Justin Bieber ‘high-fiving’ Pals After Home Egging, Cop Says – New Details Emerge – VIDEO

Justin Bieber egging evidence scandal

Justin Bieber’s intagram (left), the egging suspect (right)

Nearly 4 months after Justin Bieber was accused of egging his neighbor’s home in Calabasas, California, on January 9 to the tune of $20,000 in damages, more details have emerged about the incident.

In a police affidavit obtained by E! News, Detective Ginni Alvarez describes in detail what she saw in surveillance footage from Justin’s home on the day of the incident. The affidavit was used to justify the police’s search of his home days later.

she wrote.

Upon my review, I observed a white male, who resembled and who I will refer to as Suspect Bieber, run from the direction of Victim Schwartz’ residence and up the driveway at Suspect Bieber’s residence and out of view. Several other males emerged from Suspect Bieber’s garage door and a black SUV which backed into Suspect Bieber’s driveway.

She continued that she saw “Suspect Bieber” and his friends run back toward Schwartz’s home. His friends later returned to Justin’s driveway, where they hid behind cars in the driveway while they looked on. Justin returned shortly after, and according to Alvarez, they were rather jovial.

He was approached by the group of males, some of whom Suspect Bieber is observed high fiving. Suspect Bieber and the other males appeared to be laughing and celebrating.

There is, of course, no way to know for sure if the suspect in the video is Justin Bieber. But after reviewing the footage, Alvarez called Schwartz to ask what Justin was wearing during the alleged egging. (Schwartz and his daughter, Jessica, were home on the night of January 9 when they heard “unusual sounds” coming from outside their home.)

Jessica told the detective she saw “Suspect Bieber” wearing the same clothes as he had been pictured in an Instagram post earlier that day. Alvarez compared the Instagram photo to the footage and observed “Suspect Bieber was in the same attire as accounted by Victim Jessica and depicted in the Instagram photo.”

After police raided his home, Justin’s pal Lil Za was taken into custody for drug possession. Justin hasn’t been charged in the case.


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