Justin Bieber Pick Up Litter – Pic

Justin Bieber pick up Garbage

  • Belieber

    That was nice of him. I like how u show the pic. from 2011 and now. Some things never change ;)

  • Selena

    Where is him now? Miami?

    • here for selena

      @ selena,yeah sweetheart……. are you selena Gomez?????? Justin has been there for a couple days if you are selena Gomez I’m a huge fan of yours. You can’t be can you?????

      • Selena

        Oh no,i’m not sweetheart it’s just a nickname

        How long he gonna be in Miami?

      • nadia

        No shes not really selena gomez the real sel has better things to do. Her name is probly selena.

  • here for selena

    ILY JUSTIN…….. :) I’m proud of you…… :)

  • Hannah Bieber

    That was nice of him and i loved how they showed the old pic. Hes still kidrhaul <3

  • Lauranda

    To me it look like he trying to escape from those pap or if that’s what they called it.

  • zari

    Same Justin different looks.

  • Noor

    oh , that was nice of him

  • Lailani

    Poor Justin he can’t stand the ugly paps.

  • Lailani

    I feel sorry for Justin. He can’t stand the media.

  • Tabitha. Morales

    He is my hero
    Always believe in u O:-)

  • Lizzy Bieber

    He is a good person no matter what people say.

  • bieber loves me

    i love how the show the old pic of justin and the old one and they show the new one 2014 pic i love that one i dont care what poeople say about justinbieber beacuse we konw the real justin the one that we love i love you justin iam your biggest fan i love your music soooo much xoxo

  • Lailani

    Aww, Justin is very adorablevery. How can you not love him.

  • nicki

    That’s really nice.

  • nandra

    His a great man .. and I Love him so much .