Justin Bieber ‘high-fiving’ Pals After Home Egging, Cop Says – New Details Emerge – VIDEO

Justin Bieber egging evidence scandal

Justin Bieber’s intagram (left), the egging suspect (right)

Nearly 4 months after Justin Bieber was accused of egging his neighbor’s home in Calabasas, California, on January 9 to the tune of $20,000 in damages, more details have emerged about the incident.

In a police affidavit obtained by E! News, Detective Ginni Alvarez describes in detail what she saw in surveillance footage from Justin’s home on the day of the incident. The affidavit was used to justify the police’s search of his home days later.

she wrote.

Upon my review, I observed a white male, who resembled and who I will refer to as Suspect Bieber, run from the direction of Victim Schwartz’ residence and up the driveway at Suspect Bieber’s residence and out of view. Several other males emerged from Suspect Bieber’s garage door and a black SUV which backed into Suspect Bieber’s driveway.

She continued that she saw “Suspect Bieber” and his friends run back toward Schwartz’s home. His friends later returned to Justin’s driveway, where they hid behind cars in the driveway while they looked on. Justin returned shortly after, and according to Alvarez, they were rather jovial.

He was approached by the group of males, some of whom Suspect Bieber is observed high fiving. Suspect Bieber and the other males appeared to be laughing and celebrating.

There is, of course, no way to know for sure if the suspect in the video is Justin Bieber. But after reviewing the footage, Alvarez called Schwartz to ask what Justin was wearing during the alleged egging. (Schwartz and his daughter, Jessica, were home on the night of January 9 when they heard “unusual sounds” coming from outside their home.)

Jessica told the detective she saw “Suspect Bieber” wearing the same clothes as he had been pictured in an Instagram post earlier that day. Alvarez compared the Instagram photo to the footage and observed “Suspect Bieber was in the same attire as accounted by Victim Jessica and depicted in the Instagram photo.”

After police raided his home, Justin’s pal Lil Za was taken into custody for drug possession. Justin hasn’t been charged in the case.


  • Belieber4ever

    Ok, so this means that first taking a pic with jazzy and then throwing eggs?! Wow Justin!!

    • Lailani

      All they do is makeup shit and rumors and more rumors. Full of shit.

      • M

        How’s it a lie, its right there in a video that what they’re saying is true.

  • DanceGirl

    Ok do the police/papparazzi have nothing better to do with their time than bring Justin down, this is old news no1 really cares anymore, it was a bunch of eggs SERIOULSLY why bring him down just when he’s getting back on track!

    • Lailani

      The Stalkrazzi are Arrogant bitches. Who should be eaten by bears or jump off a cliff and fall over.

      • Lailani

        Nothing they say is true all lies and more rumors

  • davron

    jb lawyer from uzbekistan


    He egged some ones house!
    I mean people egg houses every day
    And they were just having funnnn!!!!!!!
    JEEZE!! Just f off and leave him and his friends alone

    • Lailani

      Pls the tabloids are freaking stupid. Arrogant bitches.

    • Lailani

      So what if Justin didn’t do that.

    • Gary

      $20,000 damage!!! FUN????

  • #biebs4lyf

    omg! leave JB alone already! he’s just being a kid!
    i will support him even if he kills someone – don’t people know that every teenager makes mistakes and its all part of the growing up process?? who cares if he drink drives or does drugs, everybody does these things!

    • Jess

      You seriously need to get your head checked if you would support someone who killed someone.

      • Lailani

        Justin is a good guy. He loves giving back to others.

    • Lailani

      He’s not a kid. He’s a young Adult. People. Get over yourself idiots.

    • Lailani

      I feel sorry for Justin. The media always makes out to be the bad guy.

    • dgfdg

      not every teen does that some have common sense

  • shinavar

    This all is just rubbish. …c’mon every teen eggs houses and even if Justin is a celebrity ..it doesn’t mean tht he cannot. .every one has the right to have fun…

    • wow

      Have fun while destroying someone else’s property??….I hope someone spray paints your house and other people who think like you… just for fun….it should be me for I am a teenager and I want to do it for FUN….Please tell me your address so I can destroy your house please?

    • dgfdg

      so the i have the right to egg ur house u dumb bitch and ur car too


    This pic’s false !

  • mrbieber

    Omq leave him alone people just want to bring justin down hater stop

    • Lailani

      The tabloids are full of shit and more lies

  • stringbiebs

    GET OFF THIS SUBJECT PEOPLE! It’s not that big of a deal.

  • stringbiebs

    But he didn’t kill anyone. Doesn’t matter what COULD have happened. Unless it really happens it’s irrelevant.

  • Noor

    really ?????? wow i never thought that the Police and the paps were so despert to make a big deal out of nothing just to bring Justin down !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smilesometimes

    Seriously let it go! This happens like wha 3-2 months ago and we’re still talking bout it

  • dchopsey

    First I want you to know that like you I will ALWAYS SUPPORT Justin. But we have to come to realize that a “crime: was committed. So police are only doing their job by investigating every lead. When an “adult” over 18 years old performs a juvenile act; under 18 years old; there are ADULT consequences. Remember there was an enormous amount of damage done to someone’s HOME. We are suppose to safe in our homes. So let us SUPPORT Justin and not get angry over those who are doing their job. GOD bless you Justin.

    • wow

      Thank you!

  • Francesca

    Ok really?! Are they going to keep talking about this and like not stop at all? No one cares about that crap anymore. That’s done and over with. Just move on already!! Seriously, leave Justin alone!! He is doing better now, so I don’t see why they should try to bring him down again.

  • H

    Fox News – turning eggs into headline stories. Commendable …..SMH.

  • Belieber

    It’s not really a big deal. I mean, a lot of teens do that to have fun like a prank or whatever. Their taking it too seriously like no one has ever done that before -_-

    • wow

      I bet you that if anyone did that to his house he would want to beat their ass … respect people and their property and you will be entitled to be respected also…He did not pay for that house..The house isn’t his so why should he destroy it … He has life way too easy and so does you…would you appreciate someone egging your house ?

      • Belieber

        just leave

  • Hannah bieber

    Wow their still talking about this ??? This is way old news. Wow I just want all this drama to go away

  • Bbb

    He did it arrest him

  • dgfdg

    i would of faught him

  • loa 29

    Love jb biggest fan forever

  • lina 37

    Omg I love all his song espisely the song with astin mahoo youve fans got to hear that song =)

  • Baberauhl

    Beliebers need to understand that Justin isn’t perfect, and sometimes isn’t well behaved. he may have done it, or he may not. And seeing his past behavior I personally wouldn’t be surprised if he did do it. The media is hard on him but right now, he has grown up and he is able to make his own decisions some of which may not be good. We will always be there for Justin but we cannot keep blindly defending him. <3

  • nicki

    This sh*t is so old. I just want the drama to stop becuz other people and celebrities are jumping on Justin just becuz he make little mistake. They act like they never made f*ucking mistakes when they were teens and its getting on my nerves and its bothering me.

    • Lailani

      Oh my Goodness idiots get off your high horse and let the shit go damn morons

      • Sam

        Yes, just because he’s ‘gifted’, ‘talented’ and ‘young’ he shouldn’t have to pay for his actions just because he learned from his mistakes. Pssh. Sorry, the law doesn’t work that way. A 14 year old celebrity can’t beat the crap out of someone, kill someone, blackmail someone or deface property or anything else that illegal and get off completely free just because they ‘learned from their mistake.’ What the hell kind of justice is that? Sorry, Justin’s in the wrong and the Police are doing their jobs by investigating. Get the hell off your high horse, I’m sickening that you defend every single thing this dude does. Some of you fans are like a cult, I swear. I love JB and I love his music but the dude clearly messed up and he should pay for it instead of getting away with it. he messed up that guys house, that guy shouldn’t have to pay for it. If I came and keyed your car and TPed your house, should you have to pay for it and clean it? No? I thought so.

  • Anna

    The cops are making fools of themselves treating this so seriously imo. The damage is only so costly because the dude has expensive paint/finish on his house. In other words, the crime is being treated more seriously because it was a rich person’s house that was egged. A fair outcome would be for Justin to pay for the costs. Period.

    Justin has moved out of the neighbourhood and has had to put up with the neighbour feeding stories to TMZ for the past year, harming his reputation. Judging from the tape, the neighbour also used profanities and abusive speech to Justin – who knows what else he has done to Bieber that we don’t know about.