Kelly Osbourne Defends Miley & Justin: ‘They are Different, Give Them a Break’


Kelly Osbourne has defended Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber from their recent controversies.

The Fashion Police co-host made an emotional defense of the two pop stars this week, and said she particularly feels for Justin and thinks people should “give the kid a break”.

Kelly told HuffPost Live this week:

It’s not fair, every teenager deserves to make a mistake and to act out and to learn from them. And how can they learn from their mistakes if there’s always somebody there to fix it for them and no one there really trying to help them.

So in that situation, when it comes to Justin Bieber, I find it really unfair. I think people need to give him a break. If you do something wrong, you pay, but give the kid a break.

As for Miley, you can’t paint them with the same brush, they’re two completely different people. I’m proud of her because, whether you agree with what she’s done or not, she’s done this by her guns and she’s not fake.

Watch video below:

  • Biebs

    That can’t be more true

  • i love my belieber family:)

    Love u beliebers!!!! I mean it.

  • Lailani

    I agree. There both so different.

  • Lailani

    No one truly knows them Personally bit there friends and family.

  • Lailani

    Justin is a good guy.

    • Tabitha.Morales

      not good but a mature kid ………… i am proud of him

  • Lailani

    I love Justin. He’s just so aww.

  • nicki

    I agree! Luv you Justin and Miley. ♥

  • Belieber

    I agree!

  • Hannah bieber

    I agree with her 100%. I love both Miley and justin <3

  • Catrin

    I think one tuning you can say about justin and Miley is they are making their own decisions and they don’t give a shit who likes them or not they are confident and bold and should be given props for being so driven and goal oriented no other artist can say that especially justin look how he handles himself I would act the same way he does no matter what people say and that’s something called having backbone you go justin show everyone you don’t need their approval or lies

  • Catrin

    Oops one thing not tuning