Justin Bieber ‘Brainwashed’ Selena Gomez, Family worried – Rumor


After Justin & Selena reunited, Selena has reportedly fired her parents as managers, much to the dismay of her family and friends.

According to a source close to the pair, Selena Gomez has not been coping well since renewing her relationship with Justin. And she reportedly can’t stay away from him — despite her parents’ wishes.

A source told Radar:

Selena is now acting a little brainwashed and not challenging a thing Justin says. There was a time not long ago where they were fighting and arguing about their relationship, but now she’s like a robot and completely in his thrall.

Whatever he did to keep her from moving on from the relationship worked a little bit too well, because it’s like she’s a completely different person.

52 thoughts on “Justin Bieber ‘Brainwashed’ Selena Gomez, Family worried – Rumor

  1. Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    They need to be respectful of One another..not controlling and bitter! Shes gonna be like 22 soon she needs to handle her own relationship. Her parents cannot control her love life. TIME TO CUT CORD!

      1. NiniBear

        It said that HE was controlling her not the other way around…although I’m sure it’s a rumor but it seems that you didn’t read the article right @Kris fondnazio. not to be rude. Just saying.

  2. Catrin

    Newsflash Selena Gomez is actually human maybe she’s realizing he’s got the cards and she can’t manipulate him anymore so she’s being passive brainwashed I doubt it this girl is so slick she’s fooling everyone the only reason she fired her parents is cause she doesn’t like not being in control she’s a control freak and breaking ties makes her feel like a big girl

  3. Lauranda

    Is this is all they going to talk about instead of music and other stuff Because they talk more about relationships, I don’t wanna hear it anymore is enough hearing the same situation all the time.

    1. Lailani

      What do theses sources stalk justin and Selena everyday. Or say selves is on the phone with Justin in the bathroom.

    2. Kadia Chamime

      Thank you #lauranda
      why people talk only about relationships because peoples more interesting to be justin bieber a new girlfriend , but heeeey girls!, it s only in yours big dream

  4. Lauranda

    That pic’s looks fake first of all cause I see like a fan sweater string and they just stick Selena on there to make it like they are hugging.

  5. i love my belieber family.

    Rumors and lies selena I don’t believe justin brainwashed selena or that she changed into a different person she’s always been the same person she was before. The only thing selena did change was her management team that’s all. Selena is now signed with wme and brillstein company management. Plus selena did say that she wasn’t GONNA LET ANYONE ELSE control her life including her parents at the we day speech. Justin and selena are happy and I don’t believe that their those kind of people to control one another each justin and selena are their own individuals that live their own way and are going in their own direction. Of which way they want their career to go. So the media continues like they did to justin last year making him look bad for publicity to write their own negative stories making it seem worse than it already is although I am a selenator I am a belieber too and I support each of them equally stop making up LIES media and know the real truth about justin and selena the media doesn’t know anything about them only beliebers and selenator do and the people that are close to them the media is not trustworthy don’t believe everything you read folks this is why I don’t trust any source unless it’s reliable and true about either justin or selena I doubt this article news is true anyway. All false information. Thanks beliebers for giving me a reality check on selena. Justin will never brainwash anyone I don’t think he’s smart enough to. Especially brainwash the love of his life. (selena). Happy couple if they are still dating :)

  6. lambor500S

    I know this is a rumor. Just Sayin,
    Selena has not been brainwashed. She cares about Justin, and she wants to be with him and am quite sure Justin feels the same about her.
    And it seems like both are trying hard to make it work this time around. I wish both of them much success and happiness. Also, just my opinion I do not think Justin, had anything to do with Selena’s decision in relieving her parents as managers she might have mention it to him. But, I think that was her choice all on her on.

  7. ivone

    I would not be surprise if TMZ is the one behind
    this story. All false information of course!! All child stars remove their parents as their agents because they are growing up and seek a new management team with new ideas. Please people do not believe everything you read. The media DOES NOT live with JB nor Selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bbb

    There’s so many girls out there all perfect for justin and he still deals with this lame ass chick . I wonder what does he like about her? is she that good? what is it? I would of been moved on .

      1. Lailani

        What do these people follow Justin and Selena and say Sources say Justin was on the phone with Selena and heard baby are you still sleeping.

    1. Verified Belieber

      What’s hatnin’ ?
      Beliebers should be happy if @justinbieber is happy. All this hate on @selenagomez isn’t right. It shows that you don’t care about his happiness, you just want what’s better for you ?
      — no hate to y’all –

    2. Kris fondnazio

      I agree she reminds me of Jennifer Meyer Tobey Maguire’s wife he’ll she and her should be best friends two of a friggin kind

  9. nicki

    There are other girls in the world out there that is perfect for Justin. What the hell do he see is this lame ass chick? She’s not all that good. What do he see in her? Justin just need to move in. That’s my opinion but I hope it come true. Luv you Justin. :|

    1. Karla Bieber

      I even read that Selena is gonna open for Justin on Tour doesn’t that scream FAME WHORE?. What a skank

      1. Just saying

        How come your not calling jasmine Villegas and Miley Cyrus fame whores when they opened for Justin tour

      2. Karla Bieber

        @Justsaying.. Justin and Miley never dated so that is irrelevant. Jasmine villegas was already well known and it’s normal for new up coming stars to open at a concert.

        Selena how ever is a leech and is only around Justin to gain more popularity since she’s already becoming a has been.

    2. Kris fondnazio

      Yeah with does he see in her ass anyway wtf is he tryin to protect her he should’t be controlling her

  10. sassy

    Hopefully, they’ve both grown up enough to make this relationship work this time.
    He’s staying out of trouble and she is taking control of her life.
    Most child stars ditch their parents as managers at some stage and for her to ditch the likes of Taylor Swift, who was a controlling friend, isn’t a bad thing.

    1. i love my belieber family.

      @nicki what did you just say about my idol????? Oh I thought so selena is not a who’re trying to get attention leave selena alone!!!!! Say something nasty about my idol again and your going to have to deal with me!!!! Selena always gets hated on for stupid things like falling for justin and being happy and she never does anything wrong. You guys just hate her because she may or may not be dating justin and I really think you guys are being really unfair to Selena. Please stop give selena a break. Even though I am a selenator I am a belieber too. And as far as I can remember justin said he still has to be happy with selena whether you guys like it or not. Enough with this hate justin doesn’t like it neither do we selenators enough with the death threats to Selena doesn’t deserve them at all if you hurt selena you are hurting justin simple as that so I kindly ask you to stop even though I do love you all beliebers I’m sorry nicki for yelling at u but for Justin’s sake let selena be baby girl. Let jelena be happy if they are still together you shouldn’t be jealous because selena makes jb happy and brings the best out of him. You should be happy for justin and know that whoever justin decides to date trust that they would take good care of him whether it’s selena or not.

      1. Karla Bieber

        You know it’s called freedom of speech. It comes with the terrority that when you are a celebrities you are going to get criticisms good and bad. People have the right to voice their opinions whether you like it or not. This is not jealousy, this is where people are sick and tired of hearing about her and she leeches onto Justin like a vulture whenever he’s about to ready go on tour and making a new project. Seems like you people have short term memory. What about all the time that Selena has shaded Justin in interviews AND in certain dance/music videos? thought so!> she’s a fake and we all see it.

  11. ivan

    If Justin brain washed her how come she said in interviews she was independent and happy? Why did the same sources say in previous articles she had control of her career and self? The inquisitr exposed this as a lie.

  12. ivan

    Keep in mind Selena has family members and friends who don’t like Justin and would like to break them up. They feed stuff to gossip sites to make him look bad. Maybe that is one reason, Selena got rid of some of them from her life recently.

  13. rb

    Kylie Jenner supports Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez on the Joan Rivers show Jan 14, 2014: ‘I can’t imagine them with anyone else.’
    Justin’s housekeeper Tatiana Vozuik stated that: ‘during Justin and Selena’s break-up, she noticed his friends, Miley Cyrus, 21, Kendall, 18, and Kylie Jenner, 16, would often come round to try and lift the spirits of the Baby singer, and it often worked.’ So I would have to say at this point Selena is trying to get to know Kendall and Kylie Jenner better.

  14. i love my belieber family.

    @Ivan selena did not remove her parents from her life she just signed to a new record label.

  15. Catrin

    @nicki I agree with you that Selena’s out for fame but calling her a whore is unnecessary on a fan site where we love justin whether we like it or not he sees something in her so let’s let them fail or succeed as a couple justin wouldn’t appreciate anyone especially strangers butting in and I don’t blame if he ever gets tired of her or stays with her it’s his choice not ours whether or not we approve

  16. m l

    Justin has brainwashed celena? just maybe now she is out from under taylor swift and her parents trying to tell her who she can or can’t be with she is exercising her right to choose for herself. brainwashing sounds like another hater try at making Justin into a super bad boy.


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