Justin Bieber Reveals New ‘Patience’ Tattoo


Justin Bieber is getting a new tattoo and he’s happily showing it off to fans last night (April 3)!

The new ‘Patience’ tattoo rests on his right neck, just below his ear.

Interesting Facts about Tattoo!

What do you think about his new ‘Patience’ tatt??

  • stringbiebs

    He said he was done for a while… I don’t like head tattoos..

    • Kidrauhl

      He’s turning into Lil Wayne with the tattoos LOL he needs to leave his neck and face alone. He’s beautiful just the way he is.

      • Belieber

        I agree, he don’t need no face n neck tattoo’s… his face is beautful and we he don’t need that area covered up.

      • belieberforevs

        haha!!! LMFAO

      • Lailani

        Uh hello that’s his body. He can do whatever he wants.

    • narolyn medina

      He told his beliebers hes not doing face tatoos

  • Annika

    He said he would never get a neck tattoo

  • Bbb

    he’s crazy that’s a long tattoo down his neck

  • bb

    He is a liar !

    • Sara

      Okay guys y’all need to calm down he’s not a liar everyone has a change of mind at some point he was younger and didn’t think he would now that he’s older we have to trust him to make right decision and not judge him…he wouldn’t want us his beliebers to judge him like the rest of the world does, the point of us being here is to be there for him and I agree I personally don’t like neck tattoos but it’s what he wants and I’m okay with it as long as he’s happy.

  • Fangirl Tia

    He’s going to start getting face tattoos, just watch.

  • Kate

    I love tattos, but I don’t like neck tats on him. I also thought he was “done with tattoos for a while”?

  • BelieberDude96

    I love Justin, and nearly all of his tattoos. This one and the huge cross are the only exceptions.

    I though he was done for a while. Oh well.

  • dchopsey

    I asked how many days there was in awhile. Your answer was 7. You are NEVER going to stop getting this crap done.

  • Belieber

    I just don’t like where he put the tattoo. It just dont look good there.

  • anna

    This is so sad. He’s taking it too far and destroying his looks. This behaviour seems like self-sabotage. I hope he stops. He said he was stopping so maybe its an addiction.

  • rb

    To put a tattoo on his neck is a big deal, especially the word ‘Patience!’ Selena was seen coming out of her attorney’s office. I wonder if she went to sign a prenuptial agreement? After all she’s still wearing that fashion statement on her ring finger.

  • belieber

    I don’t think that is the right place to put that long of a tattoo but it’s his body so if he likes it, so do I. I just hope he keeps future tattoos away from his face and neck, he’s perfect the way he is and there’s no need to cover that perfection! :)

  • Stephanie Cerda

    like the lettering. i don’t like the placement, but oh well. what’s done is done. i have tattoos too and i get that they’re addicting so i see why he said “he was done for a while” but got another one anyway. he’s just the one under headlines and shouldn’t say it. ppl will just throw it back in his face

  • J

    no more tattoos

  • nicki

    Its ok! But I thought he was taking a break from tattoos. Don’t get tattoos on ur face or neck its unattractive. But that’s his choice. I still luv you. ♥

    • belieberforevs

      i agree

  • Birk

    This is going to far.. Pretty soon he will end up like Chris Brown who has his whole neck tattooed. He said his last tattoo was the last one for a while.. That was less than two weeks ago! This looks awful!

  • Birk

    I am starting to think that getting all these tattoos is an addiction that Justin does not realize he has. Once someone starts getting neck tattoos then their face will be next.. Look at Mike Tyson or Chris Brown and his whole neck being covered up with tattoos. Get rid of it Justin!

  • belieberforevs

    da faq????!(if you are wise enough,you will know what i wrote).

  • Emily

    Wasn’t he supposed to take a break from tattoos? This is obviously not a break

    • Lauranda

      That the same thing what I was about to say im like does this kid knows what take a break for a while mean I guess he can’t help it.

  • dialyn ortega

    no more tattoos please bieber..

  • Liliana

    Love you Justin, but I dont want him to get more tattoos because he has more then 20 tatoos on his body.

  • Emma Goodwin

    No neck tattoos baba justin :( you’re really beautiful just the way you are. Please, no more tattoos :(

  • ragini

    I know enough of tattoos he had but plz dont do it more however its his life let him njoy….

  • Daffy Duck

    That Your Final Tattoo Justin Bieber Stop April 5th 2014

    Take a Break From Tattoo Thank You

    • Daffy Duck

      Will There be Mark Walhberg Basketball Movie With Justin Bieber?

  • mrs.biebs

    i hope it’s ur last tattoo justin…

  • Darius

    Justin why you lied to us? :( You said you are going to stop doing this…. :( sad … As a Christian is not good to put tattoos on your body.. May the God show you the right path

    • Belieber

      Leave him alone. It’s not a sin if you’re a christian and get tattoo’s.

      • Darius

        Read the Bible…its a sin as a Christian to tattoo your body … I want only Justin to remain the good person we all know…Not Lil Wayne Jr.

    • dchopsey

      THANK YOU. I have been trying to get Justin to read Leviticus: Chapter 19, Verses 26-31. People say it’s his body but that body is a Gift from GOD. GOD did not create him with tattoos. Tattoos are IDOLATRY. Wonder if Justin knows that.

  • Noa

    I love u Justin, but I think tatoos break ur pretty face, I know i have to love you for your music but please stop with tattoos…

  • nermine belieber girl

    amazing tattoo ever i love it your tatttoos are amazing and sexy our idol your beliebers like it <3

  • Hannah bieber

    And he said he was done with tattoos -.- it doesn’t really look good on his neck tho bcuzz it’s long

  • Scott

    I dont know he said 2 weeks ago to stop for a while and now this