Justin Bieber at Coachella 2014, Performing ‘Confident’ ft. Chance The Rapper (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber at Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2014 7

Justin Bieber made a surprise guest appearance during Chance the Rapper’s set at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Sunday (April13). The two performed JB track “Confident” on which the Chicago MC is featured.

screen shot

Justin wore sunglasses, a white bucket hat, black T-shirt, baggy grey shorts, black slipper shoes, with a gold chain and black bandana around his neck and an orange bandana tied around his wrist.

He played hype man and moving his feet rapidly to the beat. “That was fun,” he tweeted shortly after sharing a backstage shot of their performance.

Watch video below:

  • MaganBieber

    First!! Wish I was there to see Justin. Love you Justin.

  • jbiebs2

    I’ll be the first to say it. I used to love Justin so much, but he looks absolutely ridiculous here.

    • Tabitha.Morales

      How dare u ……………………….. if u were better than him u would have been the same thing…………………….JACKASS

    • Kristine

      Oh shut up

      • jbiebs2

        do you two actually think he looks good here? what is with the neck bandana and his hat?

    • Oypa

      Shut Up He is amazing So if you Don’t Love him now You are not true Belieber And he can do and wear everything he want

  • Anna

    What was he wearing?

  • Belieber

    He can dance good

  • CAT♥BIEBERxoxo

    I know his out fit is wierd but he looks good in ever thing!!!
    LOVE YOU!!!!!!

    • Oypa

      Of Couuuurse CAT♥BIEBERxoxo

  • Emma Bieber

    My BoyFriend Justin Bieber Amazing Dancer I Love Justin Bieber My Boyfriend I Love Him So Much

    • i love my belieber family.

      @Emma bieber justin is not your boyfriend he’s selena’s

  • aleena

    he looks aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaazing!

  • Mrs Drew Bieber

    I love Justin sooo much and he looked as if he realllly enjoyed himself. His outfit looked a bit weird to me but I don’t care about his looks, he was doing what he loves and does best! As long as JuJu’s happy, I’m happy.♥I’m a proud belieber and will support him through thick and thin! <3. I love Justin my Justin and I don't care what he looks like. As long as that cheeky smile is always there :)

  • aleena

    he looks cute in whatever he wears,so just shut those holes in ur faces!

  • Tanisha

    he look so cute dancing lol but that hat is a no no

  • Hannah bieber

    Awwwww I wish I was there to see him !!!! And ummmmm @emma bieber he’s not really your boyfriend

  • zari

    He looked so happy to be performing again he can make an outfit look good and even if it was a little weird u shouldn’t be mad at him because of that cause that’s just plain stupid

  • bieber loves me

    i dont care what he wares it just justin i love me just the way he is and i will always be a believer to the end and for all you heaters out there you cant just shut up and dont say shit about justin beacuse we love him very much love you justin sooo much

  • bieber loves me

    i mean you can shut up

  • belieberforever

    seriously, shut up!!! You are saying that you are not beliebers anymore. Then what the hell are you doing here. And you can’t say that you were beliebers, because true belieber never let him down. He’s an incredible people. If it was one of you you won’t support all that pressure he is going through. He is really strong. He is trying to be a better person so stop judging. If you don’t like him, that’s fine but don’t come on here ti criticize him. Because this websites is for BELIEBERS, mot for “ex belieber” or haters.

    Belieber will always be there for him.

  • Belieber

    I thought his outfit was cool

  • Sophie

    I love him but my god, what on earth is he wearing..

  • NiNiBEAR

    What the shit is he wearing? I mean he is cool and everything but that boy has way too much money to be dressing like whatever. Just….just…..what the hell?

  • nicki

    Awesome! Have Fun! Be Safe! :)

  • Belieber

    guys stop judging him for what he’s wearing. He can wear whatever he wants to.

  • bieberfever#1

    awww he looks so cute with that outfit and his dance moves too. I’m just glad that he is happy and that his having a good time. We should all be happy that he didn’t get booed or anything people were having a good time with him and thats what mattes right?

  • lambor500S

    Am glad Justin had a good time at the Coachella Music Festival.
    Love the outfit/disguise. If, he was not performing no one would no who he was just by walking round the park with friends and am quite sure he enjoyed that.
    Much love!

    • Lailani

      Can’t believe Selena was there backstage. After he was done performing. Justin touched Selena on her mid back and tells her lets go.

  • Lailani

    Love seeing justin and Selena together holding hands.

  • Lailani

    I’m just so in love with them.

  • Kalani

    I hate myself.

  • RedneckBelieb3r

    i think Justin looks HAPPY. he’s smiling and dancing around and having a good time, we all need to be happy for him, and honestly i think he looks really adorable in those clothes. after all the stuff he’s been through lately, i think we need to be happy that he is being more responsible, and tht he is siging in public again. : ) i love you Justin, dont forget it <3

  • Krista

    Alright look Justin could dye his hair purple with pink polka dots and I would still love him. I judge him on who he is in my eyes not what he is wearing or how he looks. Justin you always look beautiful to me! Justin will always be a majorlly important person in my life and his music is amazing. Justin you did amazing and made so many people smile. Great job! That’s why he is still doing this is to make his fans happy not so people can hide over the internet and talk bad about him. I love you sooooooo much Justin!!! You are amazing and I still almost have a heart attcak everytime I here your name.

  • ivone

    He can wear whatever he wants, his money not yours!! Seriously,,,,,look around the place does it look like anyone cares?!!!

  • Birk

    Justin Bieber wears what he wants, when he wants and couldn’t care less what people think of him. That’s why we are his fans, he does what ever he wants and doesn’t follow the fashion.

  • salma

    very good justin