so right

    • polyvore

      The O in Jb’s artwork is the exact same O on paramore’s artwork. I just can’t wait till the basterd gets kicked out of the usa.

  • Hannah Bieber

    The art work is way different. Paramores has riot all over it in black and white and Justins has we were born for this in black and orange. The song titles are familar but justin wrote it and its his. Just like big time rush with boyfriend and love me. Their totally diffrent songs

    • Trevor Anderson

      If you paid attention, the EXACT album art is actually a fan picture for Paramore from 2011. You didn’t read the whole article, did you?

      • Belieber

        justin don’t go looking up fan pictures for their album, so.. he dont know

    • parafamily

      Something you dont know is that there is ‘born for this’ cover in this font. Its not just abt ‘RIOT!’ And in the song ‘Born for this’ theres part of the lyrics that is like
      “Alright, so you think you’re ready?
      Okay, then you’ll say this with me, go!
      We were born for this
      (We were born for this)
      Alright, so you think you’re ready?
      Okay, then you’ll say this with me, go!
      We were born for this
      (We were born for this)
      We were born for this
      (We were born for this)
      We were born for
      We were born for”
      So technically he is copying from paramore.

  • Lailani

    Pls it’s totally different.

  • ivan

    Paramore has tweeted that Justin did nothing wrong; the artwork was taken from a fan site

    • brendon

      um… they never once said that…

  • im just beautiful me :)

    Love the song @sirbizzle u really got me almost ready to cry like I did when I was performing down to earth and got emotional in the middle of the song! In front of the whole 6th grade I wanted to give up but your motto kept me going even though I am a selenator I gave in to the rumor that you were going to marry selena once you instagram it I’m sorry I was mad and I was wrong let the media get the best of me cause I love selena so much I kinda lost it. Listen, I just got done listening to half of nowhere but up and I really feel inspired by your mom’s story and how strong she was I really look up to her and Caitlin beatles for the same reason you, pattie, caitlin, and selena all give me some kind of hope to get through the obstacles I’m facing with a disability which causes me sometimes to feel different from everyone else but, through your lyrics plus selena’s as well you all made me stronger and I want to tell you thank you all for everything that you are and everything that you do because all three of you are the reason why I feel like I can do anything! So thank you for being there for me no matter what I went through because now I’m free! Advise: in order to get back on track depend on God he knows what is right for you to do keep on talking to your mom and most importantly pray! God is always with you. You are never alone!!!!! He never left your side. Btw: you didn’t copy the band YOU are your own unique artist you create music that you love :( sad your away from Canada it bothers me a lot. I’m going through the same thing. I’m hurt that you are not with ur family. @sirbizzle: yo teamo con todo mi Corazon.

  • Tigger

    But the cover is the exact same as the fanmade one…


    The next lies in order to damage Justin’s reputation .

    • Unknown

      Does he have a reputation…


        Yes !

  • unknown

    Y’all blind.. its exactly the same. Just because it says ‘riot’ on that from paramore’s and ‘we were born for this’ on Justin’s doesnt make a difference. The font is the same. Its not original anymore. Especially because paramore has a song ‘born for this’ that has the lyrics ‘we were born for this’. It might have been a fan art but its still stealing. The person who made the fan art has worked hard on it and she owns the credit to that image.

    • Anais

      It’s not even the same color orange. And just because paramore’s song tittle is similar to Justin’s song tittle it doesn’t mean anything. Artist use the same song tittle all the time, but the lyrics r not the same. Don’t take a side of a story when u don’t know all the facts. U haven’t even herd Justin’s song.


    So what!
    Yea thr is a bit similar but he thought of it and the song is way different too
    So i dont know y pple r getting so upset
    Even the Paramores didnt mind,so y should other people

  • sophia

    You see, this is what I hate the most about this fanbase. And what makes people hate it more and more each day. Justin clearly made a mistake here, but yet again this fanbase has an excuse for everything. Once Justin has clearly done wrong, none of you beliebers will admit that instead you will go on a full-on defense mode just to prove that you love Justin. If you truly loved him, you’ll allow him to admit that, and also admit that to yourself as well as encouraging him to learn from it. Making up the most pathetic excuses for what he has done wrong. He’s still learning each day but with people like you who make up excuses whenever he’s in trouble, that won’t help him learn, it will however help him become the biggest douche-bag alive knowing that whenever he does something wrong, he’ll have people behind him to make up pathetic excuses (you wouldn’t want that, right?). You don’t always have to defend Justin or make up silly excuses for his misbehavior if you truly loved him. Grow up, please.

    • Hannah bieber

      Ummm I dont always defend him. I thought he was really rude at the deposition and stupid for getting arrested. I don’t agree with some of his mistakes but I do defend him in some things like this situation . I’m pretty sure u defend him in some ways so just shut up

      • sophia

        Okay, I’m sorry for generalizing. Let me correct myself, MOST of the beliebers defend Justin whether he clearly did wrong or right. Sometimes, what he does aren’t ‘mistakes’ but ‘choices’. The ones you mentioned, those aren’t mistakes, those are choices. This one? This one was a choice. He chose to ‘steal’ that fan artwork and not giving credit. He clearly made a mistake here, and ordinary people who don’t idolize this kid, will realize that. I have absolutely no problem with him using this as an artwork or supposedly copying Paramore, but the fact that he didn’t credit that fan, now, that’s different. Actually, I don’t. He’s still learning but I’m sure he clearly knows the difference between right and wrong. But what can I do? Most of the beliebers are ‘blinded’ by his looks and proving that you are his biggest fan. You would do anything for him, right or wrong, heck, some of you beliebers are even willing to cut for him.

  • nicki

    The art work is different. And Paramore said that it was no big deal because the art work was made frm a fan site. Also the song might be familiar but Justin wrote that himself.

    • sophia

      Yep, the art work is different. But the style isn’t. And you said it, because a Paramore fan made that. (It wasn’t from a fan site but Tumblr. Last time I checked, Tumblr isn’t a fan site.) But if you analyze it, the problem is that Justin didn’t give credit to the person who made that art work, or gave a notice that he lifted that off of a Tumblr User who made it for Paramore.

  • Fuckoffdouches!

    @sophie don’t act like a bitch and get out of the website! Don’t like biebs? Then wht the fuck r u doing here?! Stalker!

  • stringbiebs

    They might have a song with the same words but the rest of the song is different. I don’t think he personally “stole” from anybody. Geez.

    • Mia

      He stole the fan art which is the song cover from a Paramore fan. That fan art was made way back in 2011. He (Justin Bieber) or someone from his team somehow managed to cut the watermark from the fan art and made it the song cover for Bieber’s new song. He or his team cropped the picture out from Tumblr, cut the watermark and made it his cover photo for his new song without giving credit to the owner of the fan art. I believe that is what you call “stealing”.

      • Elle

        Well said, Mia.

  • Ceev

    I’ve read ALL the comments and people… Especially beliebers… It doesn’t matter what Paramore says. What matters is what the owner of the fan art says. Haven’t heard Justin’s song but I’ve read the lyrics. It’s not similar to Paramore, yes, but the title is — but I’m not even going there ’cause I actually agree with some people here that the title doesn’t matter as long as the content is different. The genres are also different but guess what, the fan art isn’t. Look closely people. Look at the O’s and the R’s. It’s completely the same. The shade of orange isn’t the same but it’s ORANGE. And no, Paramore’s picture isn’t black and white… It’s Black-White-Orange, same as the fan art. The fan art that was made by a PARAMORE FAN 3 freaking years ago so it’s impossible that Mr Bieber paid that person to make this cover for him. What’s saddening and very disappointing is that Bieber didn’t give credit to the person who made the fan art.

    • Ceev

      And I actually have a theory about the difference of shade of the orange… MAYBE it’s because the creator of the fan art probably can’t copy the shade of orange from Paramore’s album cover.

      • taylor


  • Noor

    They are way different. Why are they so despirate to make up stuiped stories like this , isn’t there anything for them better to wright ?????????

  • Dina Shahin

    I’m not 24/7 about Justin Bieber BUT I like his new stuff. . actually I love it. i downloaded all of it, and i love his new stuff on sound cloud too. Justin Bieber’s new song “Born for This” is the type you listen to all by yourself , laying down just relaxing. Born for This by Paramore makes you wanna get up and dance!
    I think it’s stupid how much negative attention people pay to him.
    Like I said I’m not 24/7 about him, BUT his music would go well in a club if people weren’t such judgmental a** . & i see pictures of him on IG doing some pretty amazing stuff for people who don’t have much
    Also I’m a fan of Miley, Usher, Kayne, Katy Perry, etc.
    Justin is on a break, recording but not selling music. All the music his been releasing as been free ….what other artist does that!? it’s so obvious he loves his fans.
    Maybe that makes other people feel insecure but if you wanna put Justin Bieber on a scale than you have to be honest & admit his songs are improving with him & that he is at the end of the day…a good hearted person.
    Good Luck Justin. I love your new stuff, & i hope people can give you back your right as a human being and see that too. I would hate if gave up before people saw how great you really are/can be.
    Stay fierce Beliebers

  • JayJayTheGiant

    So since you guys think Justin did nothing wrong, can someone make an album called His/Her World 0.2 with a song called Babe with a somewhat similar album cover to his My World 2.0 CD?

    • Sophia

      Genius reply.

  • Elle

    WOW! I’ve painted something like that in school when I was bored before Paramore….does it mean they stole the idea from me? I feel a lawsuit in the air

  • Birk

    As if this is the first time in history that similar artwork was used on album covers or other things!!! That kind of stuff happens all the time. Big Deal!!! It looks similar that is about all there is to say about that! But of course using Justin Bieber’s name in anything will guarantee you world wide publicity. That’s all this is about! It’s seems everyone is trying to use Justin Bieber in order to get publicity for themselves!

  • Eli

    Guys, he didn’t copy the original art. He stole a fanart. Justin took someone’s lyric art.

  • taylor

    Completely different? I’d have to disagree with that. There is no way that Bieber’s font was just made up. The “O” and the “R” are EXACTLY the same font from Paramore’s album. Now, I have no idea if this font was licensed or not, but there are websites where you can download the Riot font. However, even though the font is available for free, that doesn’t mean the person downloading it can use it in commercial products. Also, a lyric from Riot is “We were born for this” and the album cover has one word in orange and the rest black (see any similarities?)
    I believe that if the designer truly made this without any affiliation of Paramore fanart, it would be a bit more organized/professional looking.
    Some argue that “he didn’t copy the original art, just the fan art.” It doesn’t matter whose art you take, a fan or the actual band, you shouldn’t use a font/artwork without permission especially without crediting them.

  • Cloudfart

    The retarded teeny boppers defending Justin here need to go find something better to do than to defend such a worm.

    It’s the same font. It’s arranged in a non-linear manner. Paramore had a song called “Born for This”, this is called “We Were Born for This”. Sure, songs have similar names often, but they also don’t copy the exact same font and aesthetical cues from the other song with the same/similar title.

    You’d have to be retarded to argue that Justin didn’t copy them. As shallow and vapid as he is, I am sure he knows of Paramore and has seen their riot! album cover, though considering he probably has someone else write his songs for him, and definitely someone else designs his covers, I guess Justin himself isn’t to blame. He is to blame for apparently endorsing it and going along with it, though.

    • Azaria

      The funny thing is that people think Justin actually creates all his artwork himself. The font was obviously not one Paramore owned themselves, therefore ANYONE could easily buy the rights to it. It’s a common thing to do. The font was clearly intended to be used in the manner they both used it. Song titles always have similar names, it’s impossible to avoid that. Justin may not be a Paramore fan and may not know anything about it, the art team may have been at fault here. While I’m sure Justin has a say on the final artwork I don’t think he really does too much in terms of creating it.