Justin Bieber: I’m Bisexual and Dating Austin Mahone + Kissing PIC Hoax


An article making claims about Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone in a relationship is merely a hoax.

The article, published on “satire” news website Huzlers.com, features a Photoshopped image of Justin & Austin – KISSING.

It also features a fake Twitter page and tweet. “Meet my new boyfriend. I’m Bi, so what? Fu*k what anyone thinks.” Huzlers says, but there’s no shred of truth to it.

On each page, Huzlers says it doesn’t publish real news. Huzlers.com is a combination of [fake] satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief,” the About Us section reads.

Via Huzlers:

Justin Bieber Admits To Being Bi-Sexual And Is Caught Making Out With New Boyfriend Austin Mahone.

MIAMI – Controversial pop singer Justin Bieber has publically admitted via Twitter that he, in fact, is “Bi-Sexual” and dating singer Austin Mahone. Justin’s tweet was posted earlier today but later deleted only 30 minutes after it was posted.

The Tweet features a picture of him and Austin Mahone making out in what appears to be a music studio. Although, being deleted 30 minutes after being posted, the twet still managed to get 23k+ Retweets and 24k+ Favorites.

It is not yet known why Justin decided to delete the tweet. Justin later told reporters “I don’t care what anyone thinks, After what happened with Selena and me, I decided to try guys too, and Austin is so fine”.

On Twitter and Facebook, a number of people apparently believed the report.

Real beliebers know this is fake!

Here’s the original pic:
Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone Kissing Girl in Studio

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