Justin Bieber Detained for Hours at LAX After Trip from Japan – VIDEO

Justin Bieber LAX detained

Justin Bieber gets released after being detained by immigration officials at LAX Airport in Los Angeles following his flight from Japan.

Justin Bieber was detained and underwent secondary questioning at LAX airport – “routine” for travelers with open criminal cases, report the Daily News.

His huge van and entourage were stuck at the airport curb for an hour when TMZ.com first reported the travel trouble.

“This kid is turning into a male Lindsay Lohan,” an LAX police source said Thursday night.

Justin being questioned by U.S. Custom official

Justin was being questioned and released by U.S. Custom official at LAX airport

After being detained nearly four hours by U.S. Customs after he flew into Los Angeles International Airport, he finally allowed to leave.

Gallery pics below:
Screen Shot

He left at around 6:20 p.m. with four bodyguards in tow. Two SUVs and one van had been waiting for the group to emerge from the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Justin climbed into one of the SUVs and was driven away.

He was smiling as he exited the airport but had nothing to say to the throng of paparazzi assembled outside.

Free Justin Bieber!! Beliebers went straight to the scene to show support.

Free Justin Bieber!! Beliebers went straight to the scene to show support.

No information was forthcoming about what U.S. Customs wanted to talk to him about, but this wasn’t the first time that officials have wanted to question him upon his return to the United States from outside the country.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: Crazy scenes outside LAX after Justin Bieber is released

Justin was also briefly detained while traveling from Canada to New Jersey for Super Bowl festivities in February 2014.

Officials at New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport questioned him and searched the group’s private jet for drugs before granting him and his entourage entry into the States after being tipped off to the possible presence of marijuana onboard. The search came up empty and the entire party was allowed to proceed.

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