Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner Starring in Calvin Klein Ad Together – Rumor


Are Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner starring in the next Calvin Klein campaign together??

Rumor has it that Justin & Kendal were teaming up for the fashion brand “Calvin Klein” after reports speculated that they were both in New York City for a shoot.

But a source tells E! News that there’s no truth to the latest rumors, and that the brunette beauty actually hasn’t been to NYC in the last several days.

PICS: Justin Bieber in NYC (April 2014)

Calvin Klein’s spokesperson told E! News that “as a policy we don’t comment on rumors.”

Both Justin & Kendall have already shown that they’re fans of the famous brand.

On March 14, Kendall posted a snapshot on Instagram of herself in her Calvin undies.

About ten days later, Justin also posed in his Calvin skivvies on Instagram.

In the shots, Justin flaunted his washboard abs (photo above) and sported only a pair of black boxer briefs and a black-and-white button down shirt.

Do you think these two would make a hot Calvin Klein modeling campaign?

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