Madison Beer Talks Secrets about Working with Justin Bieber – Good Friends with Selena Gomez – VIDEO

Madison BEER Justin Bieber in studio la

Madison & Justin in the studio (left), Madison grabbed lunch at the Ivy in LA (right)

Justin Bieber’s new protege Madison Beer grabbed lunch at the Ivy in Los Angeles on April 23, and after shopping at Kitson, X17online photographer caught up with the 15-year-old singer.

Miss Beer chatted all about working with Justin and what we can we expect from their recent collaboration, and not only is she’s adorable and pretty, but she was also sweet and humble!

Madison confirmed that the two did a duet and recorded a few other songs together, and Justin even wrote a pair of tunes for her.

I’m excited for everyone to hear them. Justin is a very big influence. I am a Belieber.

Madison Beer & Selena Gomez in the studio

Madison Beer & Selena Gomez in the studio

And seeing as Selena Gomez visited the studio while Justin and Madison were cranking out some tunes, it doesn’t seem like there’s any sort of awkward tension with them, in fact, they’re good friends. Still, we’re sure Madison’s stunning looks had something to do with Justin signing her and taking her under his wing.


    i love justin and madison cant wait to hear the song love u guys

  • Lailani

    Aww, that’s sweet that Madison and Selena are friends.

  • Lailani

    That’s so cute that Justin refers her as his little sister.

  • Lailani

    Love to hear there collobratation.


    Cant wait hear the song!!

  • Lailani

    Hope delights gets to hangout with Madison.

    • Lailani

      I Would love to see Selena and Madison Hangout together.

  • Lailani

    Oops Selena gets to hangout with Madison

  • nicki


  • Lailani

    I’m so aww of Justin.

  • Lailani

    Justin is just so aww and Adorable.

  • Hannah Bieber

    Im not that much of fan of Madison but I cant wait to hear their duet. And that pap was actually pretty nice

  • Angelica

    it says Justin might have took her under his wing because of her stunning looks, but i think he took her in because it reminds him of himself of how he started out

    • Lailani

      That Justin thinks of her as his little sister.

  • Catrin

    Of course she’s friends with Selena Selena is making sure by being her friend that madison who is young pretty and more talented doesnt steal her boyfriend it would serve Selena right if madison and Justin dated lucky for her Justin isn’t mean enough to hurt either girl he probably likes madison as a person more than his own girlfriend if I were him I would be sick of Selena’s deceit too not to mention she can’t make up her mind whether she wants him or not she doesn’t care if she hurts him but Justin does care about so many people his friends his family his people that work for him and of course his fans

    • Lailani

      Like we lob what truly goes on behind close doors or what Justin is really like behind close doors.

      • Lailani

        Justin is very sweet to Madison.

    • Lailani

      Why Would justin date Madison. There friends.

    • jdb

      Did them say she is 15 or are you deaf ?? Justin is a grown man dating a grown woman

  • Belieberforevs

    Awesooooooooome 3 people I loooooooooooooove getting along

  • Lailani

    I love seeing justin hanging out with Madison

  • zari

    I love the relationship that Madison and Justin have they’re so adorable :) I love Mads <3 can't wait to hear the duet! Its gonna be awesome!! ;);););)

  • #TheGirlWhoIsMostObsessedWithustinBieber

    can’t wait to hear their collaboration……love them both……………………………………….

  • Belieber4ever

    Hate Madison and Selena and love Justin!!


    Lailani shut up.

    • Lailani

      You shut up idiot.

  • Karla Bieber

    He’s looking down her shirt LOL

  • Karla Bieber

    Madison is very pretty, prettier than Selena Homez

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    Slutena looks like chipmunk!! Bitch!!

    • Lailani

      STFU bitch.

  • Cheerleader belieber

    Can’t wait to hear their duet I but it going to sound good

  • Belieber

    Excited to hear their duet