Justin Bieber Hitting Steam Room Shirtless Hot!

Justin Bieber steaming room

via shotsme:

@bizzle: Bout to hit the steam room

  • Lailani

    Aww, he’s so hot shirtless

  • Lailani

    He’s just so hot.

  • Lailani

    I love seeing Justin shirtless

    • Kris fondnazio

      Me too makes me soo hott


    omg love to see justin bieber shirtless he looks sooooooooooooooooooo hot i love you JB

  • Belieber

    He’s so cute :p

  • Turkey2turkey

    My cousin is so cute and silly

    • danielle womble

      wait Justin is you cousin. even though i’m 13 and he’s 20 im in love with him and l’ll be so happy if he broke up with selena

      • Turkey2turkey

        Yes I am and so am I Selena May seem nice but when u spend the day with her she is really mean

      • PoohBear 143

        We all will trust me

      • deadandbroken

        how is she mean? Like what did she say to you?

  • Nicole

    OMG justin is looking Cute/Sexy!

  • nicki

    #Luv You Justin
    # ;)

  • Hannah bieber

    Dammm he’s killing me with all his sexiness

    • Kalie McColm

      IKR!!! he is so sexy its not even funny. I wish i could marry him :)

  • believe bieber

    love seeing him shirtless+1.I’m a chinese belieber,i won’t leave him.


    If only he took the picture a bit lower down :)
    U no just ta see if hes got any tatts there ;)

    • PoohBear 143

      Wow…just wow……..but your right :)

    • deadandbroken

      hehe yep if only ;) probably a rly big tattoo named Jerry xD


    Turkey2turkey r u really Justins cousin o_O
    And y is your name Turkey2turkey,im just anxios k

    • Turkey2turkey

      Yes I am

  • deadandbroken

    hehe BLUSH OVERLOAD ///////

  • Belieberforevs

    If Justin is reading this by a chance,….do you mind if I lick your abs?? Just by any chance. PRETTY PLEAAAASSEE!! I’m serious:?

    • Turkey2turkey

      Do u want me to ask him I pretty sure he’ll be a little freaked out but I will ask him

  • Turkey2turkey

    @ dead and broken not to me to justin she so bossy and jst mean

    • Lovely

      Oh my poor bby :( what she need is a swift kick in the butt! Dnt be bossing anyone around! And ps can I please lick ur cousins abs x3

      • deadandbroken

        Ah I see. Yea can I lick his abs as well??

      • Turkey2turkey

        He said no srry lol

  • #TheGirlWhoIsMostObsessedWithustinBieber

    For me, he’s the HOTTEST, the COOLEST , the MOST HANDSOME MAN, the BEST, and the PERFECT BOYFRIEND of all mankind……..


    #TheGirlWhoIsMostObsessed Dude hes like that for all of us

  • Turkey2turkey

    Lol my cousin justin looked at this and said this is so funny he also luvs all the nice comments and support u give him on the rest of the post on this site #luv u guys


      Will you tell justinbieber I love him


    Ask him if he LOVES USSSS !!!!!! ESPECIALLY ME!!!!!!

  • Justin’s girlfriend Samantha

    I want to have sex in the shower with him in the steam room I want to kiss him on his sexy lips
    Yummy sexboy
    Oxoxo Love you boyfriend.
    4 u from Samantha Angel Nicole Bieber

    • Turkey2turkey

      My cousin justin said thts nice but he feel really awkward reading ur comment # not being mean but……..

  • diamond

    Im sweating he started my day :-) cute

  • Tabitha.Morales

    (wolf whistle) hey sexy nice ride…..JK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Turkey2turkey

    I wrote every bodies name down and put it in a bowl to see who could win a free trip with me and justin and I’ll post the winner in a few hrs

  • deadandbroken

    0.0 hehe

  • Turkey2turkey

    Srry guys the trip was canceled I had to go to the hospital I broke my arm and fractored my ankle the winner would hav Ben dead and broken

  • mehdi

    0.0 very nice