Justin Bieber at Four Season Hotel LA – Beverly Hills Hollywood

Justin Bieber Smiling

How sweet! Justin Bieber smiling, and took selfies with fans as he left the Four Seasons Los Angeles in Beverly Hills, California on April 16.


One lucky fan was able to take a selfie with Justin, as his bodyguards stayed nearby.

Justin was covering his eyes with aviator shades, as well as his famous washboard abs with a white T-shirt. He sported black leather tracksuit bottoms that he paired with red high-top sneakers matching his bandana scarf.

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22 thoughts on “Justin Bieber at Four Season Hotel LA – Beverly Hills Hollywood

  1. Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Thats my Boy…lookin healthy happy and being with hix fans…lovin his outfit and relaxed attitude. Lookin good and doing better! Luv you Bieby!!Muah!!

  2. Justinbiebermyboy

    dat smile!! finally after a long time!! my baby is perfect dat way!! keep smiling honey!!!! dats one priceless smile!

  3. Hannah bieber

    Awwwww that’s so sweet. Those fans are so lucky. I’m glad justin got that smile back .thats the justin I fell In love with <3

  4. SamanthaLuvsJustin

    I love that Justin is smiling again! I missed seeing him smile cuz it’s beautiful & I don’t like to see him upset.

  5. Catrin

    I am so happy he’s happy he truly does live for his fans it’s so nice someone as huge as him actually takes time to make his fans feel special even if we all can’t be that lucky it shows how much he cares I always believed no matter what he has a good heart and deserves all the good things that have and will happen to him

  6. Lillie

    It’s nice that he is interacting with his fans, because they are the people that is keeping his career as a singer, because without his fans and talent he wouldnt be here, so it’s really nice to see him give back to his fans, and that he is really happy, and enjoys what he is doing.


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