Justin Bieber Driving His $1.9M Bugatti Veyron in Miami (VIDEO)


Desperate fans spotted Justin driving his $1.9 M Bugatti convertible car in Miami (April 10).

Justin gets a Bugatti Veyron as a gift from music producer Birdman aka Uncle Stunna. He tweeted: “Uncle Stunna luv. My first Bugatti #generosity.”

Watch video below:

  • me

    first, and nice car

  • nicki

    Awesome! That is really cool! Have Fun! And Be safe! Luv you Bizzle! ♥

  • Lailani

    Wow, those girls need help.

  • Lailani

    The Bugatti is smoking hot.

  • Lailani

    Justin is so hot shirtless .

  • Lailani

    That Bugatti is sick.

  • Lailani

    I love see

  • Lailani

    I love seeing justin and Selena together just holding hands.

  • Dgbeliberforever

    Nice car Justin I hope you had fun I love you Justin I support you

  • Belieber

    I hope he just drives safely. Nice car btw.

  • John Kerby

Bugatti from Birdman …
    Birdman is not as generous as Justin Bieber would have you believe … the car Biebs posed with on Instagram was NOT a gift — it’s just a loaner from Birdman.
    Biebs posted the photo on Instagram Monday with the caption, “Uncle Stunna luv. My first Bugatti ♛ #generosity”
    It makes it seem like Birdman bought the car for Bieber, but we’ve learned that’s just not case. Birdman told Biebs he’s welcome to drive the car — reportedly worth nearly $2 million — whenever he’s in Miami.
    Here’s the thing … when you lend Bieber a car … what’s the worst that can happen?

    • Belieber

      We don’t care what TMZ says. Just leave us alone.

    • Birk

      Justin never said he bought it, it was a gift in a way from Birdman, and it was loaned out to Justin anytime he is in Miami. Just because Justin is pictured with something expensive doesn’t necessarily mean he was given it as a gift or he actually bought it.

  • Lailani

    That car is just super hot.

  • Connie

    Are you going to Tour this summer?
    In Pennsylvania and is there going to
    Be a new cd from you JB?
    Love Connie by now oh I”m working
    Now I wish you would visit me
    Justin it’s in Wexford health cleaning
    House keeping!
    Hope to see you soon JB
    Love connie

  • Hannah bieber

    Awwww the thing that the girl said was sweet. He makes me happy to all the time. That’s why I’ll never leave him and nice car

  • Catrin

    He deserves the best whether it’s a loaner gift or he could buy if he wanted I’m so happy people love him and are generous to him

  • lambor500S

    Nice car Bugatti Veyron JB.
    But, it cannot beat a Mclaren F1 or a Mazda Furai far as the look.
    But, still a nice car.

  • Belieber

    Awe that’s cute xD



    Justin ! Be carefull !

  • ivone

    Of course TMZ would comment on this story. They don’t waste any opportunity to spread negative rumors. Their “photographer” is the one suing Justin for money!!!!

  • i love my belieber family.

    @justin bieber are you guys moving in? There are rumors going around saying u r. I don’t believe them unless you or sel tell me they are true. Rumors are also going around that sel fired her mom and dad as managers and is looking for a new one but I’m not sure if either of those things I mentioned are true? Ily both wish the best for u. Just found out this news sorry :) is selena your baby?

  • Birk

    Yikes! I don’t like seeing Justin driving around in fast cars, and this Bugatti can reach speeds up to 270 mph! I guess this means he got his drivers license back, but by driving in Miami, Justin is putting a big bulls eye on his back with every cop in that town wanting to pull him over, since it seems like that his D.U.I. case is not going good for the prosecution’s side. Stay away from those fast cars Justin!