Which Artists Do American Parents Want to See in Concert with their Daughter? – 60 Minutes Vanity Fair Poll


CBS has released their April’s 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll: in Music. And here’s the result.

If American parents had to attend one of these concerts with their daughter, nearly 4 out of 10 Americans (or 39%) would see Taylor Swift. 26% picked Katy Perry and 11% would go in One Direction to see the British Boy Band. A paltry 5% would choose Miley Cyrus the former Disney kid turned twerker.

And the prize for the least desirable concert goes to Justin Bieber – only 3% of parents would want to take their daughter.

  • Hannah bieber

    Ugh why is it always Taylor swift!! And my mom wouldn’t take me to a justin bieber concert cuz she hates him lol

  • Pedra

    I hope he cleans up his act

    • Lailani

      Uh hello, what do you expect to do cuss and have Young girls on stage to have sex with them.

    • Lailani

      There, Nick Jonas, Selena gomez, Austin Mahone, Demi lovato, Bridget mendler, and of course the one and only Gorgeous music artist who just very iconic JLO.

  • Belieber forever


  • Pedra

    Stay away from tht drug khalil he is so nasty so ghetto and 2 much of bad company

    • Lailani

      Wow really STFU,

    • Lailani

      Uh the media lies about everything. Full of shit.

      • boo

        ikr… well my opinion would beto ssee jbB-)

  • Here For Justin

    lol where do people create this bullshit from and think we’re gonna believe it

  • ivan

    See the harm the media has done to Justin’s reputation with their exaggerated or false reports? Anyway this is a poll of adult non fans generally so who cares.

    • Lailani

      Really there only generalize Taylor.little miss I’m so perfect.

    • princess

      So true but he has also done a lot of shittyness …. He need to b mature to tackle media .. Its difficult with popularity of mj but not impossible

  • ivan

    Notice it says daughters? Obviously, parents would rather seen their daughters with female stars than male stars for obvious reasons

    • nunya

      It’s because most parent’s think Justin is a bad role modell

    • Lailani

      They aren’t all bad. Justin is a good guy. That’s cause the tabloids makeup shit.

  • Sam

    Why would parents wanna watch their kids scream at a guy constantly grabbing his crotch for two hours? This makes total sense….

    • nunya

      well you can’t really let a 7 year old go to a concert by themselves. Much less a 13 year old.

      • Lailani

        They might as well go to concert like Cody Simpson or Bridget Mendler.

    • Lailani

      Wow, really, he’s a good guy.

  • Karla Beieber

    Notice how Selena Homez is not listed in the statistic? Proof she is a nobody!

    • Kristine

      Haha so true xD

    • Lailani

      Wow, seriously, Taylor isn’t the only celeb in the world, there Austin, Cody, Demi, Nick Jonas and of course the one and only Selena gomez

    • Lailani

      Selena Gomez is amazing and I’m so aww of her

    • here for selena.



    This is true my mom and dad dont like(like they REALLY dont like him)
    I suppose it makes sense cuz Justin did naughty things lately but he was 19 and its normal for a 19 year old.

    • Nunya

      But he has much younger fans he needs to be a better role model for the younger fans.

      • skeptical

        I definitely agree.

  • ivan

    He’s moving on from being a teen idol to an artist appealing to older teens and adults; if parents and their kids don’t like him stay home. He is not going to be singing Baby like songs forever. Look at Justin Timberlake; that is what he did.

    • Nunya

      Justin Timberlake 7 year old fans are no late teenagers now. At least Justin TImberlake knew he still had much younger fans when the guy hit Justin Bieber’s age.

    • skeptical

      But people CAN go through the rough teenage years without train wrecking like Justin. That’s probably why Taylor is at the top of the list. She started when she was 16 / 17, but she has never let her fans down. She has been a great role model for her fans.

      • princess

        I agree with u …. Justin might be the best but he has young fans ….. He need to serious about ths .

  • Guido

    Who cares really ? Parents doesn’t have to like their kids taste of music.
    Look at musicians like Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard. At the beginning our parents found them “awful”.
    Today they are loved by generations. So one day, Justin will be at this point, if he follows straight his dreams.

  • rb

    It’s relevant by Justin’s fan base; he doesn’t have anything to worry about. As for two-faced Taylor, miss relationship expert can have those mother and daughter concerts. Male performers have to grow with their fans or face a short career. Justin Timberlake is having a successful concert tour with his mature music, and so will Justin. Damn, Taylor is going on 2 years without a man.

    • skeptical

      So basically you’re saying women can never win? First you shame Taylor for dating, as if dating is such a bad thing, and then you contradict yourself, saying that “damn” she’s going on 2 years without a boyfriend.

      Taylor Swift is just as successful without a boyfriend as she is with one. She’s pretty much one of the most successful (and stable) artists out there.

  • Noor

    How has Justin been acting lately is all the medias fault . Besides this roll means nothing , cuz how many people voted for this ? This is just silly!!!

    • Lailani

      Taylor isn’t the only music artist in the world.

  • Lailani

    WTF, isn’t always Taylor. Never anyone else. She’s a bitch.

    • M

      You seem a little hateful

  • nermine belieber girl

    justin for ever i wish the better thing for him

  • Belieber

    Why taylor swift.. ew. She thinks she all miss perfect & everything. My mom would take me to a justin bieber concert cause she’s a belieber too.

  • here for selena.

    @Karla bieber I love justin and selena both! It just kinda bothers me when you talk about selena in a bad way. It hurts me I’m sorry for yelling at you baby girl. Gosh I get so defensive when it comes to Selena or justin because I just don’t want people hating on them it hurts me. I hope you FORGIVE ME. I want you to know that I love you guys with all my heart. And when people talk bad about the selenator and belieber family it really makes me feel like I want to cry.

  • here for selena.

    The media messes justin up.

    • Lailani

      Wow, Taylor isn’t all that. She’s a bitch.

  • Pedra

    @karla bieber u cn hate selena all u want but justin wil neva find someone who wil luv him for him all these wannabe models just want his money and justin knows it thus even fucking diff gals in every city he stil calls selena an elegant princess coz he knows she isnt there 4 the money#ur 2 gud 4 hate#karma z a bitch

  • Biebs

    U hope their day fks and they die Justin does not twerk in his concerts please open up your fucking eyes stupid parent haters

  • believer foever bitches

    i would see justin beacuse he is way better than taylor swirt i mean look at taylor i never liked her she thinks she thinks she is miss good good always thinks she is better than anybody and always talking bull shit about justin sooo i would rather see jb over taylor

    • Lailani

      At least I’m not the only one that agrees.

  • nicki

    I will like to see all.


    American society’s bunch of cowardly morons !

    Justin ! Keep yourself !

  • brit

    i want to see katy perry justin bieber and justin bieber i hate taylor swift

  • ivone

    Who would want to go to a concert with their moms?!? He is twenty!! The only idiots who would do that also believe whatever TMZ says.

  • lesley


  • nannu garu

    this is soooo fake…there are many people supporting justin bieber…DUH!