More PICS: Justin Bieber & Fans in NYC – April 29 [Gallery]

Justin Bieber in NYC hotel with fans 333

More pics of Justin in NYC April 29-30.

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VIDEO: I met Justin Bieber! Via @biebermalik12:

I met justin bieber outside his hotel in New York, he grabs my phone and I tell him it’s a video and he tells me to screenshot it lol, thanks so much for the picture ill always support you :)

  • #1belieber

    Love ya Justin! Hope I’ll get the chance to meet you one day

  • MaganBieber

    In the top photo it’s A pregnant Belieber. She met Justin & he kissed her & touched her belly. This is so cute :)

  • Bieber Army

    he’s always nice to his fans especially when Selena isn’t with him.

    • Lailani

      I love seeing him with Selena

  • Belieber

    He is so nice and caring to beliebers. U smile I smile :)

  • nicki

    Awwww that is really sweet. Have fun! Luv you!

  • Lailani

    As long As his fans don’t go over zealous

  • Hannah Bieber

    dammm those are some crazy girls lol and awww one of the beliebers were pregnant and he touched her belly. awwww hes so sweet and I saw boy beliebers yay :)

  • Lailani

    You rarely see a boy belieber.


    Justin’s just happy when he meet his fans ; fans’re happy too !

  • sarah gee

    Justin come see me I miss you and need you you should know I love you by now and would love to spend time with you ill love you forever