Justin Bieber is “Ready to Make Changes in his Life,” Source says


Justin Bieber is not the same person he was several months ago.

A source close JB reveals to E! News that after a whirlwind stretch, Justin is “ready to make some changes in his life.”

The source explained about Justin’s inner circle:

The bad influences in his life, for the most part are being weeded out. He’s making more of an effort to hang out with people who are positive influences in his life.

Justin is a good kid and has been out of balance recently.

He has started listening to the people around him and he knows it is not too late to change things.

He’s being more selective with his friends. He wants people around him that will help him and guide him and keep him on the right path.

Justin is making a concerted effort to be responsible and to look after himself.

There has been a real maturing recently. This whole process has been a growing period for him and he has finally woken up to realize what he needs to do to get back on track and be the Justin Bieber he used to be.

He’s ready to change and be a better person before it’s too late.

Justin was most recently spotted dancing the night away on Tuesday at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood. The source said:

He came just after opening and stayed until right at the end.

Girls might have been trying to get his attention, but he was not interested at all. He just wanted to be there, eat some food and dance to the music with his friends.

  • Jennifer


    • Lailani

      I’m so in love with justin and Selena together


    Justin don’t has change his life ; just guter press should stop harass him !

    • Lailani

      Justin is just adorable and oh my goodness hot.

  • Lailani

    Aww, that’s sweet. I wonder if that’s because of Selena.

  • Lailani

    I love seeing Justin with his boys. And of course the love of his life Selena

  • Lailani

    I wonder if any of this is true or not.

  • Lailani

    I Wonder what made Justin decide this. Hope he stays devoted to Selena

  • Lailani

    I’m so in love with Justin. He’s to adorable

    • Lailani

      Justin is truly amazing guy.

  • Lailani

    Aww, that’s sweet of Justin wanna be with his boys.

    • Lailani

      The tabloids are full of shit. So are TMZ, they are the dumbest people ever.

  • Lailani

    I just love commenting on here about Justin

  • Lailani

    Wonder what made him decide this. Made him turn the tables. Since everything he’s been through. I just feel sorry for him.

    • #1belieber

      Lailani seriously you’re like a second Kalani. If you’ve got a lot to say then land it all in one comment will ya? Instead of a hundred?

  • lambor500S

    Sometimes, you just have to learn things the hard way and then decide what path you want to follow far as going forward with your life. But, most of all try and keep positive people around you. It, really helps if you are trying to change from a wild person to a mature adult. No one is perfect everyone has made mistakes in their life. Live it, love it, learn from it
    Much love!

    • Lailani

      Justin can’t Stand the Stalkrazzi. There ugly even TMZ are the ugliest people ever.

  • Lailani

    He’s truly amazing and incredible artist that loves music and of course Selena

    • rj

      Shut up. Ur an annoying stalker

      • Lailani

        STFU demented idiot.

  • Lailani

    Justin has so many cars. Wonder if he gives any of them to his Parents to drive or borrow.

  • Kristine

    I hope this is true :) I want him to be happy

    • Lailani

      I hope so to. They truly are amazing couple. Justin and Selena

  • Shantelle Bieber

    Yay I’m so happy he’s going to try to be the Justin he was before!

  • Shantelle Bieber

    Yup…tht’s all he needs..positive friends to be around him and to help him out.

  • Hannah bieber

    I’m so glad he’s finally making the right decisions. All he needed was a wake up call to get back up. I’m so proud of him <3

  • diamond

    My opinion iz selena did all thiz she made my man changed his behavior 4 nothing

  • diamond

    But anyways he do need to be around positive people believers 4 life

  • Noor

    I’m really glad that nowhe is seening what’s best for him. I luv u Justin <3

    • Lailani

      Aww, Justin and Selena are so adorable tohetgrb

  • Tanisha

    Im proud of him

    • Lailani

      Aww, I wonder if Justin is devoted to Selena

  • Dgbeliberforever

    We’ll I’ll I can say that he could be like before I’m not saying he needs to be perfect but he could make a little bit changes

  • i love my belieber family.

    Yay justin!!!! So happy!!!!!

  • Catrin

    I give him credit he knows its time for a change and he’s taking the right steps necessary too bad he was so kind to people that just werent right for him and trusted the wrong people even his team needs a little revamping because they keep the pressure on to keep up his image and career he needs a break from the fans the people who make a buck off his hard work and especially the people that write things about him I get it he loves what he does but he’s going to get worn out if he’s not careful

  • i love my belieber family.

    If this is true I’m very proud of you justin.

  • Lillie

    It’s good that he is realising what is going wrong in his life and he is making a change, proud of Justin that he wants to get his life back on track, and he is putting the effort in to make those changes.

  • nicki

    I am happy that Justin want to change things about his life. Friends are most important because they are the ones that u look up to and trust. Next its girlfriend or boyfriend

    • Lailani

      Not always. They sometimes can turn on you on certain situations.

  • nicki

    Also girlfriend and boyfriend is important because they are the ones that believe in you, and luv you they won’t use u to get attention. Luv you Justin.

    • Lailani

      Not always if they don’t cheat on you or lie to your face.

  • Belieber

    I think its good he’s realizing that he has to make a change in his life. Im proud and happy of that dicision.

  • ellie

    I Believe in him I no he can do it Justin I just want you to be happy xx