Justin Bieber’s Sister Jazmyn Wants to be Famous Star?

Justin and her lil sister, Jazmyn

Justin and her lil sister, Jazmyn

Is Justin Bieber’s sister about to join him in the wonderful world of celebrity? According to dad, Jeremy Bieber, 5-year-old Jazmyn has a ‘big things coming.’

Justin re-tweeted a tweet from his father that his sister Jazmyn has big things to come. Justin has hinted that he would support Jazmyn and Jaxon’s career choices.

So far he and dad Jeremy haven’t said anything as what that could be yet, but we have a feeling she is set to launch her own entertainment career.

“Big things happening with @JazmynBieber #staytuned,” Jeremy wrote.

Should Justin let his little sister become famous? What do you think she’s up to?

  • belieber

    I will be with her every step of the way just like justin

  • zari

    I think she might be doing acting.I WILL DEFINITELY SUPPORT HER!

    • Lailani

      Wonder what her mom has to say.

  • boo

    Yeah I will support her !!!! like I support justin bieber

  • nicki

    Lol! I like ur hair Jazzy. When Jazzy become famous I will support her too. Luv you Justin and Jazzy. ♥

  • Belieber

    We’ll have to wait and see. Anyways, I wish the best for whatever comes her way (:

  • Hannah bieber

    Awwww I think it would be great for her to start acting <3 Their be two biebers haha

  • nouraxy

    I think it’s amazing if she become acting with greatest actors that’s will be so adorable OMG

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    aww she so cute

  • Shantelle Perez

    She’s already famous! Justin always shares pics and videos about her. She’s almost famous as Justin Bieber is!…I think. All us beliebers know her I am a big fan of her too. Luv u sweet Jazzy! :)

  • #1belieber

    Awww that’s so adorable! I’d LOVE to see her acting

  • here for selena

    Awwwww Justin’s little princess LOVE to see u make it big.

  • here for selena

    One of your fans justin, called your little sister a the w word online on Hollywood life. Didn’t want to spell it out because it was faul language. It was this girl named kalani. Just letting you know that. If you see this please do something about it thanks. :)