Justin Bieber at Walmart

Justin Bieber Walmart

Justin was seen at a Walmart on March 31st in Toronto, Canada.

17 thoughts on “Justin Bieber at Walmart

  1. me

    and.. everybody goes to walmart come on hes a normal person y cant he go to walmart! its not like they sell drugs in walmart! ugh y does everybody have to be so involved in his life leave him alone!

  2. bieber's fan

    i think is bcos of wat happened at the juno awards they all booed at himso am sure they are all like we dont like justin bieber anymore so i think dat why pple are not around him or asking for a pic,

    1. Birk

      I bet there was a lot of people who looked at him and said “It can’t be Justin Bieber here at Walmart!” LOL If I seen him there I would have politely asked him if I could take a photo with my cell phone, and then thanked him afterwards. I think if fans are polite and don’t make a big fuss and attract a lot of attention then Justin is more likely to stop and maybe chat?

  3. Hannah bieber

    Wow I had no idea he shops at Walmart lol and I’m surprised no one attacked him or took pictures of him. But it would be nice to meet him at walmart

  4. nicki

    Lol! Everyone goes to Walmart. I saw Justin in WalMart and I said hi smiling and blowing him a kiss and he smile and laugh. Then we just went our separate ways. Lol! That was fun. Luv you Justin. ♥

  5. Diana beliber forever

    Cool it would be really cool I’ve I’ve seen him there :) I hope you had fun shopping Justin I love you Justin so so so much

  6. bessie bieber

    uggh 2 face haters cheering him on n now they all like uggh nuh uh wtf man i will always love justin bieber no matter what always will and always have

  7. Justin's girlfriend Samantha

    Hey Justin I didn’t know that you were. Going to be at wal-mart in Toronto ,Canada
    And I Love you forever boyfriend oxoxo


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