Justin Bieber Pays $11,500 to Paparazzi Lawyer, So Far!

Justin Bieber giving deposition on March 6, 2014

Justin Bieber giving deposition on March 6, 2014

Justin Bieber was just ordered to pay the Aventura lawyer who represents a photographer suing him in Miami-Dade County.

According to GossipExtra, Judge Sarah Zabel awarded $7,500 in legal fees to attorney Mark DiCowden because Justin and his people let him sit and wait in Los Angeles in January.

On Friday, court records show, DiCowden also received a $4,000-check from Justin for his plane ticket, hotel and meals during the four days.

Justin was supposed to be deposed by DiCowden in the case brought by Miami Beach shutterbug Jeffery Binion, who claims he was assaulted by bodyguards last June on Justin’s order. However, Justin missed the January 23 court-mandated deposition — even if he had a good reason for not being there: He was in jail in Miami after being picked up for DUI!

A source close to the case says it’s likely that Justin will absorb the entire $11,500.

One of Justin’s lawyers, Roy Black said:

We agreed to pay a reasonable fee for (DiCowden’s) time in LA because Justin didn’t appear at the deposition. Justin was otherwise detained at the time. Nevertheless the lawsuit is without merit. The plaintiff admits in his deposition that he suffered no injury beyond so-called ‘emotional distress.’

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  • Hannah bieber

    Wow that’s a lot of money

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      There idiots ., they need to STFU fool

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    That’s lunch money for Justin’s entourage if he was touring.

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    1) that’s not a lot of money for an A List Pop Star.

    2) “good excuse” are you kidding me? He was in jail. Having emergency surgery would be a “good excuse”

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      You do realize that being in jail means you can’t leave until the bail hearing right? So being in jail means he could not attend any deposition until after the judge releases him after the bail is paid. I guess being in jail is more of a valid reason not a “good reason”… LOL

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    wow!!! $11,500 that was a big money