Justin Bieber ‘Hard 2 Face Reality’ Lyrics Audio (New Song)


Justin Bieber released ‘Hard 2 Face Reality’ featuring the singer-songwriter Poo Bear, online late on Saturday, April 26th. He first used his buddy Khalil’s SoundCloud account to upload the song. ‘You left your soundcloud open so i used it’, Justin said on Twitter.

But just one hour later, JB created his own personal SoundCloud under username @sirbizzle (gaining over 30k followers in just five hours) , re-uploading ‘Hard 2 Face Reality’ there.

LISTEN ‘Hard 2 Face Reality’ below:

‘Hard 2 Face Reality’ LYRICS
Sometimes it’s hard to face reality (Oh oh)
Even though you might get mad at me (Oh oh)
Sometimes it’s hard to face reality

Don’t be afraid to stand alone
Don’t be afraid to stand outside the door alone
I know it’s hard to work from home
And it ain’t easy all alone
Relationships over the phone
Talking to your significant other all night long

Sometimes it’s hard to face reality (Oh oh)
Even though you might get mad at me (Oh oh)
Sometimes it’s hard to face reality

Poo Bear:

Should’ve been adjusted to my life
Had the oppurtunity to stay away from the last time
Now you’re standing right in front of me
It hurts me to know that I lied
Trying to protect your feelings
You’ve been in between the lines
Hope your heart is still in healing

Sometimes it’s hard to face reality (Oh oh)
Even though you might get mad at me (Oh oh)
Sometimes it’s hard to face reality


It almost feels like Justin is singing to himself in ‘Hard 2 Face Reality’.

Is this just another song about Selena Gomez?

Reality is currently very hard for Justin. The trial for the Miami DUI case has been set for July, and he recently was detained for several hours at LAX after returning from Japan.

  • Belieber4ever

    Amazing song!!! But it’s too short. But I love it!! Amazing Justin!!

    • Lailani

      Wonder if justin wrote that Song awhile Selena was in the studio with him.

    • Lailani

      Wonder if Selena wrote any songs about there RS. Or Justin.

  • boo

    Omg I love that song I was listening to it all day yesterday!!!! it’s amazing

    • Lailani

      Wonder what Justin thinks about when he’s writing songs

      • boo

        I know right

  • Oypa


    • Lailani

      I would love to see him and Zendaya collbrate together on a song or him and super talented singer MS Carly Rae Jepsen or Madison.

  • Belieber

    I love the song! amamzing. Cant wait to hear the rest of his music.

    • Belieber

      *i meant amazing

    • Lailani

      It’s different from his other songs. It’s amazing and so sweet

  • Belieber


    • #1 beleiber 4 ever

      If you don’t know how to spell then shut it

    • #1 beleiber 4 ever

      Justin is right… it’s so hard to face reality sometimes …at least it’s hard for me;(


    Great song Justin :)
    Hope ur other songs are as good as this one
    #dontstop :)
    P.s. im so getting this song on my phone!!!XD

    • Lailani

      It’s amazing. Though I rather hear what he got in stores for his fans.

  • Nicole

    Love it and it’s Amazing. when i saw this on justin account i was like Omg i’m in love with it and i keep on playing it over and over again and i was going crazy on twitter btw if you guys want to follow me my
    username is @ahnalovejb i now that my name is nicole on here but my real name is ahna and nicole is my middle name so yeah if you follow me i promises you i will follow back :)

  • Lailani

    I love Justin’s Songs. He’s amazing

  • lambor500S

    Love it, very smooth & sexy

    Much love!

  • nicki

    This song is not about Selena. I think its about his life and challenges he face in his life. (Its a Awesome song too).

  • Lailani

    I’m so aww of jelena

  • Hannah Bieber

    Awww I love the song but its to short :( i wish it was longer

  • Shantelle Perez

    True, this song really compares to my step-mother, she works almost everyday for 24 hours and I’m sure she sometimes cries because she misses my dad. And I’m sure tht’s the way Justin feels so he knows he’s not the only one who feels like that and he’s encouraging the people tht go through the same.

  • Shantelle Perez

    The things that this song says happens to a lot of people. I’m imagining now people that go through the same things always leave with a broken heart or while crying from their home. Or they live far away from their loved ones. And it’s not only that either they go through other problems, too. Which is…..reality..yeah sometimes..it’s hard to face…reality.

  • shreyash christian

    i don’t care it’s long or hard it’s jb song n it’s superhit song

  • thareen………!!

    awesome song…………love it!! and itz true “SOMETIMES ITZ HARD TO FACE REALITY” very hard..!!

  • hayet22

    no did not like it hes being auto tuned and the lyrics r not all dat great and its too short really his voice lately just became disappointing whtaever happened to as long as u love me i mean he sounded like a powerhouse singer in dat song

  • mrs.biebs

    i love this song it’s sooooooooo coool

  • someoneInTheWorld

    Not every song Justin Writes will be about Selena. all what people think about is that Justin is getting Married. well he didn’t mean that at all. he said to every guy out there if you’re planning to propose or ask someone out don’t take them to the Central Park. because it’s not that romantic. so think of something better! second thing the song was written that life is hard to face. it’s hard to face reality! part of reality is relationship In our lives. this is one of the things in everybody’s life. it doesn’t mean he’s having a relationship with Selena on the Phone! be smart and think carefully plus the news are making drama and the fanbase which shouldn’t! Stop assuming things you dunno about!! Justin is Single!

  • Birk

    Another song for Selena Gomez?? I mean wasn’t most of “Journals” about her anyway? I like this song anyway!

    • Lailani

      Aww,,it’s to cute.

  • believe bieber

    Sometimes,it’s really hard to face reality for justin.pool bizzle!

  • chingsmythology

    Yeaaa. Nice Song ♥♥ #KIDRAUHL♥