Justin Bieber Shirtless on his ‘Never Say Never’ Yacht

Justin Bieber Shirtless Yacht

Justin Bieber sunbathes shirtless showing off his tattooed torso while hanging out on a yacht on (April 9) in Miami.

Justin also posted a picture of himself posing in front of the yacht, which he reportedly named his boat “Never Say Never,” which is also the name of his famous song and documentary.

Never Say Never Boat

Justin posing on his yacht with the caption, “It was about that time ♛”

On the sameday, Justin was spotted at the studio with his reported on-again girlfriend Selena Gomez. At the studio, Justin was helping out Madison Beer with her upcoming album – check out a

  • John Kerby

    Justin Bieber is making a habit of making it look like he owns cool stuff, when he really doesn’t — this time he tried to pass off a super famous yacht as his own … when everyone knows it’s not his.
    As TMZ first reported, Bieber posted a photo of himself in a Bugatti that he referred to as “my first Bugatti” … but it was just a loaner from Birdman.
    Then on Wednesday, Bieber posted a pic on board a yacht called “Never Say Never” — which just happens to be the name of his concert film. But TMZ has learned Bieber does NOT own the boat … not even close. The boat is registered to a family trust based in Coral Cables, FL.
    Here’s why Justin is particularly stupid for trying to lay claim to the yacht — it’s the same boat Lonely Island used for their LEGENDARY video, “I’m on a Boat.”
    If you want to make it in the rap game, Justin … might want to start getting your own stuff instead of borrowing other people’s.

    • Belieber

      um, birdman said justin could use that bugatti whenever he’s in miami. So it’s partially his. And he didn’t even said he owned that boat.

      • boo

        exactly that’s what I said well I only said, justin never said it was his

  • Justin’s girlfriend Samantha

    Hey Justin you are hot and you look
    Cute in the picture
    I Love you as a friend tho

  • i love my belieber family:)

    You look great justin I love you. Shout out to my belieber family too love u guys as well

  • Lailani

    The boat isn’t even his.

    • belieber!

      yeah well he never said that it was his

  • Lailani

    Justin is hot shirtless.

  • nicki

    Hottie! Have Fun! That is a sexy picture. Luv you. ♥

  • boo

    Justin bieber never said the boat was his though…
    love you justin!!!!

  • Belieber

    I like the boat name: never say never. It’s cool. Hope he had fun

  • Belieber

    and the boat is not even his

  • lambor500S

    Lookin good JB showing off those nice tats. Also, that is so cool to have the name of one of your songs engrave on a yacht. Chilling out on a yacht now that’s what you call enjoying life.
    Much love!

  • danielle womble

    I wish I was on the boat with him I wish I could spend time with him as he’s girlfriend I wish I could go with him where ever he goes cause I’m in love with my boyfriend witch he will be even though i’m 13 we will be mine

  • Hannah bieber

    Ummm @ john Kerry he never said it was his and birdman said he could use it whenever he wants so it’s basically his stfu -.- and justin looks so cute <3

  • Catrin

    Exactly Hannah you’re just jealous and a tmz lover and tmz fool john Kerby ever hear of something called money justin has plenty of it unlike you idiot he could buy 50 yachts if he wanted

  • bieber loves me

    i love the your yacht justin you look sooo cute in that boat love you forever

  • Ellie


  • FatBieber

    Look at his sexy belly. Good to see my Justin has been eating well!