Justin Bieber Not Looking Happy in NYC – April 26

Justin Bieber in NYC April fans

Justin Bieber meeting fans in the Big Apple NYC (April 26, 2014). MORE pics below:

Screen Shot

  • Belieber

    Aww I hope he’s ok :(

    • danielle womble

      me too I hate when my baby’s sad

    • Lailani

      Wonder if he talked to the love of his life. Or are they on a break.

  • i love my belieber family.

    Justin probably is in a bad mood because he might be scared selena has to testify against him today. :(

  • i love my belieber family.


  • zari


    • Lailani

      I love seeing them holding hands and just being together.

  • Hannah Bieber

    awwwww my poor baby :( I hope hes ok .stay strong Justin <3

  • Karla Bieber

    maybe he realized Homez is using him and she dumped his ass like always since he’s not putting anything out yet. But i’m sure give it time she’ll come running to his side again like a hungry vulture she is!

    • Lailani

      STFU really idiots. She’s not a hungry Volture bitch. She’s amazing.

      • Karla Bieber

        I’m not going to STFU for you weirdo i have a freedom of speech you little trolling twat

      • Karla Bieber

        You’re the one that always talks back to me you little B*tch

    • Lailani

      Was I even talking to you damn idiot. Get a clue.

  • Sarah Joy

    Does someone knows where he’s staying in NYC?

    • Lailani

      Hope he’s okay.

      • Lailani

        Justin is amazing and just adorable.

  • nicki

    Wonder what’s wrong. Hope he’s ok. :( :( :(


    Justin ! Pay visit in Poland ! Polish Beliebers wait impatiently !

  • Selena bieber

    I hope my baby is ok I hate when he’s sad

  • Birk

    Is it just me, or does that look like some kind of neck brace he is wearing? Or it could be a turtle neck sweater of some kind? I agree Justin looks kinda out of it in these pictures.

  • sophia

    Come on, let’s be real here. MOST of the pictures he takes with his fans outdoors are mostly ‘unhappy’. He does that constipated face most of the time when taking pictures. He doesn’t even take that extra effort for his fans to at least put on a smile for that picture. It is rare to have the chance to take a picture with your idol but when you do, it’s disappointing to see that picture you have with your idol, he wasn’t even smiling.

  • #1beliber4ever

    Selena woudn’t say enything bad in less she wanted 2 be hated worldwide. As 4 Justin it’s perobely just a headack or a stumachack. All he needs is a tylenol & rest

  • Justin.G.

    I Hope he is okay love you justin♡♡♡


    btw what hes wearing is nice and its non of ur buidness k
    Maybe thats his pics with fans face? : /
    I mean its not the first time he didnt smile when he was taking pics with fans so maybe hes not sad :)
    But he could be,i really dont know,its hard to tell with the shades on and stuff
    But maybe hes not sad :)

    • #1belieber

      Of course u can see his eyes in that first pic. And they look as if he’d been cryin’ before he stepped out or somethin. Well whatever it is I hope he’s okay. Prayin’ for u baby stay strong, We all love ya! <3 <3 :) :) :)

  • Gardener 57

    He probably has Jet lag He just flew back from Japan to LAX. and is already in NYC?

  • i love my belieber family.

    @justin bieber what’s next? New music? Why are you so EXITED? Does it have to do with selena????? Scooter said u will shock the world and you are ready? I don’t understand what that means.

  • i love my belieber family.

    Are you following selena on instagram justin?@justin bieber.