Madison Beer Talks Secrets about Working with Justin Bieber – Good Friends with Selena Gomez – VIDEO

Madison BEER Justin Bieber in studio la

Madison & Justin in the studio (left), Madison grabbed lunch at the Ivy in LA (right)

Justin Bieber’s new protege Madison Beer grabbed lunch at the Ivy in Los Angeles on April 23, and after shopping at Kitson, X17online photographer caught up with the 15-year-old singer.

Miss Beer chatted all about working with Justin and what we can we expect from their recent collaboration, and not only is she’s adorable and pretty, but she was also sweet and humble!

Madison confirmed that the two did a duet and recorded a few other songs together, and Justin even wrote a pair of tunes for her.

I’m excited for everyone to hear them. Justin is a very big influence. I am a Belieber.

Madison Beer & Selena Gomez in the studio

Madison Beer & Selena Gomez in the studio

And seeing as Selena Gomez visited the studio while Justin and Madison were cranking out some tunes, it doesn’t seem like there’s any sort of awkward tension with them, in fact, they’re good friends. Still, we’re sure Madison’s stunning looks had something to do with Justin signing her and taking her under his wing.

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