Justin Bieber Sneaks Out of a Recording Studio in Miami (VIDEO)


Justin Bieber was spotted making a dash from Hit Factory studio in Miami in an attempt to avoid photographers in Miami (April2) – with cameos from Brandon Farmer, Poo Bear, DJ Tay James & Yovanna Ventura.

VIDEO BELOW: Justin Bieber sneaks out of the recording studio in Miami in an attempt to avoid photographers.

  • da bieber

    he doesn’t have a life like normal guy . its just sad


    Justin ! Come back to Poland !

  • ivan

    He has paps spying on him 24 hours a day especially from TMZ. It’s not easy being a celebrity like him.

    • Lailani

      Justin can’t Stand the Stalkrazzi.

  • Selena

    What is that girl doing there?

  • Lailani

    The girl behind him must be one of his boy’s GF.

  • Lailani

    Celebs can’t stand the Stalkrazzi in there faces. There ugly.

  • Hannah bieber

    Poor justin. He can’t have a normal life :(

  • Lauranda

    They scaring the poor kid.

  • rb

    I’m arguing with @oh please on HL: You would have to ask Justin why he tried to sneak out the back door! The girl certainly didn’t look like she was sneaking out; in fact, she looked like she was walking out the door and looking at Justin as to say; what the hell. As for the rest of the video, apparently UK didn’t feel it was worth anything. There are many clips in the past of Justin trying sneak into a venue or vehicle to get away from the photogs or fans. Also if you look at the video he is trying to sneak back into the studio you can also hear fans in the background calling out Justin’s name.

  • Lailani

    Justin can’t stand the Stalkrazzi. There annoying and ugly. Should be shot in the head.

  • boo

    who’s that girl

  • Belieber

    I feel sorry for Justin. There is always those paparazzis whenever he comes out. He dosent get privacy

  • hollie

    C. Russo

  • nicki

    Lol! Photographers are annoying. :)

  • Madison

    I feel sorry for him. He has TMZ spying on him 24/7. I wish there was a way that I could help