Justin Bieber’s Coachella Bucket Hat Sell Out Fast

Justin Bieber at Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2014 9

Media and some fans thought that Neff’s Sultan Bucket Hat Justin Bieber wore at Coachella over the weekend was “ridiculous”, but guess what – according to Neff’s official site NeffHeadWear.com, the hat sold out just hours after Justin debuted it at the festival, a lot of people bought it.


Justin rocked the white and black bucket hat, that is made out 100% polyester, during his surprise performance with Chance The Rapper. Accessorized with a Tupac-looking bandana, Justin’s look instantly got made fun of on Twitter.

@emmarbeatty: Anyone who thinks Justin Bieber isn’t going through a mental breakdown is clearly deluded. He’s wear a little girls hat for Christ’s sake!!

@SanskritiS05: Justin, you know I love you. But why the hell are you wearing this hat. It’s what toddlers wear on the beach.

@AGKiriakou: Justin in a bucket hat…. Nawhhhhh

@BeckyAAlexander: I think Justin Bieber has a mid life crisis with that bucket hat….

@RobstenMonster: I can’t stop laughing at Justin’s baby hat he wore at Coachella.”

The hat is soldout via Neff’s official site, but still available via Amazon.
The bucket hat and all its “swaggyness” can be yours for only $28.

What do you think of Justin’s hat? Swaggy or no?

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