Justin Bieber: I’m Bisexual and Dating Austin Mahone + Kissing PIC Hoax


An article making claims about Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone in a relationship is merely a hoax.

The article, published on “satire” news website Huzlers.com, features a Photoshopped image of Justin & Austin – KISSING.

It also features a fake Twitter page and tweet. “Meet my new boyfriend. I’m Bi, so what? Fu*k what anyone thinks.” Huzlers says, but there’s no shred of truth to it.

On each page, Huzlers says it doesn’t publish real news. Huzlers.com is a combination of [fake] satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief,” the About Us section reads.

Via Huzlers:

Justin Bieber Admits To Being Bi-Sexual And Is Caught Making Out With New Boyfriend Austin Mahone.

MIAMI – Controversial pop singer Justin Bieber has publically admitted via Twitter that he, in fact, is “Bi-Sexual” and dating singer Austin Mahone. Justin’s tweet was posted earlier today but later deleted only 30 minutes after it was posted.

The Tweet features a picture of him and Austin Mahone making out in what appears to be a music studio. Although, being deleted 30 minutes after being posted, the twet still managed to get 23k+ Retweets and 24k+ Favorites.

It is not yet known why Justin decided to delete the tweet. Justin later told reporters “I don’t care what anyone thinks, After what happened with Selena and me, I decided to try guys too, and Austin is so fine”.

On Twitter and Facebook, a number of people apparently believed the report.

Real beliebers know this is fake!

Here’s the original pic:
Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone Kissing Girl in Studio

  • justin bieber

    Jb and austin kiss on lips

    • Tabitha. Morales

      Um hello …………….FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Justins belieber forever

      that girl getting kisses from Austin n Justin at same time is really lucky. my god plz send Justin to india

    • Hgcmhgdhmghmgchmgcmhgfdhghgchgxdhc,guys

      I think that is all true! Justin kissing Austin is totally true! Whoever isn’t believing me is plain STUPID! Think about it people justin used to be pretty awesome but then he turned stupid so now since he is stupid he would most likely kiss Austin! If you still don’t believe me then you should go back to kindergarten

    • PARIS

      Justin are you single? If your will you go on a date with me and if it is a good you have to kiss me on the lips NO CHEEK!!!!!!!!!!

    • PARIS

      Justin are you single? If your will you go on a date with me and if it is a good date you have to kiss me on the lips NO CHEEK!!!!!!!!!! and you and austin mahone look so cute that you kissed on the lips and not the cheek and I like you and love sweety pie and bye BABY or HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • here for selena.

    @justin bieber dating Austin mahone????? Really???? You and Austin are an amazing couple weird but respect you for being gay…… hope beliebers are fine with it too.

    • believer forever bitches

      its not real its just a fake why would justin kiss austin mahone in the first place its stupid and we konw that justin and selena are geting backtogether right and austin mahone is alrady dateing somebody

      • Shantelle Perez

        Thank you! And plus it shows the original pic.

      • here for selena.

        Yeah justin loves selena:)

      • Ashton

        Ummm guys hello it’s fake lol. Justin isnt gay lol neither is Austin duhhhhhhhh

      • Ronald Elrod

        Uh, NEWS FLASH! It IS true! He IS bisexual! Get over it!

    • Justin’s Wifey

      They aren’t really dating. It’s a scam

      • Tabitha. Morales


  • Brian

    only if that was true, they be a good couple :) i am a big gay aussie justin bieber fan <3

    • here for selena.

      @Brian it is justin admitted it.

      • Belieber

        it is justin but the pic is edited from the 2nd pic. ur not a real belieber if u think this is true.

  • here for selena.

    @justin bieber pattie????? Did you tell your mom yet????

    • Tabitha. Morales

      WATT 4

  • Belieber

    What the fuck! that is f*** fake. As Huzlers says it ‘doesn’t publish real news’. Like wtf.

  • Belieber

    guys, it says its a haux and anybody can fake a twitter message.

    • here for selena.

      @ belieber guys justin admitted it. The comment at the top is the real justin bieber. It’s true.

  • elisa

    i don’t believe picture look fake

    • here for selena.

      @ Elisa it’s true justin has a boyfriend he admitted it. His comment is at the top. It’s true.

      • Lailani

        Really It’s tots fake. Seriously not real.

  • here for selena.

    @justin bieber did u know your also your boyfriend was a belieber too. Aww.

  • Belieber

    @here for selena: stfu its fake!! -_-

  • here for selena.

    If you guys don’t believe me ask Justin himself it’s not a hoax.

  • here for selena.

    @belieber OK, ok it’s fake. Please dont say that I’m not a real beliebers!!!!! And please don’t say st to me it really upsets me sorry.

  • here for selena.

    I’m sorry to all the beliebers that hate me. For thinking that this was true I’m sorry ok. Ruined my night. I love justin regardless LEAVE me alone PLEASE I love u guys so much.

  • its fake

    Its obviously fake. The picture is obviously photoshopped, if u look atthe hats. The tounges of the hats would be a problem if they kissed.

    • Troy

      How come it shows the whole entire thing in the background and in the real pic you can’t hardly see it because of the one person.

  • here for selena.

    Guess I didn’t read the top where it said Photoshop sorry you guys hate me now.

  • here for selena.

    It’s fake I’m ashamed of myself for believing in this I’m dumb. The picture from my point of view looked real but it’s not. Now I’m using my brain….. duh should’ve thought that a second ago.

    • Belieber

      Ok. I’m sorry I was being mean to you.

      • here for selena.

        ILY @belieber. Do you guys hate me????

      • Belieber

        no, it was just a misunderstood the first time like u said. And ILY too.

  • here for selena.

    @ Elisa sorry about that.

    • here for selena.

      @Elisa ily.

  • here for selena.

    @Brian sorry about that.

  • lambor500S

    I know it is the right thing to do is to over look ignorance. But, one day someone is going to go to far with they little jokes or comments. and Mr Bieber is going to have one hefty lawsuit on their silly ass and he is going to win big. And I hope it is sooner than later. Once you have a big lawsuit against someone and win the rest will back off and leave you along for a good while.

  • Doesnt matter

    Is not true. Justin’s tweets get sent to my phone and this one NEVER got sent to my phone

    • John Kerby

      It got sent to my phonr

    • Lailani

      It’s tots fake.

  • ivan

    Are some of you that stupid? That is a fake pic and story. The real pic shows them kissing a girl. Some are so brain dead that they are actually believing this. Wake up!

    • here for selena.

      @Ivan oh I woke up already.

    • rb

      Ivan, there are stupid people in this world and haters as well. You and I and others can only try and get those people to get their brain cells in check.

      • Trolls

        Yall are stupid, the people who are saying it’s not fake are obviously trolls. Why are you even bothering responding?

  • Diana beliber forever

    We’ll if he was I was gonna be supportive of him he’s him he’s Justin be your true self Justin

  • Hannah bieber

    Haha I knew it was fake but tbh they make a cute gay couple and I would support both of them <3 Justin is one big prankster lol but awwwwww they look so cute <3

    • justin bieber


  • here for selena.

    Hi justin, how are you? You’ve been going through a lot are u okay? A little concerned about u….. smile :)

  • eubene

    hey justin you kind of weird right now how was austin he is so sexxy

  • Lauranda

    They are so stupid. SMDH


    Justin Bieber & Austin Mahone’re couple !
    Good hoax !

  • Biebs


  • Biebs

    that photo is not on juss twitter

  • Mamtha ur belieber

    Just shut up how can u prove that justin can do like this he is not that type of guy so don’t ever ever and ever think like this otherwise I have to give lashes

  • Mamtha ur belieber

    I am a belieber and I can say that it is fake