Justin Bieber Loses Top Spot @TIME100, Keep Voting for Justin!


Justin Bieber loses Top Spot on TIME 100 Most Influential People Reader Poll.

As of April 19 at 11am EST, Katy Perry, India’s Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal and transgender actress Laverne Cox move into first, second and third, pushing Justin Bieber to fourth.


Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. on April 22, and the winner of TIME 100 will be announced on April 24.

  • Chikiko


  • bieber’s shawty

    Awwww this can’t happen Justin will win my juju will win I will vote all the beliebers will vote now plz guys vote voteeeeeeee
    We will voteeee

  • Oypa

    keeeeeeeeeeeeeeep votiiiiiiiiing

  • CAT♥BIEBERxoxo

    I voted!!! :)

  • ivan

    Time magazine is read by a lot of haters so it’s not surprising there are a lot of no votes. Justin has more fans than all the people voting put together.

    • Really ?

      That excuse is laughable, get over it.

  • Belieber

    Keep Voting! C’mon

  • nicki

    We at 4th place. But we need 1st place. We know that we can do this. We are not going to let u down Justin. We believe in u Justin and u believe in us. Luv you Justin. ♥

    • Sahil

      Justin not bieng no.1 doesnt mean we have let him down..
      Making it to that list is itself an achievement..
      But yes, do vote for him.. I voted! :-)

  • stringbiebs

    we can get him back up there :)

  • Indian Belieber

    I’m from India n omfg arvind kejriwal pushed biebs :o he’s a political leader but yes he’s very very influential

  • aman

    U r the best justin


    Beliebers ! Go ahead !

  • ivan

    First of all, a lot of Believers are young and are restricted by their parents regarding twitter and facebook use so they vote little or at all. Second, they may not have twitter or facebook accounts to vote in such polls. Third, mainly adult readers of TIME vote negatively toward Justin, Miley, or others they don’t like. Forth, some of those on the list are not know to most teens. Do they know who Abdul is?

  • Noor

    i voted twice for him , acouple days ago and now too. Please keep votinggggggggggggg. Justin needs to win.

  • Birk

    I vote for Justin once, but now I will keep voting again and again.

  • HaylieDrewSwag

    pls keep voting for Justin beliebers. I don’t have twitter or facebook so I can’t vote so pls beliebers pls vote for Justin

  • Tabitha.Morales

    i will vote as tribute just like hunger games would

  • #aussiebelieber

    GAHHHH I tried to vote but I need to have FB or Twitter , both which I DONT HAVE !!! :(:(:(:(

    Can someone PLEASE vote for me :D:D:D

    Belieber forever xxx

  • ivan

    It’s not hard to have a twitter account. Just type in twitter account, go to the site, fill in the info including username and password and you could tweet anyone.

  • Tanisha


  • Lizzy Bieber

    My mom won’t let my have a Facebook or twitter will someone pretty please vote for me. Thank you.

  • mrs.biebs

    i know u will win so don’t need 2 warri

  • #TheGirlWhoIsMostObsessedWithustinBieber

    so sad….:(((but we’ll always be here at your side, hoping praying….dn’t lose hope…Aja,aJA….SO HATERS BACK OFF…..

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