Justin Bieber Released New Song ‘We Were Born For This’ Lyrics & Audio

We were born for this

After dropping the Poo Bear-assisted “Hard 2 Face Reality” over the weekend, Justin debuts another new song entitled “We Were Born for This”.

He expresses his gratitude to his fans and declares his commitment to his craft on the breathy acoustic ballad.

LISTEN “We Were Born for This”

“We Were Born for This” LYRICS.

Look at all the choices

The choices in this world
World spreading no freedom
Freedom for the boys and the girls

But the boys and the girls
They don’t know
What love is like
Love is like appreciation
Mixed in a double cup of sprite

So can we go
No left or right
You go your way
And ill go mine

Cuz this is my time
And I won’t waste it thinking about what you gotta say
Cuz I’m here to stay

Cuz this is my time
And I won’t waste it thinking about what you gotta say
Cuz I’m here to stay

Look at all the places
Places that I’ve been
It doesn’t come easy
You gotta have strength
And when it goes down
And it’s all said and done

You gotta stand up to them
There’s no need to run
And now that I’ve made it
I won’t look back no
Sacrifice what meant the most to me
The most to me
Yes I did

Cuz this is my time
And I won’t waste it thinking about what you gotta say
Cuz I’m here to stay

Look at all the people standing outside
So dedicated
Your love doesn’t go unrecognized
Your love doesn’t go unrecognized

  • Belieber

    I honestly love this song! His music is just getting better and better. His vocals were perfect <3

  • Lailani

    Wonder what made him write a ballad

  • im just beautiful me :)

    Awwww justin showing love for beliebers how sweet.

  • believer foever bitches

    awwwwwwwwww i love it soooo much
    and i love you justin

  • boo

    Omg I love it!!!!

  • Biebs

    His voice is heaven to my ears

  • Hannah Bieber

    Omg the lyrics almost made me cry. This song is amazing <3

  • nicki

    This song is (Amazing). ;)

  • Haha oh justin

    Good song..but why did u relate “lean” to love. Haha double cup of sprite. Good one. Other than that weird line it’s a good song. (:

  • Byb

    Nice he just admitted that he drinks sirrzup

    • im just beautiful me :)

      @Byb: what’s surrzup?

  • Abba danhalilu

    What a righteeeee songeee dudeeee, bizzle king of popeeee

  • lambor500S

    Love it, nice tune
    Getting pretty good Justin hitting those high notes.
    Nicely done.
    Much love!

  • thareen………!!

    awesome song…!! itz slow bt his voice is..really getting better and better…loved it…!!

  • sophia

    Finally, a song that isn’t about partying, girls or sex. Not your best song, I know you can do better. This song is much much better than your other songs. You have the talent, use it more often. You can write songs without all those useless meanings, this is an example. You have a nice voice, please don’t stick to rap and actually sing a song.

  • Nicole

    Justin sound Beautiful his vocals is Getting better and he sound Amazing. I love this song it Amazing and justin sing it so Beautifully.

  • mrs.biebs

    it’s a really good song…..love this n love u justin…

  • Caity

    Angelic voice *_*

  • So

    He just admitting to drinkin “lean or sizzurp” and u guys say he’s not talking bout drugs. What do u think a double cup with sprite is. Look it up little ones

  • Catrin

    His voice is so perfect on this song. I love the falsetto. If only he did more songs like this. Thank you for the belieber reference justin. Thank you for making such beautiful music. You truly are talented. Anyone one who says otherwise is ignorant.

  • kim


  • Dgbeliberforever

    Good job Justin nice

  • Birk

    Other artists have long used lyrics with alcohol or drug use in their songs. So what if Justin Bieber did the same? Hip hop music which is what Justin’s favorite type of music is uses lyrics which glorify violence, drug use most of the time. So big deal if Justin actually referenced something controversial in one of his songs!

  • Turkey2turkey

    How many people like my cousins song because I luv it