Justin Bieber at Walmart

Justin Bieber Walmart

Justin was seen at a Walmart on March 31st in Toronto, Canada.

  • Turkey2turkey

    Wow surprised he didn’t get attacked

  • me

    and.. everybody goes to walmart come on hes a normal person y cant he go to walmart! its not like they sell drugs in walmart! ugh y does everybody have to be so involved in his life leave him alone!

    • Kris fondnazio

      don’t tell us to leave him alone wtf are u



  • Belieber

    kinda surprised there wasn’t anyone there surrounding him or asking a pic. with him or somethin

  • bieber’s fan

    i think is bcos of wat happened at the juno awards they all booed at himso am sure they are all like we dont like justin bieber anymore so i think dat why pple are not around him or asking for a pic,

  • Jazzy love bieber

    I realy wish I was there

  • Kristine

    Can you imagine randomly meeting Justin at walmart omg

    • Birk

      I bet there was a lot of people who looked at him and said “It can’t be Justin Bieber here at Walmart!” LOL If I seen him there I would have politely asked him if I could take a photo with my cell phone, and then thanked him afterwards. I think if fans are polite and don’t make a big fuss and attract a lot of attention then Justin is more likely to stop and maybe chat?

  • Hannah bieber

    Wow I had no idea he shops at Walmart lol and I’m surprised no one attacked him or took pictures of him. But it would be nice to meet him at walmart

  • Jdb

    They probably had to clear the store for him to go inside

  • nicki

    Lol! Everyone goes to Walmart. I saw Justin in WalMart and I said hi smiling and blowing him a kiss and he smile and laugh. Then we just went our separate ways. Lol! That was fun. Luv you Justin. ♥

  • Diana beliber forever

    Cool it would be really cool I’ve I’ve seen him there :) I hope you had fun shopping Justin I love you Justin so so so much

  • bessie bieber

    uggh 2 face haters cheering him on n now they all like uggh nuh uh wtf man i will always love justin bieber no matter what always will and always have

  • walmartbitch

    Actually it was a Stratford Walmart dumbasses get it right.

  • Justin’s girlfriend Samantha

    Hey Justin I didn’t know that you were. Going to be at wal-mart in Toronto ,Canada
    And I Love you forever boyfriend oxoxo

    • Lailani

      Justin is amazing guy