Justin Bieber Getting Back Massage from Mystery Woman on Miami Balcony

Justin Bieber Back Massage

Justin Bieber was spotted enjoying a back and shoulder massage from a mystery woman as he sat on his Miami hotel balcony on Monday (April7).

Justin Bieber Getting Massage

Working on his new album appears to have left him in need of a massage. At one point he shuts his eyes while the woman, who was sporting a black kaftan and matching bikini, stood closely behind him.

Justin Bieber Hotel Balcony Miami

He was sporting a grey T-Shirt and matching baseball cap as he made the most of the sunshine. He shared a number of snaps of him in the studio later in the day, while he works on his new album.

19 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Getting Back Massage from Mystery Woman on Miami Balcony

  1. rb

    Now if Justin was seen with a model looking women giving him a massage, the tabloids would have a field day of him having a new girlfriend, how upset Selena is, and on and on… as ivan have commented, she’s ”his assistant, nothing else!”

  2. patry

    omg, i read all the comments and nobody say her name, thats Viktoria, his assistant, Justin has 2 personal assistants: Brandon and Viktoria
    (things that a belieber know..lol)

  3. Susie

    Wow that looks super awkward…I think you should only get massages from super close friends/family. Now, if he asked ME to do it… ;) JK


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