Justin Bieber & Austin Mahone Play BasketBall in Miami (VIDEO)


Justin & Austin spotted playing basketball outside the recording studio in Miami last night (April 2).

Screen Shot

Watch video below:

  • siena

    They actually look alike so its double times beautiful to see them together!

    • Lailani

      I’m so aww of them together. He’s so hot

  • ivan

    Austin is really a nice talented kid who has also been a fan of Justin and covered many of his early songs on you tube. He is the only solo male pop star that could challenge Justin in the teen idol department. But it will be hard for him to achieve what Justin has achieved in the last 5 years. By the way, Might Scooter be thinking of signing him as he did Cody Simpson?

    • SamanthaLuvsJustin

      Austin already signed to a record label. It’s Cash Money Records, but who knows he could drop the label to be with Justin more.

      • Birk

        Remember that several of Justin’s friends and artists that have already collaborated with Justin are signed on with Cash Money like Drake, Lil Wayne. Tyga, Nicki Minaj, and of course Lil Twist. Justin has collaborated with Young Money artists as well, so I don’t think Austin will leave the label because it is under Universal Records which Justin is also signed to.

      • bieberforever

        OMG JUSTIN BIEBER is so cute playing basketball. but not Austin hes trying to copy JB really austin

    • Birk

      Perhaps that might happen, last I heard Austin’s mother was his manager. Austin needs someone like Scooter to make him big around the world. I am happy for Austin who is a proud Belieber and has achieved his own dream of recording a song with Justin. Being loyal to Justin paid off big time for Austin. I am very happy for Mahomies as well who are about to see Austin become famous around the world and achieve the kind of world wide exposure that he has never seen before once this track is released. Beliebers will buy this track simply for Justin and ensure it is a huge success around the world, Mahomies will buy it for Austin. So everyone wins in the end.

  • Tabitha. Morales

    Bffs 4ever

    • Lailani

      Hope Justin gets to FaceTime Selena

  • stringbiebs

    I love both of them so this is so perfect that they are together. Maybe Austin’s squeaky cleanness will rub off on Justin! :) AUSTINS BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW AND HE’LL BE 18! Anyways, I heard the snippet of their song they are working on. It might as well be my new jam. :)

    • Birk

      Huh? Where did you hear it?


    ( i say team Justin! )

    • Yvon Bieber

      Team Austin and Justin. <3

  • bieber loves me

    i love to see justin playing with austin its sooo cute to see justin with austin

  • JustinIsNotWhoYouThinkHeIs

    LOL at the fact that all you bitchass fans be singing his own damn song for him and he don’t give a single F*CKKKKKKK! Hahaha yeah he TOTALLY cares about all his fans………


      you are right Justin does not care for is f*cking fans

    • Birk

      Typical hater who has their head so far up their ass that they can’t see straight. Justin loves his fans, and vice versa. It’s haters like you who are trying so desperately to drive a wedge between Justin & Beliebers that never seem to learn their lesson, that being nothing will come between Justin & his fans. Choke on that!

    • here for selena

      EXCUSE ME @ justinisnotwhoyouthinkheis really? He does care about his beliebers he loves his fans a lot. Leave him alone and stop hating. All you HATERS believe is the media.

  • Belieber

    I’m glad their having fun

  • nicki

    Cool! You guys are good. Have fun! Luv you guys. Lol! ♥

  • Hannah bieber

    Awwwww my two babies playing basketball together. :) haha I’m glad their having fun <3

  • I love u austin


  • bieberfever#1

    aww my favourite part was when justin ran after the ball so fast lol his so cute


    you are right Justin does not care for is f*cking fans

    • here for selena

      @peace out. Excuse don’t you talk about justin like that.


    Austin Mahone can kick Justin’s ass any time

    • Birk

      Austin Mahone is also a Belieber and has gone on record as stating that. Now he has finally achieved his dream of recording a track with his idol Justin Bieber. Justin is about to make Austin famous big time around the world by recording this track just like he did with Chance The Rapper.

  • Jazmyn Beadle

    seeing both my idols together is amazing! they are soooooooo cute. love them


    Sport is health !

    Sport to zdrowie !

  • Angelika Nicole Gomes

    i love playing basket ball and i love it when my fav singer’s start playing the same game!!